Hey, I’m Shaina.

I love dogs, I trip a lot, and I happen to have a knack for making pretty sweet videos for businesses. But the more videos we made, the more questions I got about how video and other content can be leveraged to make a bigger impact in their marketing. I mean 44% of marketers say that producing content is their biggest challenge, yet content marketing is 62% less expensive than outbound & produces 3x more leads!

Now, I know a lot, but I certainly don’t know it all. So, I made it my mission to talk with content kings, queens, and bosses to learn as much as I could about crushing content marketing and I’m taking you along with me.



Episode #029 | Joe Fier

Co-Host at Hustle & Flowchart Podcast

“Sponsors pay,on average $20 per 1,000 downloads. It’s dropping because advertising opportunities are all over the place with the floods of shows out there.”

– Joe Fier

Episode #028 | John Parkes

VP of Web Traffic at ClickFunnels

“There are only two kinds of ad campaigns: Prospecting and Retargeting.”

– John Parkes

Episode #027 | Purna Virji

Senior Manager of Global Engagement at Microsoft

“Focusing on customer service and putting people first impacts not just the bottom line, but it’s also the right thing to do”

– Purna Virji

Episode #026 | Joanna Wiebe

CEO of Copyhackers

“Only 5% of what you actually know about writing will help you be a better copywriter”

– Joanna Wiebe

Episode #025 | Emeric Ernoult

Co-founder & CEO of Agorapulse

“Pivoting is basically adapting. Business is all about constantly adapting.”

– Emeric Ernoult

Episode #024 | Marieke van de Rakt

CEO of Yoast

“Keyword research is similar to basic marketing because it’s all about knowing your audience and what they want.”

– Marieke van de Rakt

Episode #023 | Shaina Weisinger

Founder & CEO of Repurpose House

“Images of headshots on facebook posts perform 29% better than images with the full person in there”

– Shaina Weisinger

Episode #022  | Joshua Marsden

Owner of CVO Acceleration

“When you approach podcasting, have a good business plan behind it. Use podcasting as a part of your overall funnel strategy”

– Joshua Marsden

Episode #021  | Caylin White

Head Marketing Buff at WP Buffs

“If you want content out there that’s really going to resonate with people, you have to talk about them and what they want”

– Caylin White

Episode #020  | Matt Snodgrass

Director of Marketing at MarketingProfs

“80% of marketers are actively seeking to learn new things, skills and technology”

– Matt Snodgrass

Episode #019  | Stormy Knight

Partner at Net101

“Your lead generation can get 60 to 80% completion rates using chatbots”

– Stormy Knight

Episode #018  | Dallin Nead

StorySeller and Marketing Expert at Content Supply

“Your origin story is the one video that’ll position you as an expert over anything else”

– Dallin Nead

Episode #017  | Joe Howard

Head Buff at WP Buffs

“Off-page SEO is not something you can directly control, but what I attributed to this is earning links from other places online.”

– Joe Howard

Episode #016  | Alban Brooke

Head of Growth at Buzzsprout

“If you’re gonna do interviews be bold about who you go after. Go for people you’d never email. Write them down on your list of people to reach out to.”

– Alban Brooke

Episode #015  | Jaclyn Mellone &

                          Jessica Stansberry

Co-Hosts of All Up In Your Lady Business

“If you have more than your mom listening to your podcast, you’re ready to get sponsors”

– Jaclyn Mellone & Jessica Stansberry

Episode #014  | Brad Martineau

Chief Baller & Co-Founder of SixthDivision

“People would get way better results in business and life if they’d pay attention to systems and framework.”

– Brad Martineau

Episode #013  |  Russ Perry

Founder & CEO of Design Pickle

“To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be an addict of your idea, vision, and passion ”

– Russ Perry

Episode #012  |  Vince Reed

Founder of

“The reason you’re running an ad is to turn a profit. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your money.”

– Vince Reed

Episode #011  |  Mark Asquith

CEO and Co-founder of Rebel Base Media

“The idea of podcasting is actually personal development. You will develop as a speaker, be more articulate, and you’ll become more confident.”

– Mark Asquith

Episode #010  |  Spring Barnickle

CMO at JJ Virgin & Associates

”You always want to be sure that your best people are buying your best stuff. You’d be surprised how rarely that’s actually happening, so always cross reference.”

– Spring Barnickle

Episode #009  |  Adam Arkfeld

President and Founder of ParaCore

“If I share something that’s really personal that lends itself to a business mindset, my entire purpose behind that content is to provide value.”

– Adam Arkfeld

Episode #008  |  Chris Ronzio

Founder and CEO of Trainual

“With products and services, you need to hire more people. But most businesses fail because their people just aren’t doing things consistently.”

– Chris Ronzio

Episode #007  |  Will Curran

Chief Event Einstein at Endless Events

“The one thing that I think podcasts unfortunately are moving away from is we as a podcaster, moving away to being tactical to be strategic”

– Will Curran

Episode #006  |  Veronique James

Founder and CEO of The James Agency

“The biggest trend I’m really seeing both from corporate to boutique is everybody is trying to infuse a personality back into their brand.”

– Veronique James

Episode #005  |  Harry Duran

Founder of FullCast & Host of Podcast Junkies

“Repurpose the crap out of your podcast because people are starving for content.”

– Harry Duran

Episode #004  |  Dan Tyre

Director at HubSpot

“The key to scaling isn’t about the product, it’s about the way you help people in the sales and marketing process.”

– Dan Tyre

Episode #003  |  Christopher Carfi

Sr. Director, Content Marketing at GoDaddy

“The thing we start a lot of our process with is always the simple but really hard question of ‘why? Will this actually help the customer?’”

-Christopher Carfi

Episode #002  |  Melissa DiGianfilippo

Co-Founder & President of PR, Serendipit Consulting

“When you can get that earned media and you can repurpose the heck out of it, that is CRUSHING IT”

-Melissa DiGianfilippo

Episode #001  |  Dennis Yu

CEO of BlitzMetrics

“Analytics is optimizing. It’s figuring out why something is or isn’t working and therefore what you should adjust”

– Dennis Yu