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Struggling to write effective, engaging headlines for your video memes? Finding the right language that performs well with your audience can be tough. 

oh my god I need help with headline copywriting

Sound familiar? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! We’re highlighting 7 tried-and-true copywriting tips for curating headlines that perform GREAT on social media platforms.

Create Headlines with Numbers

According to SEO Hacker, headlines with numbers generate 73% more social shares and engagement

When people scroll through their news feeds, they’re looking for something that catches their eye, not just walls of text. Including a number in your headline attracts attention and makes your video meme much more successful on social media platforms. 

What’s even more eye-catching than a number? An ODD number. Research from Outbrain and Hubspot found that headlines with odd numbers receive 20% more clicks than those with even numbers. 

Something as simple as writing headlines that use odd numbers can make a HUGE difference when it comes to your audience engagement. 

If you’re writing a list with an even amount of tips, opt for providing an odd number with a plus instead. So, instead of saying “10 tips to connect with your audience,” you could say “7+ tips to connect with your audience.”

Making sure that any headlines you create include odd numbers will help your headline stand out and make consumers far more likely to engage with your content.

Use These 3 Tested Headline Phrases

A study conducted by Buzzsumo looked at the headline phrases that generated the best engagement on Facebook. This study found that the top 3 phrases were:

  • “will make you” 
  • “this is why”
  • “can we guess”

So a headline that reads “3 engagement strategies that will make you boost your conversion rate” will typically outperform a headline that reads “ 3 engagement strategies your company should use.”

Try using those 3 phrases when you’re writing headlines for your video memes or any other content that you put on Facebook.

Write Short, Simple Headlines

When it comes to headline copywriting, short and sweet is the way to go. If your headlines are too long, your audience will just see a block of text rather than catchy, eye-grabbing copy. 

According to Copyhackers CEO Joanna Wiebe, 12 words is the max length that you should use for video meme headlines. 

Remember, your audience is focused on the video meme, so your headline only needs to be enough to catch their attention and draw them to your content.

Ask Questions in Your Headlines 

When your headline asks a question, your audience will want to get involved. They’ll be more likely to comment on your post because they’re answering your question.

See how you can frame your headlines into questions, and consider using A/B testing to see which types of questions perform best with your specific audience.

Create Headlines That Provoke Emotion

Use language in your headlines that makes your audience feel something. Whether that’s something controversial or just unusual, anything you can say in your headline to provoke emotion will get your audience to stop scrolling and look at your content.

I'm in a glass case of emotion from your headline copywriting

Use “You” in Your Headlines

When you write headlines for your video memes, avoid using “I” and “we,” and focus on using 2nd person terms like “you.” 

Instead of saying, “3 strategies we use to boost our conversion rate,” try saying “3 strategies that will make you boost your conversion rate.” This makes your headline seem more relevant and relatable.

Use Urgency in Your Headline Copywriting

When you write headlines, make sure they’re compelling enough to make your audience say “yes” to whatever action you’re encouraging them to perform. 

If you’re not sure if your headline is going to perform well, look at it and see whether it would make you say “yes.” If it wouldn’t, then it’s time to make some changes.

Learn more headline copywriting tips, and find out how you can write engaging headlines for your repurposed content at Repurpose House.

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