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Our Mission

To empower content creators through education, our first-class monthly service, time-saving processes, and being real.

We've Got Vision

Our vision at Repurpose House is to be the premier source of strategic repurposed content by showing people the untapped potential of what they already have and creating opportunities they never imagined. We do this through our 6 core values:

Scouts Honor
We are always transparent, pure-intentioned, and openly communicative.
Own Up
We’re accountable for our actions, we follow through, and we seek solutions.
Squad Mentality
We help each other, we support our clients, and have the advocacy of our leadership.
Stay Rad
We don’t take ourselves too seriously, we’re passionate, fun, and we strive to make that infectious.
We consistently innovate by learning to improve our skills, our service, and ourselves.
Give a Damn
‘Nuff said.

We Exist On 5 Principles

✔ We actively remain cutting edge in our market and share our knowledge with excellent educational resources for our industry.
✔ We provide a premier service with clear, streamlined communication that allows for superior customer and team member experience.
✔ We are positive and optimistic that all events leave room to evolve and grow.
✔ Our culture enables a safe place for both team members and clients to speak honestly and openly to cultivate a transparent environment of trust.
✔ We are a place where health, wellbeing, and quality of life are not simply concepts, but the baseline for all decisions.

Ready To Apply?


Record a Video

  • Record a video of yourself and include the following:
  • Explain which 2 of the 6 core values listed above resonates with you most.
  • Give an example for each one you choose (2 examples total) with how you have lived by that core value in the past or present – please use specific examples.
  • At the end of the video, please talk about why you feel you’re qualified to join our team. Be creative! Feel free to add music and other fun features.

Examples of Work

On top of the video, we’d like to see your previous work. Email the video and your previous work to the appropriate email address for the position you are applying for.

Use the subject line “Repurpose House Application Video.”


Open Positions

Content Hacker (Graphic Designer): Contact Rachel Saluna and Sarah Guidas at and Please send to both emails.

Social Posts Specialist: Contact Shaina Weisinger at