We Multiply The Results Of Your Efforts Spent On Creating Content

So it generates you more leads and sales in less time on your social media platforms.

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You've spent effort & time creating content.

We are the best in the world at leveraging that effort and time into results.

Finding the time or talent to create and post repurposed assets is tough, but imagine if you had high quality, repurposed assets delivered daily & posted to your social platforms for you.

At Repurpose House we pair you with dedicated Content Hackers, Content Curators & Social Schedulers to provide & post custom designed & captioned video and audiograms, image quotes, and thumbnails formatted for social feeds, stories, and Youtube.

What Do We Do?

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Repurpose House

You create awesome videos, blog posts, webinars, podcasts, and and all other sorts of content to share with the world. But it’s generally not social media savvy… and to make it that way takes a lot of work.


Repurpose House

We take all of that content and add the social media bells and whistles. We trim video and audio, create text motion videos of blog highlights, add headlines, captions, size them for all platforms, and voilà. You’re a social media guru.

Amazing Brands We've Helped Amplify

The Solutions Our Service Includes

Social Savvy

Assets are captioned, sized for all platforms, and always in line with current trends.

Content Hacker

A dedicated designer with extensive graphic design and video editing skills.

Custom Design

Multiple custom template designs for feeds, stories, & YouTube to reflect your brand and  style.

Flat Rate

One price, every month, based on how much you want curated, repurposed & posted.

Daily Deliveries

Submit a fully completed request by 5pm PST and receive at least one repurposed asset the next business day.

Fast Submissions

Up to 9 assets per request and all activity on one simple ticketing platform.

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

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Will Curran 2:20

“We’re huge HubSpot users… and Repurpose House has really been huge for us in driving our traffic back to our site which is all part of our inbound methodology.”

Kyle Weiger 1:36

“It’s just an awesome service. All that content that I spent so much time making is now getting triple the views… all thanks to the good folks at Repurpose House.”

Jennifer Tracy 1:20

“They make amazing audiograms for me with an image of my guest and subtitles so you can read it without the sound on. I get a lot of action and reposting on that.”

Design and consistency are our jam

Custom Designs To Set Your Brand Apart

Every subscription comes with multiple template sets based on your brand, input, and inspiration that are modified for every submission. We can change text, images, or graphics and there is always a template for every platform. Use multiple template sets under one subscription to keep it fresh or for multiple brands! (Psst… Agencies LOVE template sets for their clients!). You can also buy additional template sets at any time for a one-time cost.

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Keeping it simple is the name of the game

Submitting New Content is Seamless & Easy

It’s crazy easy to submit content to be repurposed. Log in, start a ticket, give your Content Hacker some info, the link to your video/audio or up to 100 words of text from a blog post, and tada! The next business day you’ll have repurposed assets delivered. (Psst… White labeling is a breeze because we use Google Drive for asset delivery!)

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Don’t let your content die when your post does.

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