1:1 Coaching for Your Team’s 2nd-In-Command With Repurpose House’s 2nd-In-Command



(3-minute video from Sarah)

Sarah Guidas, Repurpose House’s COO, started with the company back BEFORE they were even called Repurpose House (yeah, we’re talkin’ day 1). In less than 3 years, the company grew from 2 to 50+ full-time employees, hit its first trailing million, went from 0 to 100+ clients, and more. And as Repurpose House’s #2 (right behind our fab Founder & CEO, Shaina Weisinger), she’s excited to embrace her goal to help other company’s #2 succeed and expedite their learning curves through accessible and inclusive coaching.

That might be your Director of Operations, your COO, your VP, you name it … Your second-in-command.

Sarah gets the pain point of not knowing which experts to learn from when you’re second-in-command. There’s a ton of coaching for CEOs, sales, marketing, and more. But growing Repurpose House has allowed her to learn, build, and implement processes that she can (and is thrilled to) share with other companies’ #2.

So here’s the scoop on how her 1:1 coaching works:

  1. This investment redeems 2 one-on-one coaching sessions over 2 weeks (1 per week at 45 minutes each). This ensures that a ton of ground is not only covered, but progress happens and action items are implemented
  2. After purchase, you will be sent a questionnaire form to fill out covering your goals, roadblocks, and more (check out the video above to see the form). This will get Sarah prepped for your first 1:1 session. She will also personally email you after that form is complete with any additional questions (if she has them)
  3. You will have two 45-minute sessions together over 2 weeks. You’ll be able to schedule the first one right after your form is completed (you will be able to schedule within 3 business days max). Then at the end of call 1, you will schedule the second session together. But in order for us to conduct session 1, your questionnaire form must be completed
  4. These 2 sessions will be done virtually over Zoom
  5. This 1:1 coaching includes these 2 sessions (along with the form you’ll complete and any questions Sarah has for you). After those sessions, if you want to continue monthly communication, we have a recurring plan for that and will fill you in!

Here are just a few things Sarah gets really excited to teach:  

  1. How we decided what we can and cannot automate in terms of sales, operations, and more 
  2. The exact org chart/ structure of our company and how we’ve built-in leadership
  3. How we’ve revised our recruiting to bring in higher quality applications (and how most of this is automated until we decide to interview them) 
  4. The exact tools we use throughout our entire company: HR management, billing, production, and more 
  5. The processes we’ve built for our retention strategies both with clients and our internal team 
  6. The processes we’ve built for cold prospecting 
  7. The processes we’ve built for PR 
  8. Task accountability system (TAS) – sometimes it’s just not enough to have a task management tool, you also need to have accountability processes and expectations built around them 
  9. How we manage a team that’s both remote and international in different time zones 
  10. And more. Anything operations-related, she could talk for hours

Please note that the questionnaire form you complete after investment will need to be as detailed as possible – and if it’s not, Sarah will ensure she gets all the information she needs before your first call because … of course … let’s be efficient, organized, and laser-focused.

Cheers! 🎉