$ 279

Per Month
  • 2 Template Sets
  • 1 Ticket Per Week
  • Use Multiple Brands
  • Up To 2 Minutes Per Clip
  • Up To 100 Words Of Text
  • Dedicated Content Hacker
  • Free Stock Imagery
  • 14-Day Guarantee
  • $200 Setup Fee

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InfluencerMost Popular

$ 479

Per Month
  • 3 Template Sets
  • 1 Ticket Per Business Day
  • Submit By 5pm, Get By 8am
  • Use Multiple Brands
  • Up To 2 Minutes Per Clip
  • Up To 100 Words Of Text
  • Dedicated Content Hacker
  • Free Stock Imagery
  • 14-Day Guarantee
  • $250 Setup Fee

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Add Ons

$ Varies

Per Month

*Discussed and added during on-boarding call

  • Content Curation
  • You Provide Content
  • We Find Clips & Quotes
  • Starting at $200/mo
  • Super Tickets
  • 2-10 Minute Video/Audio
  • Starting at $100/mo

You got questions, we got answers.

What is in a template set?

Every template set includes 8 assets that each short clip can be turned into. They include:

  • Square Video Meme or Audiogram: 1080px x 1080px with captions on the video for video or audio submissions by default.
  • Vertical Video Meme or Audiogram: 1080px x 1920px with captions on the video for video or audio submissions by default.
  • Landscape Video Meme or Audiogram: 1920px x 1080px with no captions on the video for video or audio submissions by default. You will be supplied with the caption file to upload to YouTube or you can request captions on the video file if preferred.
  • Square Image Quote: 1080px x 1080px, up to 25 words max.
  • Vertical Image Quote: 1920px x 1080px, up to 25 words max.
  • Landscape Image Quote: 1200px x 675px, up to 25 words.
  • Landscape YouTube Thumbnail: 1920px x 1080px
  • Square Facebook Ads Thumbnail: 1080px x 1080px with all text scaled to under 20% of the image.
    • This is to add to your square videos if you run ads or boost posts. Facebook will not let video memes or audiograms run because there is too much text on the screen. By adding a thumbnail to the video with under 20% text your post or ad will not have problems running.

Do you do captions?

Absolutely! We put captions on all square and stories sized video memes and audiograms. We do not, by default, add captions to the landscape videos but provide the .vtt caption file to upload to YouTube. If you upload the captions to YouTube then every word in the video becomes searchable and it is a much more effective way to upload content to that YouTube. We will always add captions to the landscape video file on request.

How long can my videos be?

We can take up to 2 minutes of any length video or audio and repurpose it into micro assets for social media.  We can also take up to 100 words of text (ie. blog post snippet, white paper, stats, written testimonials) and create video memes as well.

Imagine how many 2 minute knowledge bombs a 45 minute speaking engagement or webinar has! We can take that one piece of content and turn it into a ton of individual, short, effective videos for social media.

What's a ticket?

When you sign up you will get invited to our ticketing platform. You will submit tickets on the Influencer and Basic plans to have your content repurposed. Every ticket submitted will be for one short video, up to 2 minutes, to be turned into up to 8 assets. Every ticket will ask the following:

  • Name of the ticket
  • Template set to be used
  • Type of content (audio, video, or text)
  • Link to content or 100 words to have repurposed
  • In and out timecode up to 2 minutes for audio/video
  • Header copy
  • Image quote copy (up to 25 words)
  • Any special instruction or image uploads

You may submit multiple tickets to have one long piece of content turned into multiple 2 minute clips. The delivery time of your tickets will depend on the plan you sign up for.

How fast do I get my repurposed assets?

The output of your assets are determined on the plan you signed up for as outlined below.

  1. Basic: One asset delivery per business day. One asset = 1 size video meme/ audiogram/ text motion video. Or, one asset will = all 3 image quote sizes, or one asset will = both thumbnail sizes. So 1 full ticket allows for up to 8 assets. If you request them all, you will get the videos dripped one day at a time (3 days), then day 4 will be your image quotes, and day 5 your thumbnails. If you submit a ticket by 5pm PST, your first asset delivery will be by 8am PST the next business day. When all assets in a ticket are delivered your Content Hacker will move on to begin delivering assets from your next ticket in queue.
  2. Influencer: One full ticket per business day. If you submit a ticket by 5pm PST, your entire asset delivery will be by 8am PST the next business day. This means that if you submit one ticket with any of the asset boxes checked you will receive every asset for that ticket by the next business day. If you submit multiple tickets they will be addressed and delivered in the order they are received unless advised otherwise.
  3. The Whole Shebang: Three full tickets per week. Your Content Curator will determine a delivery schedule during your on boarding call and ensure that each ticket will be delivered 48 hours prior to the scheduled, agreed upon posting. This allows for revisions if necessary.

*To understand what an “asset” is please look at the FAQ titled What’s a template set?

I'm an agency. Do you white label?

We ❤️ agencies! White labeling is one of our favorite things to do. Your agency gets to give a ton of value and look like total rock stars without having to do all of the work behind the scenes.

Your agency would create an account or stack multiple accounts depending on output needs and a person (or people) on your team would be responsible for finding the content to be repurposed and submitting tickets.

We deliver all files via Google Drive and segment folders for agencies based on their clients. There is never any Repurpose House branding on files delivered and they are easy to share with multiple people.

If you are interested in white labeling please reach out to Sarah at

I have multiple brands. How do I use my subscription?

It’s super easy! Every subscription comes with multiple templates sets that you can rotate through any time you submit a ticket. Every template set can have it’s own brand if you like. You can always purchase more template sets at any time and as many as your little marketing heart desires!

This works great for personal brands or podcasts that are different than the business, and also for agencies with multiple companies they provide content for.

Do you post on social media for me?

Repurposing content is our jam, but we don’t do social media management. We do, however, have great partners who we can refer you to based on your specific needs if you’re looking for help with posting your awesome assets on social.

*What's up with that strategy session for the add on?

A strategy session is required for us to begin submitting tickets on your behalf. Your add-ons will be prorated to reflect the date of the strategy session and a credit will be applied to your next month’s billing.

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