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If you’re still struggling to get an invitation to use the exclusive Clubhouse app, there’s no need to worry. Twitter recently launched Twitter Spaces, a new feature that allows live audio streaming.

While Twitter has always been a hot spot for people to converse with one another online, they’ve taken this connection to a new level with Twitter Spaces. 

No more waiting for users to complete a thread or trying to have a conversation within Twitter’s 280 character limits. This feature provides real conversations in real time. 

Imagine hearing from your favorite comedian or musician after a show. Think about how cool it is to be a fly on the wall in value-adding conversations. What if you could listen to impromptu conversations from your politicians and leaders? Twitter Spaces makes all of this possible.

What is Twitter Spaces?

People flock to Twitter when they want to see the latest news, hear from people they follow, or check out trends. With this new feature, users can join a live conversation about what’s happening now. 

Twitter Spaces allows people to host or join a live audio room or “Space.” Here, users can listen in on what the people they follow have to say. With this feature comes the opportunity for more authentic and intimate conversations about current events, trends, and topics.

Users simply join a Space and tune in to the conversation.

Using Twitter Spaces

Unlike Clubhouse, which recently started beta testing the app for Android users, Twitter allows iPhone and Android users to host or join a Space. 

Joining a Space is easy. You can either: 

  1. check out the purple circle by the host’s profile picture 
  2. tap the box that says Spaces on an appropriate tweet.

Once you’re in the Space, you can use emojis to react, send a tweet or a direct message, or request to be unmuted so you can speak.

Although it’s still rolling out globally, Twitter is aiming to allow user hosting and co-hosting in the near future. Once hosting is allowed for any user, you will be able to start a Space by selecting Spaces when you go make a tweet.

From there, you will be able to add other hosts, turn on captions, and control who can speak within your Space.

What’s next?

Even though this feature is fairly new, Twitter is working hard on creating innovative updates for Spaces. Recently, they’ve added live captions, more emojis, and improved controls for hosts.

Here are a few updates that are on the horizon:

  • Ticketed Spaces allowing hosts to sell tickets to their live audio stream
  • Reminders so users don’t forget about upcoming Spaces
  • Co-hosting so hosts can speak with and pass their Space over to others

These new changes will help the feature grow into a powerful resource for brands, influencers and everyday users. No invitations, headaches, or fuss.

Twitter Spaces as a Marketing Tool

Twitter Spaces provides a fun, new way for brands to engage with their audience. So, here are a few ways your brand can use it as a marketing tool:

  • Social listening and feedback: Brands can use Twitter Spaces to have live conversations with their audience to gain better feedback
  • Test new features: Are you preparing to launch a new product, but you’re not sure how well it will be received? Then it’s beneficial to receive live feedback from your audience
  • Connect with your audience: it allows your brand to discuss topics ranging from your products to trends and innovations in your industry. Brands can use Spaces to add value and develop lifelong customers
  • Advertise new products: Influencers and brands can use Twitter Spaces to introduce and answer questions about exciting new products and services.
  • Expanding your reach: When customers are engaged in a valuable conversation, they will be more likely to share your Space with their friends and family
  • Learn from your competitors: Pop-in on their Space and then see how they use Spaces to connect with their audience
  • Create consistency: Try hosting a Space regularly. Your followers will appreciate your consistency and will soon look forward to engaging with your brand.

Twitter Spaces provides all of the benefits of Clubhouse with less hassle and more audience management. With seamless connections and conversations, using Twitter Spaces is a must for any brand trying to keep up with the latest social media marketing trends.

Learn more about how Twitter Spaces can help your brand and how you can step up your social media marketing strategy when you visit Repurpose House.

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