Welcome to Content Karate!

This is a marketing show where we interview amazing people who use content and repurpose it in unique ways to drive traffic, leads, and revenue to their businesses. Powered by Repurpose House, our entire goal is to highlight content strategies that work really well for different brands. Each episode covers the ins and outs of how that business seriously crushes their content game – and how you can too. Let’s get to learnin’!



Episode #009 | Aaron Agius

Co-Founder of Louder.Online

“There are many different ways to measure KPIs on a piece of content. We always know purpose when we create, so we can track easily.”

– Aaron Agius

Episode #008 | Tom Fox

The Compliance Evangelist and Voice of Compliance

“If the subject is evergreen, people won’t care that a great piece of content was posted two years ago in a different way.”

– Tom Fox

Episode #007 | Vito La Fata

Creator and Visionary at The Legacy Brand Creator

“If you’re the only expert and you have no systems, you can never unplug from the business. That’s not a freedom vehicle; it’s a trap.”

– Vito La Fata

Episode #006 | Abbey Woodcock

Founder of Freelance Co-Op

“The stuff I really love isn’t necessarily what gets the most engagement. And the more content I have, the more tests I can run.”

– Abbey Woodcock

Episode #005 | Ken ‘Spanky’ Moskowitz

CEO and Founder of Ad Zombies

“It’s cathartic, and it also helps somebody else who may currently struggle with that exact same thing. “

– Ken ‘Spanky’ Moskowitz

Episode #004 | Shannon Goodell

Senior Social Media Manager of The Scalable Company and DigitalMarketer

“Your audience doesn’t want to see promotional content. They want to see highly valuable, entertaining, and inspirational content. “

– Shannon Goodell

Episode #003 | Bobby Tsui

CEO and Founder of The Same Circle Method

“If you tell your story honestly, it will be received well. Just make sure you can derive meaning from it.”

– Bobby Tsui

Episode #002 | Libby Gifford

FinCon Marketing & Creative Director

“We want people to be able to walk away from our content, put it into practice, and have it change their platform entirely.”

– Libby Gifford

Episode #001 | Ben Azadi

Best Selling Author & Founder of Keto Kamp

“Creativity comes from commitment. Commit to your mission and purpose, and creativity will follow as a result.”

– Ben Azadi