$ 749

  • 1 Ticket per business day including:
  • *1 Repurposed Asset in 3 sizes*
  • *1 Image Quote in 3 sizes*
  • *1 Thumbnail in 3 sizes*
  • Turn audio, video or text into <2-minute social video
  • Quarterly template redesign
  • Delivery via email, Google Drive & ticketing platform
  • Team access to our ticketing platform
  • You tell us what piece of content to repurpose
  • You tell us which timestamps to clip
  • You tell us what your header will say
  • You tell us what your image quote will say
  • You pick which template set to use
  • *$299 Setup Fee*

  • Sign Up For Influencer Base Plan


ADD ON: Plus Tickets

$ 250

Added To Your Monthly Plan
  • Replace base ticket with 1 weekly Plus Ticket(add up to 5 tickets total)
  • Content Curation Team
  • We pick the best clips in your content
  • We copywrite savvy headlines
  • We copywrite your image quotes
  • We submit content on your behalf
  • We write social media copy
  • We do hashtag research
  • We post to your social media channels
  • Up to 19 social media posts per weekWhere do we post?
  • Add on asset delivery begins after onboarding(7-10 business days depending on client-response time)
  • *90 Day Cancellation Notice on any plan over $2000*

  • Sign Up For Influencer Base Plan With Plus Tickets


ADD ON: Elite Tickets

$ 550

Added To Your Monthly Plan
  • Replace base ticket with 1 weekly Elite Ticket(add up to 5 tickets total)
  • Content Curation Team
  • We pick the best clips in your content
  • We copywrite savvy headlines
  • We copywrite your image quotes
  • We submit content on your behalf
  • We write social media copy
  • We do hashtag research
  • We post to your social media channels
  • Up to 17 social media posts per weekWhere do we post?
  • Add on asset delivery begins after onboarding(10-12 business days depending on client response time)
  • *90 Day Cancellation Notice on any plan over $2000*

  • Sign Up For Influencer Base Plan With Elite Tickets




Reels coming in July!


Business Feeds, Business Stories, Business Groups


Business Feeds!
(It’s easy to switch!)
Up to 60 second clips


Personal Feeds, Business Feeds






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You got questions?

We got answers

What's a ticket?

A “Ticket” equals one piece of content that you supply our team to repurpose into 9 assets (a video clip in 3 sizes, image quote in 3 sizes, and thumbnail in 3 sizes). The ticketing platform is what’s used to send your long-form content to our team – this is only for our Influencer plan (if you have a Plus or Elite add on, we handle that for you).

After you sign up, you will get invited to our ticketing platform. You will submit tickets to have your content repurposed if you’ve chosen to not have a Plus or Elite add on. Every ticket will ask the following:

          • Name of the ticket
          • Template set to be used
          • Type of content (audio, video, or text)
          • Link to content (if video or audio is what you want repurposed), or 100 words (if you want us to repurpose text)
          • In and out timecode up to 2 minutes for audio/video
          • Header copy for your video meme
          • Image quote copy (up to 25 words)
          • Any special instructions or image uploads

You can batch submit multiple tickets at once and we will drip them out.

So a ticket is simply the submission to our team, delegating what/ how you want your content repurposed!

How fast do I get my repurposed assets on the Influencer plan?

On the Influencer plan, if you submit a fully completed ticket by 5pm PST, you will get that full ticket returned by 8am PST the next business day.

And again, each ticket has up to 9 assets (video in 3 sizes, image quote in 3 sizes, thumbnail in 3 sizes).

If you batch submit tickets, we will complete them one by one in the order submitted unless otherwise specified by the client.

What is in a custom template set?

Every custom template set for any plan includes 9 assets that each short clip can be turned into. They include:

          • Square Video Meme/Audiogram/ Text-Motion: 1080px x 1080px with captions on the video for video or audio submissions by default.
          • Vertical Video Meme/Audiogram/ Text-Motion: 1080px x 1920px with captions on the video for video or audio submissions by default.
          • Landscape Video Meme/Audiogram/ Text-Motion: 1920px x 1080px with no captions on the video for video or audio submissions by default. You will be supplied with the caption file to upload to YouTube or you can request captions on the video file if preferred.
          • Square OR Portrait Image Quote: 1080px x 1080px, up to 25 words max.
          • Vertical Image Quote: 1920px x 1080px, up to 25 words max.
          • Landscape Image Quote: 1200px x 675px, up to 25 words.
          • Square Thumbnail: 1080px x 1080px.
          • Vertical Instagram Video Thumbnail: 1920px x 1080px.
          • Landscape YouTube Thumbnail: 1920px x 1080px.

Do you do captions?

Absolutely! We put captions on all square and stories-sized (vertical) video memes and audiograms. We do not, by default, add captions to the landscape videos. Instead, we provide the .srt caption file for you to upload to YouTube. This is great for SEO as it makes every word searchable – and since Google owns YouTube, this is great for your search! We can always add captions to the landscape video file on request.

How long can my videos be?

Without an additional cost, we can repurpose content of ANY length, but what we send back per ticket is up to 2 minutes of a video meme or audiogram. That means when you submit a ticket to us and choose the timestamp you want us to cut, it is up to 2 minutes max. We can also take up to 100 words of text (ie. blog post snippet, white paper, stats, written testimonials) and create text-motion videos as well.

Imagine how many 2-minute knowledge bombs a 45-minute speaking engagement or webinar has! We can take that one piece of content and turn it into a ton of individual, short, effective videos for social media.

For an additional cost, we also have an add-on option called Super Tickets. The videos for Super Tickets can be anywhere between 2 – 10 minutes max in length. Super Tickets are $30 each. This does not mean you get an extra ticket in your plan, it simply means that 1 of your allotted tickets can be between 2 – 10 minutes for that week or day.

I'm an agency. Do you white label?

We ❤️ agencies! White labeling is one of our favorite things to do. Your agency gets to give a ton of value and look like total rock stars without having to do all of the work behind the scenes.

We deliver all files via Google Drive and segment folders for agencies based on their clients. There is never any Repurpose House branding on files delivered and they are easy to share with multiple people.

If you are interested in white labeling please reach out to Kelsey at

I have multiple brands. How do I use my subscription?

It’s super easy! For all of our solutions, we build 3 custom template sets for you during sign up. During this process, you will be able to tell us how many brands you want to spread out between those sets. For instance, you could have 3 brands and each brand would have its own template set (custom design).

You can always purchase more template sets at any time and as many as your little marketing heart desires! That is done HERE.

This works great for personal brands or podcasts that are different than the business, and also for agencies with multiple companies they provide content for.

You also have the option for us to redesign your existing templates every quarter on the house.

Can you post on TikTok, IG Reels & YouTube Shorts?

We schedule to the following social media channels on Elite:

  • Instagram Feed
  • Instagram Stories
  • IGTV
  • Facebook Business Feed
  • Facebook Business Group
  • Facebook Business Stories
  • LinkedIn Feed
  • Twitter
  • YouTube Uploads

Due to each platform’s API limitations, we cannot schedule to IG Reels, TikTok or YouTube Shorts.

What expectations do I need to know about the Elite add on, your most hands-off solution?

In order for our team to provide clients with the best service on our Elite add on, we have a few expectations and timelines to set everyone up for success!

Below are important points to ensure both our teams are as happy as possible (and on the same page) during this process:

  • After your onboarding is complete, templates finalized & first content piece ready for review, it will take 10 calendar days for a post to go live on your social media. 🎉
  • There is a 2-business day approval period for social media copy & assets. After that window, posts will be automatically scheduled and only able to be cancelled, but not modified.
  • We cannot delete published social media posts.
  • We cannot post to Reels or TikTok due to API limitations.
  • We can only post to business accounts, not personal accounts.
  • We do not offer social media maintenance and cannot reply to comments, manage inbox, etc.
  • We will only schedule posts created through Repurpose House.
  • We need content 2 weeks in advance in order to publish it to your social on time.

What's up with the onboarding call for your Plus and Elite add ons?

For our Plus and Elite add ons, we will set up an onboarding call between you and our team!

During this call, we’ll learn the ins and outs of your brand, voice, and how you communicate with your audience. We’ll ask you questions regarding:

  • Do’s and don’t of your brand voice
  • Anything you’ve A/B tested to help us understand your voice and copy
  • Your content publishing schedule (podcast episode every Wednesday that needs to be hyped every Tuesday)
  • What marketing funnels you have set up that we can go through to learn your copy/ CTAs
  • And so on

For our Elite add on, we’ll also use that time to go over your social media publishing calendar that we’ll follow, and connect your social media accounts so that we have posting access!

This onboarding call allows us to gain all the knowledge we need to start curating/ posting your content.

If I don't submit tickets/ content, can you make up for them later?

No, we are unable to make up any tickets/ content you do not submit. That’s because Repurpose House is a retainer service! This means if you don’t submit content for us to repurpose, we are unable to repurpose your content.

You are also paired with one dedicated Graphic Designer on our team, meaning they have a certain number of hours to work on one client each day.

A great way to avoid this is to batch submit. This means you can submit as many requests to us at once as you like, and we will return them based on the plan’s speed you sign up for. For instance, if you sign up with our Influencer plan, we will deliver 1 ticket back to you per business day.

Do you offer social media engagement as a service?

Social media engagement and maintenance are outside of our scope at Repurpose House.

That’s because it takes the learned expertise of the client in their field to respond to questions and comments. While we’re a bunch of super-smart folks, we simply can’t speak as our awesome clients; this means we can’t answer questions/ engage with your audience regarding legal, real estate, finance, etc. that our clients are experts in.

The services we DO offer, though, include:

  • Content Curation – We go through your content and decide exactly how to repurpose it
  • Social Posting – We take your repurposed assets and schedule them to your social channels (except for Reels & TikTok due to API limitations)
  • Repurposing – We repurpose your long-form content into assets for social media including video memes, text-motion videos, audiograms, image quotes, and thumbnails

So, as awesome as that’d be, we simply can’t give our clients the proper justice they deserve when it comes to social media engagement by responding to questions and comments about them or their service. When all is said and done, no one knows the ins and outs of your content better than yourself!

How much do you edit my videos?

While we take pieces of your existing content and trim them down, we do are not a full service post-production / video editing service. We will do up to 4 “cuts” on each repurposed asset, but beyond 4 cuts would be out of scope for our service offering.

If you need full scale video editing services please let us know as we have awesome resources for you!

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