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While most marketers know just how valuable Facebook can be to their social media marketing strategy, there are some that have not yet recognized the importance of Facebook groups.

Although making a Facebook page for your brand is certainly important, in today’s competitive market, making a Facebook group is paramount.

Surveys show that 1.8 billion people use Facebook groups each month. 

Local Facebook group membership grew by 3.3x in the spring of 2021. 

These statistics are hard to ignore! Facebook users are using groups, and marketers that want to stay competitive should jump on this trend sooner rather than later.

While a Facebook page allows your brand to share news, updates, and other content with your followers, Facebook groups are a bit different.

When you have a Facebook group you can:

  • Encourage discussions and conversations between group members
  • Share exclusive content
  • Expand your reach and your brand loyalty
  • Practice social listening
  • Communicate with group members and gain valuable feedback
  • See comments from group members about how to improve your products and services

Facebook groups allow your brand to gain additional value from a top social media platform. When used effectively, they can improve your relationships with your customers and strengthen your brand.

Here are a few ways to make the most of your brand’s Facebook group:

1. Provide customer support

When a customer asks a question in your Facebook group, you can step in and answer. This will help your brand in a couple of ways:

  • Demonstrating to customers that you value their questions and concerns
  • Allowing other members of the group to see answers to questions they might also have
  • Providing quick and helpful customer service

According to HubSpot, addressing a complaint on social media can boost customer advocacy by 25%

Don’t be afraid to get in the mix when you see customers posting their questions and concerns in your Facebook group. Addressing customer requests will help build brand loyalty and trust.

2. Engage with your group members

In addition to addressing customer service concerns, Facebook groups are most effective when brands interact with group members.

Acknowledge when a group member posts something they love about your products. Post a relevant meme or quote that will spark conversation. Reply to a couple of comments and posts each day.

When you take the time to engage with your group members, it will help them form strong connections with your brand.

3. Garner feedback

Have you ever wanted to have a dedicated focus group or forum to see how your target audience would respond to a specific product change or a branding decision?

Facebook groups can help!

With Facebook groups, you can run new ideas by a group of people who are eager to hear from your brand. This will help you gain feedback from the people whose opinions matter most to your brand.

4. Create welcome posts regularly

When you first launch your Facebook group, communicate the purpose of your group, any regulations and restrictions, and links to helpful resources in a welcome post.

This will help you create the positive environment necessary for an active community.

While it might seem counterproductive, consider posting welcome posts more than once. As more people join your group, these new members will need this information, too. Sharing a welcome post on a regular basis will make sure your group doesn’t move away from its main purpose.

5. Create unique and exclusive content

If someone is a member of your Facebook group, chances are they also follow your brand’s Facebook page. Spare them the boredom of seeing the same posts twice every day. 

If you always post the same content in your group as you do on your page, your followers will likely leave one or the other. Make unique content for your Facebook group so those members will feel like your group is worth their time.

Try offering exclusive content like behind-the-scenes videos or a Q and A with a representative from your brand to help members find value in your Facebook group.

6. Use a questionnaire for membership

Instead of instantly approving every membership request, set up a questionnaire for them to answer first.

This will allow you to weed out any bots. It will also help you learn more about your target audience.

Asking a simple question like which of your brand’s products are their favorites will give you valuable insight. Asking a seemingly random question about their favorite color or something similar can help you determine which colors to use in an ad or a new product.

7. Monitor your group

You cannot simply make your Facebook group and then move on. You must actively manage your group for it to be successful.

On a daily basis, you need to add new members, delete harmful content, and make a post or comment.

Looking to create more regular content for your Facebook page and groups? Repurposing your existing content will help you save more time to manage your marketing goals. For more tips and tricks to scale your social media presence,  schedule a chat with us at Repurpose House. 

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