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To repurpose content (video, audio, & text) and turn it into 8 different assets is a content marketer’s dream.

Here is an inside look into a Repurpose House client webinar where Shaina Weisinger, CEO, shows clients why we repurpose content into each asset in the template set, why they are designed the way they are, and how to use them properly.

In this video she breaks down how to turn a video, blog post, or podcast into the following:

1. Repurpose Content Into Square Video Memes or Audiograms

Use these to repurpose content to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter feeds. Include captions, header text, status bar, etc.

This is great to repurpose video content, repurpose blog content, or to repurpose audio content to social media feeds.

We get into the nitty gritty about square video for your repurposed content here.

2. Repurpose Content Into Vertical Video Memes or Audiograms

Use these to repurpose content for Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, and most importantly, IGTV. Ensuring the content is within the crop for previewing to Instagram Feeds is important. Include captions, header text, status bar, etc.

This is great to repurpose video content, repurpose blog content, or to repurpose audio content to social media stories.

3. Repurpose Content Into Landscape Video Memes or Audiograms

Use these to repurpose content for YouTube. These will not have captions on the video, but ensuring you have a caption file is key so that every word is searchable via YouTube and Google.

Learn how to upload your caption file in Shaina’s video walk through.

This is great to repurpose video content, repurpose blog content, or to repurpose audio content to YouTube and for great SEO.

4. Repurpose Content IntoSquare Image Quotes (Quote Cards)

Use these to repurpose content for Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn feeds. Ensuring that you know if you use a posting platform to schedule your posts that LinkedIn will adjust your image to fit 1.91:1 ratio, so use the landscape for best fit when using scheduling platforms.

This is great a great way to take up to 25 words and repurpose video content, repurpose blog content, or to repurpose audio content for images on social media feeds.

4. Repurpose Content Into Landscape Image Quotes (Quote Cards)

Use these to repurpose content for Twitter feeds. These should also be used for LinkedIn if you use a social media scheduling platform.

This is great a great way to take up to 25 words and repurpose video content, repurpose blog content, or to repurpose audio content for images on twitter.

6. Repurpose Content Into Vertical Image Quotes (Quote Cards)

Use these to repurpose content for Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories. Note the space at the top and bottom of the images to allow for Instagram and Facebook’s app elements.

This is great a great way to take up to 25 words and repurpose video content, repurpose blog content, or to repurpose audio content for images for stories.

7. Make Sure You Have A Landscape YouTube Thumbnail

Make sure that the repurposed content you’re adding you YouTube gets as much engagement as possible by having a dynamic and optimized YouTube thumbnail. This means you’ll want to have bold text and an image, preferably of a person.

8. Facebook Hack: Ads Thumbnail

If you repurpose video, repurpose blog posts, or repurpose podcasts the right way and ad your headline and subtitles, then putting ad budget behind it for Facebook will be a problem. Facebook does not allow for any video or image to get the most visibility it can if the text on the content exceeds 20% of the real estate. There is a way to get away with it on video, though!

Add a thumbnail with under 20% text. This ensures that if you are to boost or use a video meme with text on it as and ad that you will still get engagement. We use the Facebook overlay tool to ensure that the amount of text on this thumbnail is approved.

Get super clear on making sure your ads run like a dream with the info in this blog post.

Link to the Facebook Overlay Tool:

Read Full Transcription Here

Shaina Weisinger: So thank you guys for joining. Um, I’m so excited that you guys are a part of repurpose house. This has been, um, we’re a new company and our goal is to help content marketers see the potential of their existing content. I actually have a background in video production for marketing. And one of the things that I did for my clients was this type of stuff. And I realized that it was such a pain point and something that nobody offered that I was like, there’s gotta be a way to make this a lot easier for content creators that don’t have to like go into tools like headliner [00:00:30] and do it themselves. And those are great tools and we love them. I actually teach people how to use it, but ultimately it’s about saving time and just like using one piece of content and exploding all over the place.

Shaina Weisinger: So, um, I’m really, really happy that you guys are on board and that hopefully we can help with that. So I wanted to, this is the first video or Webinar in this series. One thing that I really want to make sure we’re doing is educating not only like people like on Facebook and like our audience, but I really, really want to make sure that we’re educating our clients [00:01:00] because for you to obviously you’re able to utilize different assets that you already kind of know how to use, but there’s a reason for every single asset that we put in every template set. And I want to make sure you know what they are, how to use them properly, and um, basically be able to get everything out of the subscription that you can. So with that being said, we are going to just dive right in. I’m going to go ahead and share my screen so you can kind of see what we’re working with. And if you have questions, there’s a chat feature on the bottom. [00:01:30] Just pop it and enter your question and I’ll be sure to, um, to answer it really quickly. At the end of like every little section, I’ll see if anybody has questions. And since there’s so few of us, I’ll probably just pop your audio on so you can ask instead of, you know, type of way. Um, well more and uh, yeah, so let’s get rolling.

Shaina Weisinger: All right, let’s share the screen. Okay. So this should look familiar to everybody. This is the repurpose house support. This will actually be, um, changing in the very [00:02:00] near future. It’s going to look really nice and pretty and it’s going to actually look like a really pretty support center. So when you see changes, know that you’re still in the same place. Um, but this is also where you’re going to see where these webinars live. We’re going to do these webinars every single month if you have questions or if you have, um, a topic that you want us to touch on. Um, and even if we are the experts in it, we will, we have lots of friends that are in the digital marketing space. We can bring on an expert to talk about it. Um, but let us know like email Sarah email, hey it Email me

Shaina Weisinger: I want [00:02:30] to be able to answer the questions that everybody has. So, um, I would love to, obviously I want to hear what those are. So, um, but you’ll see them populate. We’ll have another section that’s called webinars and you’ll be able to access it here. Um, so I feel like the easiest way to go over these is to just start a new ticket and go through each of the assets one by one and talk about how to use them properly, what they’re for, why they’re done the way that they’re done. And um, we’ll go through it that way. So first things first is the squared video meme or audio Graham. Um, I’m just really going [00:03:00] to go high level and you know, if you already know this, like they’re just basically talking for people who have no idea who any of this, what any of this stuff is. So here we go. This is an example of a full template set. This is going to be your square video means. Now here’s a couple of pieces of this that are really, really important. So actually let me open it as the frame source. So you can get a nice big view of what this thing looks like.

Shaina Weisinger: Okay. So you’ll see obviously it’s squared. The reason that it’s square is because on [00:03:30] social media feeds. So anything that you’re scrolling with your thumb, this is Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, I mean Twitter, all of these different platforms where you would scroll on your phone square consistently gets the highest engagement. It takes up 78% more space on the mobile feed, on their phone. Um, and there were a couple of page studies done, one of which had like incredible results. So, um, one of these buffer I believe, what was it, a paid study where they tested square video [00:04:00] versus landscape and they found that square got 30 to 35% more views and for views all people have to do is stop scrolling. Like they just basically stopped because the video was square instead of landscape and landscape is wide. We also do those as well. Um, it also got 80 to 100% more engagement.

Shaina Weisinger: So and engagement is if somebody’s clicking, commenting, sharing, they have to actually physically do something to the post for it to be considered an engagement. So to me, 80 to a hundred [00:04:30] percent more just based on the size of the video is crazy. So make sure that when you’re posting to social media channels, you’re using the square video size. A couple of other elements in here that are notable are going to be the captions on the actual video. The reason we give you the captions on the video and not as a little sub file for these square and for the story size is because while you can load that to Facebook, Instagram doesn’t allow you to upload captions. So you have to have it on [00:05:00] the actual video in order for it to work on Instagram. Um, another big part of this, and I’m sure this is you guys already understand, is the headline.

Shaina Weisinger: Some really cool tricks on headlines are to kind of leave a cliffhanger on them. So if you’re talking to an audience about marketing for instance, right? Something like you can always go through your base, which is, you know, some people hesitate to do that, but it works. And you can also like leave kind of like a cliffhanger. So like the top three things you, you want to make sure you’re not doing your marketing the top three mistakes you’re doing in your marketing. [00:05:30] Or you can be like the top three things the best marketers do or why. So and so does this. When they’re marketing, like we have one going up, that’s the anatomy of a Gary v video. And like we break down all those steps that you want to let them know what they’re getting into before they actually stopped scrolling because they’ll see that before they’re going to start looking at the smaller, uh, subtitles. Um, other assets are going, or I’m sorry, elements are going to be the moving progress bars. So that’s this piece here. I’m just going to press play and show you what that looks like.

Shaina Weisinger: [00:06:00] There’s this really faint, um, but you can see it moving. It catches the eye. That really helps with engagement. So if these are not already on your template sets, let us know. And if you want them, we’ll add them to your templates. Okay, cool. So this is basically square again, use it for all of your feeds. Anything that you scroll with your thumb. Do we have any questions on? Um, alright, I’ve got, hold on. We got one more coming in. Cassandra is coming in. Any questions on this [00:06:30] section right here? It looks like we’re doing good.

Shaina Weisinger: All right, cool. So let’s move on to, I don’t know what’s happening. Okay, cool. Let’s go onto the next asset. So we’ve got the vertical video on me. Now. This is pretty audio grams. So as if anybody is trying to understand the difference between the two, an audiogram is the same as a video meme. It’s just going to be for podcasts or just audio only. So you can always do, um, in your video meme templates, you [00:07:00] can always do audio as well. But the difference is going to be if you have an audiogram template, in many cases, video doesn’t fit in that. So if you know you do multiples and you don’t just want a template just for audio, make sure that you do a video template and that we can always put like a moving away form. And if you want to use it for um, for like a podcast or something like that.

Shaina Weisinger: So the vertical video meme, let’s go back. We’ve got a chat, hang tight guys. I want to make sure I’m answering question. This is what it is. 99% of the time for Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, is that right? The [00:07:30] square? Yes. Absolutely. So every time you’re going to go ahead and post on any kind of feed, you’re going to want to go square feeds again. So we’re going to dive into the other pieces. But Square is definitely, definitely the best for all of the platforms as far as video goes. We’re going to talk about images in a minute. Okay, cool. So now we’ve got, this is the vertical video mean. Let me go ahead and open the frame source. You can see that.

Shaina Weisinger: Okay. So I know it’s a little tough to see because it’s actually a kind [00:08:00] of black framework. But um, yes, so JJ has been dropping with one video on Instagram is only a woman, but if I the videos longer the woman. Yes. Okay, we’re going to talk about that too. Okay. So this is actually what I’m diving into right now. So these are for stories right there also for Ige TV. This is a really, really great way to get away with more than one minute on Instagram. So what will happen here, and there’s two ways to get around that. One minute mark on Instagram. I GTV right now is the best way to do it because the algorithm [00:08:30] favors ige TV from a lot of different people that I’m hearing it from. So we have changed a bunch of the um, templates to format properly for Igt TV because with Igt TV you can also then preview it in the fee.

Shaina Weisinger: So, and I would show you an example, but Instagram is all formatted for mobile. So I can’t like hop on Instagram and show you guys. But what would happen is you can take a video up to 10 minutes. Um, obviously we have a two minute limit unless you decide to upgrade and do, um, the longer video length, which is now an option [00:09:00] by the way, it’s not on the site, but we’re going to be sending out an email to let people know that we’re doing longer video as well. Um, but what you’ll do is you’ll notice the ige TV, you’ll put your same tags, we’ll do the whole same thing, but there’s a button that you can click that will allow you to preview it on feeds. So then what happens is that first minute of the content will load into Instagram feeds and they’ll scroll.

Shaina Weisinger: And what we make sure we’ve done with the template sets is this piece here, we’ll all be within the feed cutoff. So anything outside of that that gets [00:09:30] cut off is either going to be like filler. Like they really like a clean, just single color background. We’ve got some that have like cool designs that everything that gets cropped will be inside that feed. So this is kind of where the crop line is. So it’s really, really great because if you do have longer content and you want them to preview it in feeds, you can drop this into Igv, preview it and feeds and then they can click on that and it will send them to the Ige TV video that’s longer than one minute and another way to get around the one minute limit or the swipe videos. And we’ve done [00:10:00] that a couple of times on our Instagram.

Shaina Weisinger: Gary Vee does it are, he used to do it a lot now he just uses I, cause it’s, it’s the algorithm works for it but it’s to take multiple one minute clips that combine into like a three minute video and you can actually post them all together and do swipe. So you would let them know like swipe right for the next version, swipe what right for like, you know, video three and you can make it basically longer. Honestly just do Igg TV. It’s fun, it’s fun and kind of cool to do. If you have a lot of like editing capabilities, um, and we can obviously [00:10:30] trim them however you need to that you kind of need to let them know like that they need to swipe right so it’s, it’s fun but like we had to put like little arrows that are dinging and it was a whole ordeal.

Shaina Weisinger: So this is what these are for. Any questions on the story size? Obviously you can also use these with stories for Facebook and you can also use them with stories. For Ige TV, I’m a great tool to use. Obviously like if you have a video up to a minute, Instagram is going to automatically cut it down to 15 second increments to post on stories. If [00:11:00] you have one that’s longer than a minute, there’s a tool that we use called continual in this, um, in the resource center, like right when you go into my content that repurpose there is an Faq on how to do this. So it’s a short video. I explain how to use continual, you can literally do a video any length that you want and it will trim it into as many 15 second videos that you need it to be. So that’s, that’s it for the vertical ones. If we have questions, go ahead and type them in. If not, I’m going to go ahead and move on. [00:11:30] Okay. Landscape, video meme and audiogram. Let’s go back to our examples. So that would be this one.

Shaina Weisinger: All right, so this is the one that everybody sees on Youtube. This is going to be that the average size of most of our videos when we turn our phone the right way to film. Um, these are only to be used for youtube. And the reason why is because this size doesn’t optimize for all of the different platforms. Like I said, squares the best if you’re going to be posting [00:12:00] to, um, any kind of mobile feed. But for Youtube, they really need this landscape size. The reason that we give this to you in the shorter version is because if you say something really specific words, your clients with something very specific and impactful in this little two minute clip, this can do really well on youtube. What we do give you are the subtitle files. So you won’t have any captions on these at all because generally speaking, when people watch a video on youtube, they’re listening to it.

Shaina Weisinger: When they’re watching it on like a Facebook or [00:12:30] Instagram, they’re not listening. 85% of people aren’t listening to video when they’re scrolling on Facebook. So Youtube people do. But what you want those caption files for is you’ll upload them. There’s also a tutorial for that. And to my content, it’s not repurpose and what that will do is teach you exactly how to upload it so that you can get all of the Seo and the VR and um, the surge out of it so people can search and youtube and Google and make sure that they actually, um, are able to find the shorter [00:13:00] length video on your youtube. All right. So then we have the square image quotes. Let’s go back to our examples. So this is going to be the square image. Quote. These again optimize for all the social media feeds with the ex.

Shaina Weisinger: These optimized for the social media feeds with the exception of Twitter. So Twitter optimizes for landscape. So you’ll see this here. Obviously we’ve done the landscape one, we’ve got the square and the story size. So this [00:13:30] square one you’re going to want to post on Facebook, Instagram, linkedin, Twitter is going to want you to do this size. And the reason is if you post this square on Twitter, it’s going to cut off the top of the bottom and people have to actually click it in order for it to open all the way up. So if you’re using image quotes on Twitter, make sure you’re using this one. Um, one thing I also found, I did some research on it because we’ve been testing different social media hosting platforms that will automatically post for us. We can just schedule it out. And what [00:14:00] I’m finding is that some of the Apis for different, um, platforms are not allowing for square to get uploaded.

Shaina Weisinger: So linkedin is kind of a pain in the butt when it comes to its API. Um, Linkedin does not let you post a video on a page that is not a business page. Um, if you’re using a post planner. And then also linkedin will make you optimize for this size, the landscape size image. So if you’re using a platform like a Gora [00:14:30] pulse, um, mavs social buffer, any of those that are going to plan your posts for you if you’re trying to plan linkedin images, make sure that you’re doing the landscape. Because what it does is it either crops the square or it gives these really terrible white bars on the right and left side. Um, but if you’re posting it yourself, like on your computer or on your phone, the square is definitely the way to go. So it’s just the way their API runs.

Shaina Weisinger: Linkedin’s a little behind on everything. So that’s what they’ve limited all of these different hosting platforms [00:15:00] to use. Okay. And then lastly for the image quotes, we’ve got the vertical ones. These are for stories, so you’ll see that it looks kind of funny with like the extra space on top and the extra space on bottom. The reason we do that is because when you load this to stories and people are viewing it, you’re going to see all of this stuff that story’s populates on top and bottom. There’s going to be a comment bar down here. There’s going to be like your little image, your profile image. There’s going to be a bunch of stuff and we didn’t want to cover up the content so it looks a little funny here, but when it’s on the actual [00:15:30] story, it’s going to look right. So you can use this in Instagram stories and in Facebook stories.

Shaina Weisinger: Um, okay, now we have thumbnails. Thumbnails are super important. Now, um, I am going to actually use a different example on those because the best way to get engagement on the thumbnails for Youtube is going to be an image and large text they are at Warren’s actually redoing doors right now. The text needs to be a little bit bigger, but the bigger the texts and the bigger the image of the person, the better, the more conversions you’ll actually [00:16:00] get on it. So, uh, we’re redoing, there’s to have massive tax right now and if you want yours redone to please let us know. You can always revamp your templates. That’s no problem. Um, but this is going to be for youtube. So when you go to post your video on youtube, you want to make sure you add a thumbnail because if people are just scrolling through and they see just the regular video, it doesn’t, you don’t really get optimized for engagement.

Shaina Weisinger: So to get the most engagement out of youtube, you’re going to want to use a thumbnail that has really bold text and an image of a person. Generally, like I said, [00:16:30] that statistically is what works really, really well. So that’s what that’s for. It’s only for Youtube. And lastly, we have the um, Facebook ads thumbnail. A lot of people just don’t know what this is or care what this is cause they don’t run budget behind any of their assets, which is totally fine. But know that if you are going to put any ad budget behind any of these assets here, Facebook’s going to stop it because there’s a lot of texts happening. So Facebook doesn’t allow for any, anything [00:17:00] that you put like paid ad spend. If you’re going to do a full ad, if you’re going to boost a post, if it has more than 20% text on the, like the actual picture of the video, it’s going to stop it and it won’t get engagement.

Shaina Weisinger: So the workaround for that with video is to add a thumbnail that has less than 20% text. Um, the reason this works really well, and it’s kind of like a work around is because most people, the vast majority of people have their videos on autoplay. Like if you were to scroll on Facebook and stop, the [00:17:30] video is going to start playing as you’re scrolling. So nobody ever really sees this thumbnail, but all it is is a good looking way to make sure that this can spend the budget and get in front of the eyeballs that it needs to get. Now keep in mind if you’re not putting out budget behind it, it doesn’t matter like it’s going to get the engagement that it gets. But if you are putting out a budget behind it, you absolutely want to use these. And just to, you know what this tool looks like, Facebook actually has a tool that will let you know if your text or your image has too much text on it. So, um, [00:18:00] this applies to images and videos. So I’m just going to show you how it works. It’ll let you know like, okay, it’ll run. Okay. And normally it may have lower reach and they have a lot lower reach. It may not run at all. Um, so let’s just upload that Perry image.

Shaina Weisinger: No. Oh, there we go. So that’s how it’s saying your ad will run. Normally we make sure we run every single Facebook thumbnail that we create through this to make sure that you have the green check mark. So if you do [00:18:30] run out of budget behind it, you should be cruising through, um, like a dream. All right guys. So that is, those are all the assets. That’s all eight of them. Now this is something that’s going to be fluid and ever changing because every single platform is, they’re constantly changing. Like what works like Twitter when they switched to this, we had to add an entirely new asset to the template set and now you guys get eight instead of seven. Um, so and also the Ige TV thing, we just made the switch to make sure it crops properly for feeds a [00:19:00] couple of weeks ago. So this is something that will always be evolving.

Shaina Weisinger: It’s our job to stay up to date on everything that’s happening in social media so that your assets are properly created and will perform the best way that they can. Um, one other thing that I would love if you guys haven’t already downloaded it. We had a case study with one of our clients, endless events. They saw incredible growth across their social media channels and all of their engagement. So, um, if you go to this page, it’s repurposed forward [00:19:30] slash endless case study. It will show you all of the results that they got with just using repurposed house assets for 90 days across one. Um, one of their pieces of content. So they do a pocket, it’s a video podcast. It’s kind of like a show called event icons. And these guys are like content powerhouses. So they track everything. They use hubspot, they know where all of their traffic is coming from, they know what campaign it’s coming from, what piece of content.

Shaina Weisinger: Um, it’s, it’s like loaded into, so [00:20:00] they just used repurpose house for 90 days for just this event. Icons show this is one piece of content a week that they repurposed and their results were crazy. They got 64% more social media interactions, 115% increase in social media clicks. But these ones blew my mind. They got 138% increase in site sessions as people just going to their site. And these guys have high volume and then 300% increase in contexts, like 300% [00:20:30] more. People started typing their email addresses into their contact form, like just because these repurpose assets, we’re sending traffic. So we’ve got their hubspot images and whatnot. But the cool thing about this page and why I want you to go visit it is because we give away the farm on how they did it. So we talked to their social media guru over there.

Shaina Weisinger: I’m friends with the owner and he was like, take it because I want other people to be successful. So if you enter your info here, it’ll send you the breakdown on how they posted, what they posted, [00:21:00] their strategy. And again, this is just, they use this with one ticket a week. So imagine what you can do with the, if you have the influence or package with as many tickets that you get. So it gives you a really, really great overview on how they accomplish this. And like what they’re doing now. They obviously repurpose way more content, but um, this will definitely help you in your social media strategy. So, um, well that’s all I have for today. I’ve got 30, 30 minutes out of 45, so I feel like we’re doing pretty good. Does anybody have questions? I would [00:21:30] love to answer them since you guys have me here, I’m um, that’s what we’re here for to make sure that you have all the tools you need to make sure that you’re repurposing your content like crazy.

Shaina Weisinger: We’re good. I’m not seeing anybody in chat. Okay. Awesome. Well thank you guys so much. Again, if you have like team members or anybody else who needs to reference this Webinar, we are going to load it into the my content that repurpose over the next like couple of hours. So it should be there fairly soon. And um, if you ever need anything again, you can always make changes and [00:22:00] adjustments to your template sets. You can always reach out in any way, shape or form. Also, if you have suggestions on what we can teach about in our upcoming webinars, we’re going to do this every month. Let me know because we want to make sure that we’re giving information and education based on the things that you guys really want to learn. So, um, thank you guys so much. Thank you. Cassandra, Megan, all you guys, Jay, Jay, it was really, really great to have you on and have an awesome Tuesday.

Shaina Weisinger: Oh, hold on. May I have one question? How do you best prioritize content? So you create a ticket [00:22:30] and need to reorder them. Oh, okay. So remember you’re talking to a human, so like you have a content hacker that’s assigned to your account, so you can literally just throw a note in there and be like, Hey, I know that I submitted to tickets before this, but I need this one now. They are always checking every single ticket that’s new before they get started for the day. So the second they come in, they go through all of their open tickets. They generally respond if there’s not like a million of them, but they’ll respond to at least one and say, hey, we got your tickets. [00:23:00] We’re super excited to put this in queue. But if you say like, Hey, I actually need this one first because it’s, you know, priority, they’ll add that to their queue for the day and push everything back. Well, awesome. All right guys. Have an awesome day. Oh, he got kicked off. I know. I’m going to put this up in the next like hour or so. It’s basically just however long it takes to download and re upload and add it to the site. So that’s first priority. I know it’s a couple of people got kicked off I think. So we’ll figure out what’s up with zoom. So sorry about that, but it’ll be available for you soon. Thanks guys.

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