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When creating content for social media, it is no secret that engaging forms of media, especially videos, are the best way to garner views and audience interactions. With platforms like Facebook, you can garner even more views by paying for ads, or boosting your post. However, Facebook can be picky when determining what qualifies to be boosted. If you utilize text heavy videos, like audiograms, Facebook may not let you share your content via ads.

Why Facebook Doesn’t Like Text-Heavy Posts

Facebook has a 20% rule when it comes to ads. As a content creator, you are not allowed to advertise or boost videos or photos where 20% or more of the screen is covered by text. This may seem like a weird threshold, but there is sound logic behind this seemingly arbitrary rule. The site believes when ads contain both words and pictures, the browsing experience can become noisy and distracting. Facebook desires to keep feeds simple and clean, because it will keep users coming back.

There are some major downsides to this rule, especially for people who use audiograms or video memes with headers or large captions. Thankfully, there is a hack to get around Facebook’s algorithm.

Utilize Your Thumbnail

If you want to boost your audiogram or video meme without getting dinged by Facebook, the secret is to utilize your thumbnail. Facebook does not have the capacity to watch every video posted on it’s site all the way through. Instead, the algorithm monitors most videos just by scanning thumbnails.

After uploading your video you have two options:

  1. You can choose a thumbnail from your video or
  2. You can upload a .jpg

For audiograms or video memes you want to do the latter. If you choose a thumbnail directly from your video, it may be loaded with text. However, if you upload a jpg, you can create a thumbnail photo that contains little to no text at all. This will let you sneak by Facebook’s algorithm, while still boosting the content you care about.

This hack is essential for content marketing on Facebook. Thankfully, once you have created this content, you can repurpose it on other sites, like Instagram and Twitter.

With a Repurpose House membership you always have the option to receive Facebook Thumbnails when you submit tickets. You will check the button that says “Square FB Ads Thumbnail” and your Content Hacker will send you a thumbnail with under 20% text to add to your boosted Facebook posts!

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Shaina:                    All right, so one quick, quick tip! I’m only giving myself 60 seconds here! Is that when you are uploading video to Instagram, it can only be up to one minute long. That is it. You only get one minute to upload your content to Instagram, so when you are choosing your meme videos or your audiograms and you know that they’re going to be pushed to Instagram, make sure that they are under 60 seconds long. Now, I know in Instagram Stories you only get 15 seconds, but the cool thing that you can do about that is actually trim that video into a bunch of smaller clips. There’s another tutorial that I have on how to use an app called Continual. Check that out. It’ll show you how to make the stories a lot longer than 15 seconds, but know that in Instagram you can only go up to 60 seconds. So now I have 13 more seconds just to do a little dance. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four… We’ll save you the last three seconds.

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Shaina Weisinger


Shaina Weisinger is the founder and CEO of Repurpose House, which turns your content into unlimited videos and images. Shaina is on a mission to show content creators the untapped potential and repurposing power of the content they already have. Shaina loves to laugh loudly, be obnoxiously competitive on the volleyball court, treat her dogs as her kin, and recover from tripping on or running into almost everything within a five-foot radius.