Episode 007

Vito La Fata

Creator and Visionary at The Legacy Brand Creator


About Vito

Vito La Fata is a dad, husband, and creator and visionary at The Legacy Brand Creator and Vision in the Vineyards. Vito coaches experts, service providers, consultants and brick and mortar owners how to confidently and successfully transition into (or launch) a profitable online business in 6-12 months (or less).

What You’ll Learn

  • [01:49] Vito La Fata shares his roles on his business ventures — how his primary role is coaching and over-all creative visionary of his businesses. 
  • [03:02] The importance of delegation in business and how important it is to know the right messaging for your brand. 
  • [05:15] What are the processes Vito’s team implemented for his marketing strategy? 
  • [05:57 ]Knowing your “distinction formula” in the market and how it can help you stand out from the others. 
  • [06:52] “You have to simply get the market to believe in where they should be going, what they should be doing, and how to get there. And then you’ve got that thing to overcome and to build trust.” 
  • [11:36] Vito shares the core tactics he uses in his marketing strategy. 
  • [14:56] Trainings, workshops, and other interactive content are the main ones Vito uses for his business. He explains how they strategize their content without exhausting their time and resources. 
  • [17:35] The importance of repurposing content to save their time and maximize their existing content. 
  • [21:33] How to leverage organic and paid content in growing and capturing your target audience 
  • [24:55] Vito shares the processes and the systems they implement to drive traffic. 
  • [27:30] “Intentionality with your content helps position your offers, which greases the wheels of the sales.” 
  • [31:42] Vito believes that every entrepreneur has to be in for the long game, and as long as you’re consistent and you know where to go, success will eventually follow. 
  • [35:34] Being purposeful with your business strategy prepares you for whatever hurdle you might encounter. Vito shares that being prepared comes from learning from the past the learning from the world around you. 
  • [39:31] “What you want to be known for and what the result of that is in the market.” 

About Shaina

Shaina Weisinger is the Founder and CEO of Repurpose House, which turns long-form content into optimized videos and images for high engagement social media strategies. Shaina has a background in video production for digital marketing and is on a mission to show content creators the untapped potential and repurposing power of the content that they already have. She has taught about content in many publications including DigitalMarketer, Inc., and Startup Nation, and continuously offers valuable takeaways by interviewing industry experts from world-recognized brands such as GoDaddy, HubSpot, MarketingProfs, and more through her podcast, Content Karate. She loves to laugh loudly, be obnoxiously competitive on the volleyball court, treat her dogs as her kin, and recover from tripping on or running into almost everything within a five-foot radius. Learn more about Shaina here: ShainaWeisinger.com

Read Episode 007 Transcriptions

Shaina Weisinger: Hey, welcome. Thank you for listening to Content Karate, a marketing show where we interview amazing people who use content and repurpose it in unique ways to drive traffic leads and revenue to their businesses. Today, I have the amazing Vito La Fata. He is a dad, a husband co-creator of The Visionary Planner and Vision in the Vineyards. I got a chance to go to the vineyard. It was amazing, very excited about it. Let’s talk about that today. Key coaches, experts, service providers, consultants, brick and mortar. Like you name it on how to confidently and successfully transition into or launch a profitable online business in 6-12 months or less, which is bonkers to me. So I’m excited to chat a little bit about that also. Yeah. So Vito, thank you so much for coming on the show and chatting about content. I’m super excited to get to chat with you about what you guys have been doing with The Visionary Planner, how you’re leveraging it into your consulting business. So let’s just chat about the company in general. What’s your role? What do you guys do? I know that we kind of had high level, but give me some more details.

Vito La Fata: I mean, my role, first of all, pleasure would be here. Thanks for having me on with you. We always have so much fun. We recognize though that you just simply can’t compete on the cornhole board, but it’s all right.

Shaina Weisinger: It was pretty tragic. I will give you that.

Vito La Fata: well, you can hang, you can hang out.

Shaina Weisinger: I’ve had better days. That’s for sure. The more wine, the better. At least that’s what I thought. You tried.

Vito La Fata: I was just like, okay, I see where her skill set develops as wine goes up skills go up and your husband’s like dropping down. Yeah, yeah.

Shaina Weisinger: Right. So it’s like a good mix-match I guess. So one’s good at the beginning and one’s great at the end,

Vito La Fata: But as far as what is my role is many out there, but I would prefer partially to put as the, the voice and crafting the message of where we’re going and what we’re trying to do out there. That’s like my primary role besides like the coach and the marketer and all that stuff. I’m like, it’s really about, who’s crafting the message. Who’s putting the positioning out there that speaks to our methodology. That’s myself. And now my wife that she used to become a much more integral role in it because people definitely just like her.

Shaina Weisinger: Oh, she’s awesome. I mean, you’re great. But she’s awesome.

Vito La Fata: They’re like, I can listen to y’all coaching, but I can hang with her. That’s it. But yeah, that’s, I mean, that’s the primary stuff that I’m doing for where we’re at. Cause you know, we’ve got a team now and they handle a lot backend systems operations and that kind of stuff. So I got to unplug from all of that and just be voice marketer, visionary and, and coach, which has all the favorite stuff that I love to do.

Shaina Weisinger: Is it like, just to segue, isn’t it awesome to be able to delegate the stuff that like you don’t to spend all day doing and actually get to do the stuff that you enjoy doing?

Vito La Fata: Yeah. I mean, if you want a business, that’s an independent vehicle that should be on your agenda unless you want to own an online job out there, which was me like way back in the day that like, I’m not going to lie. That was me. But nowadays I’m like, no, you have to build the business. And that’s the unsexy uncool stuff, because it’s not like the ROI stuff that like all the marketers have add that 10 K in three months, this and Facebook ads that will recoup, blah, blah, blah. I’m like now we’ll just teach you how to build an actual business. That’s independent of you, but I mean, we’ll make you, at least the known expert. We’ll make it a known brand, but it’s hard. Oops. Sorry.

Shaina Weisinger: I don’t care. Won’t believe it. It’s fine.

Shaina Weisinger: We’re all big. We all have our big girl, big boy pants on. We’re fine.

Vito La Fata: Yeah. I was just like, I don’t know if your thing will be like, [inaudible] you sound.

Shaina Weisinger: like emoji with like crosses on his eyes or something.

Vito La Fata: I think that my wife will be like, that makes sense. That was the emoji for you. But we’re more about that out there in the market, because you want the lifestyle, you want the freedom, you also want the scale and the impact. And if you are just baking you into the business all the time and you’re the expert and you got no systems, no opera. I’m like, you can never unplug you from the business. And it becomes the trap versus the freedom vehicle out there. So that’s yeah. That’s where we’re at.

Shaina Weisinger: I love it. I think that so many entrepreneurs need what you offer and I’m excited to, it’s something that you’re doing and with great personality and on top of it, we don’t have some boring person teaching us how to make businesses function and work like without us in the center of it.

Vito La Fata: I hope you heard that. I got a good personality. I got a good personality.

Shaina Weisinger: Okay. Let’s talk about processes. I mean, literally what processes have you guys implemented when it comes to your marketing strategy? I know you’re saying that you have a team now, so let’s talk about what that looks like for you guys.

Vito La Fata: Yeah. I mean, if I’ll go back and I mean, like, I’m going to give plugs here to you. You guys have helped us make a lot of this stuff, like a little bit more seamless, but we’re very strategic about the fact that I’m like, we know our method, right? So a lot of people, when they think about content, they think about what am I going to put out? But I’m like, well, let’s first back up to, what do you have? That is your signature system, your method, what outcome, what transformation are you delivering in the market? We should start there. What are you going to be known for? What are you going to go out and put out to the world that is sellable, that you should be paid for. Like, okay, we know our method and what we’re delivering. Then we reverse.

Vito La Fata: Well, what’s our positioning compared to the others out in the market that are in our space. And then we’re like, what’s our message that the market needs to hear now to lead them to our position that speaks to our method that generates the sales as compared to just the tactic of like, yep, I get transcriptions and we go to Rab or we go to Otter and we turn it into posts. We turn it up, all that, which is true. But you, “what’s your distinction formula in the market” should be the first thing that you do. So that when you’re out there thinking about what videos do I need to create, what posts do I need to do? What emails do I need to go out and craft it’s in alignment with and creating the positioning of why you, why this, why whatever you’re offering him, you get the idea that I’m like.

Vito La Fata: So we kind of go a little bit more top level strategy, then reverse engineer all the assets down so that we can kind of like a lot of people forget that you have to today with the trust at an all time low in the market, you have to simply get the market to believe in like where they should be going, what they should be doing, how to get there. And then you, that you’re like, you’ve got that thing to overcome, to build trust. And then to hopefully have the respect that you’ve shown that I can do this. We have method that backs this up so that our system becomes the expert. Not just like Shane or Vito or Anna or this guy or that guy, because that goes back to why everyone’s stuck in their business. Yeah.

Shaina Weisinger: Right. And it takes a lot of content to build that trust too. Like you need to be touching consistently on platforms to get them to a place where they’re even considering looking at what the system looks like.

Vito La Fata: Yeah. And I mean like if today with the ADD — the loud noisy market, the attention span that is super short and how many things you’re head at that. I’m like, if you’re not consistently and repeatedly showing up with a laser focus message, you just can’t crack the market today long enough for them to be like, “I know what you’re about and I know what you do and who you serve,” if you were like, I have a product over here, I’ve got a product over there. I got another product over there. I got nothing over there. I got nothing over there. And I do this other thing here. And I do that other thing there. And what not, we would never know that you’re “the repurpose girl,” that’s what you’re out there doing. And you’re like, I focus on that. I’d be like, before you worry about all things, I’m like, what’s your focus so that we can consistently get to know who you are, what you’re about, what you do as an outcome.

Vito La Fata: ‘Cause you’re like, you could be like, I sell how to repurpose your assets or you’re like, I sell the freedom that you want and the ability to scale and create the impact and get the audience that you want to love serving by making your content look like it’s all over the place. Whereas you’re probably lying naked on some beach, somewhere online doing this and that, which is really what you want to be doing out there. There’s that. Or we will take your assets and cut it up for you and post it at a schedule it’s three times a week to this and that and blah, blah, blah. And we will make sure that we show you and give you a sound clip and dah, dah, dah, or freedom, scale, impact go different, different that I’m like, if we are talking about content, like please just choose the lane that you’re going to be in. So we know what you really deliver to the world. That’s why I’d be starting with all content.

Shaina Weisinger: Yeah, for sure. And even, not even like — you just hit the nail on the head, not even just choosing the lane, but the messaging that you’re going to apply to that lane, because what you were just talking about, like for us, it’s like, it’s the same thing. The messaging is different and totally different impacts depending on how you decide to deliver it and the verb, the words that you’re using whenever you’re doing that.

Vito La Fata: Yep. I mean, because what is it? What’s that one of the things that our content is, is just the, how to stuff , deliverables and all those things. And the market has, is like pulverized by that, that today I’m always just like, what do they need to hear? But what do they need to understand then? What do they need to do? Because the market will pay more for insight and perspective in your copy and your content and all that stuff than it will for just like, Hey, this is what we offer. This is what we do. That’s fantastic. Don’t get me wrong. You have an element of that. But I mean, take a look. What’s happening in the world right now. If you can’t get them to listen, you ain’t gonna get to the rest. And then if you can’t teach them the lens of how to look at those things, then it never positions the whole. Well, if you know, I’m assuming if your audience is following you, they’re dialed into this. What you really offer out there that like, those are the, the, the key elements that I’ll always go back to that are more strategic, less tactical.

Shaina Weisinger: For sure. So let’s talk about tactical then. Um, as far as your business goes, like, what are your core offerings specifically for those who don’t know,

Vito La Fata: We have our vision. Well, no matter what, we’re always teaching how to build an online brand. And all we do with it is our system is, is the work. That’s the work course of it. Now, it’s just a matter of like, what kind of access do you want to the system where you’re like, it’s do it yourself. It’s do it with coaching and it’s do it with speed or team because that’s it, we’re just like, it’s the same sys tem. So with that, we’re not like I gotta make up a bunch of different products and offers out there. We make different offers, different products. It’s just, what way do you want to access that? So like our vision in the vineyards, as an example is just, or a, person’s just like, I want the speed of execution that in two and a half days, I will design my signature system. Know process of it. Know the offer to go sell it, and the pitch of how to sell it. We’re like all done in two and a half days. So that when you go back to our system, you’re moving quicker and then all that, and you and I were chatting about this before, where I’m like, we’ll do all the attack. We’ll do all the funnel, build outs and stuff like that, because what makes a killer offer? You know what I’m talking about, what the new offer that you have coming out, that I’m like, the sweetest spot of an offer is remove roadblock, implementation, and speed. If you figure out you’ve got like the trifecta of like the Sparta offer, that thing that is so like astronomical that people be like, name the price, I’ll do it or whatnot. But then so from all those things, we just have group coaching program are like — do it yourself.

Vito La Fata: And that’s it. We just would like one main system just cut up. We kind of call it our offer multiplier and the leveraged offer suite, or like, everyone’s like true. But leverage to offer suite where you don’t have to invent a ton of different products, smart until you’re doing seven figures after that, by all means, start doing sh*t from there. We’ll get that sucker dialed in first. And so what we’ll do with our content for that is we’re like, where is each of the avatar for that? Like the, do it yourself, or that is a newbie where like, I have to speak different to you. Then our white glove concierge clients that are like 60k+ clients that were like, you’re already doing a seven figure business. Your problem is I just want to bolt on another six and seven figure business. And I want to do it in a year. And it can’t disrupt what I’m doing in my other business or my family time. So they’re like, we’re like project managers, team, speed. And we’re just like, we’re talking to you very different than we’re talking to — I’m a startup trying to decide is my belief ready to go online? We’re like, that’s a completely different message than “I get I need to be online. How do I just do it faster?”

Shaina Weisinger: Right. So what types of content then are you pushing out to both of those different, and I’m sure there’s a middle audience too, obviously, but like to both of those edges, what type of content are you creating to talk to them consistently?

Vito La Fata: I mean, no matter what, there’s always trainings that speak to those things. So we’re very big on workshops, trainings and anything like that. I can’t rip the teacher out of me as much as I was, like, we don’t need to teach so much, unlike can’t help. It can’t help. It needs to do it, but love delivering that kind of value out there. It’s just a nice style, but we’ll always do some sort of content day. I’m not an advocate of like, I gotta make content every day because I’m just like, it’s exhausting, it’s exhausting. And then I feel like I’m at the beck and call of the audience and that’s not what I built my business or my life for. I’m like, I built a certain people that I want, but not to be at their beck and call.

Vito La Fata: Like, that’s why I have struggled with free groups, free groups. And just like, like either engage and take action or like, I won’t just be like, Hey, because you’re not, I’m not in here every day. You don’t pay attention as much. I’m like, I could be a clue as to why you’re at where you’re at in your life as compared to I’ll just come in and be like high quality content, siphon out the action takers. And if you built your business, right, you’re like, I don’t need everybody. I just need the right people. But we’ll just design out where we’re like, okay. So if we’re talking to that crew, what trainings, what case studies, what testimonials, what messaging. And then we’ll be like, let’s make everything that we need to build a funnel through that. And then we’ll be like, if it’s this person, same kind of thing.

Vito La Fata: What trainings, what case studies, what testimonials, what messaging objections, et cetera, do we need to do to be like, build that all out? And we just organize it that way. Where twice a month we do like just six hour to eight hour content days. And what we’ll do is like, we’ll be like, okay, I got to shoot the anyway, for the course paid content, got to shoot it for top of funnel, middle of funnel, bottom of funnel, whatever way. And we’re just like in our free Facebook group, we’re like, now we’re like, we’re going to shoot it live. So you get access for 24 hours. So we can take the algorithm and play with that, but be like, and do the live thing that we’re supposed to do for the algorithm and whatnot. But we’re like set a timeline 24 hours, record everything. And then just be like, now it’s going to top of funnel or it’s going to get gated or it’s going to get paid.

Vito La Fata: But we just came up with a strategy that will take advantage of live, but build assets because I’m not, I like, we’re all about asset building that needs to work all around the clock for you. Yeah. We just kind consistently work that twice a month. And we, our team then has, it goes over to, you goes over to you guys, you guys start doing your stuff. It gets over to our social media girl. And she’s like, I make you look like you are on social media, which is fantastic. I’m like, awesome. Love it jazz. Thank you. Cause I do not like social media and we go turns into emails, turns into this. It turns into that and you’re rock and roll. And we’re just, I think I wrote down when I listen, I’m like our top strategy is just consistency over and over. We have a system for cutting everything up and you guys just repurpose everything and they were like, sweet. But we speak to our offers. We speak to our system. We speak to the belief that we want people to have and we just consistently keep showing up.

Shaina Weisinger: But that doesn’t mean that you’re creating content every day. You are consistent about your two days a month or whatever, filming, and then making sure that it’s scheduled properly to make it appear as if you were everywhere at all times. I love that you’re utilizing live to then like, you know, help the algorithm and all that fun stuff. But you’re leveraging it with your re-purposing strategy. I think a lot of people don’t connect the two dots. Like they think that it’s X one’s exclusive of the other, like you can’t repurpose live content. And you’ve made a really interesting case for that.

Vito La Fata: And even like, even like paid for stuff, because here’s the reality that were like, you think they’re sitting around just being like this training is going to be in a paid for product is given away for free. Oh my God, this it’s diminishing everything he does. And I’m like half the thing watching half the they can’t remember. They can’t know. So I’m like, you know what? And for all the arguments of the people out there, you charge what you charge and this and that. And what about people that can’t afford you and whatnot. I’m like, I post that for free for 24 hours. It’s all we got YouTube channels. We got blogs. We got a ton of out for free. So we serve there. We strategize about how we also leverage it, but we’re also like the marketing paying that much attention.

Vito La Fata: So it’s okay. We can go put it back into where we’re at. So it’s just like a sprinkling of all the things that you want to do, but leveraged. Yeah. That’s like the, I kind of live by this thing that I’m like hard work does not equate necessarily to success. My dad busted his from 6:00 AM until 12:00 PM every day of his life. He never learned how to make 1 75 K a year. We learned leveraged smart work, which is why we do that in months versus years. The thing that I wish more people would understand about content is leverage. How will you leveraging it amongst your platforms and into your funnels and into your backend, into the things that are more automated. Because just on social, I’m like this, hearing God, that’s not leverage. That’s just like feed your ego. And you’re like, I still, to this day I went to chase like a couple of years back when social was really at. And I was just like, yo, I got all these likes and I could posit this in here. I’m like, like ring the code. Is there, is there like a QB scanner?

Vito La Fata: You’re like no dollars and cents is what we, I was like, so if I can’t get social to get into my funnels, it ain’t worth it.

Shaina Weisinger: It’s a vanity metric. Like it’s, I think that a lot of people get caught up on how many views, how many likes, how many are the right people looking at the content and those right people are going to be driven to wherever it is. You’re trying to direct them. And I think getting people off of social is one of the toughest things that, that if it’s, if it’s organic, if it’s not paid content, getting people off of social is something that they struggle with. Do you, so do you do a lot of organic that you’re getting people off of the platform with?

Vito La Fata: Uh, I mean, we do for sure. It’s part of our game plan as well, but we’re also way more into paid traffic, which you’re like, they’re telling you, I will try if you, people, people that don’t use paid traffic, I’m like, well, your business, model’s a little broken or you’re just starting out right now. And there is something for that. If you’ve been in the games for awhile, you’re your model’s broken because you’re, you’re just not figuring out advertising or you’re just starting out, but you can then use low budget strategies and organic strategies to get out there. But the minute you start having that extra 500, that extra thousand start using paid traffic because they will give you the eyeballs you want. Now that speaks to the fact that like, if you’re getting paid traffic, you well better. Know what you’re driving to and you better not just be like, I drove traffic.

Vito La Fata: The opt-in didn’t work. The offer didn’t work. I’m done. Let me go make another thing. You’re like amateur amateur. It doesn’t mean it just could have been, you had a wrong angle, wrong, the hook who you targeted, you just didn’t hit the right thing. So the, I mean, you get it, it’s an advocate or why we’re always talking about like, don’t rely just on the tactics. Are you learning to actually be a marketer and understand that your offer could have been your, your package? Everything could have been the best thing. You just put it in front of the wrong eyes. You put it in front of like, I always talk about now this like holy Trinity, where I’m like the holy Trinity, the ideal prospect, are you getting your stuff in front of the people that want what you, that means you better know what outcome you deliver?

Vito La Fata: Are they willing? Meaning like I been looking for help for this thing. Like I’m willing to pay for something that shows me, you can get me the result I want and they’re capable. Meaning they have money. You’re not marketing to the call’s junior crowd where they’re just like, I’m like find that the want, the willing and the capable and all of a sudden your content, your views, your engagement, your sales will all look different because you’re putting it in front of the right people. And then your whole strategy of what you’re doing is just going to like 10 X.

Shaina Weisinger: Yeah. Right? Absolutely. So can you give me one, because I know you’re you talk to different audiences and each offers unique to whoever it is that you’re targeting. Like, can you give me one example of a funnel that just crushes like from a to Z? Like they see the initial ad, um, what does that content look like? Where does it take them? What’s the landing page do like very specific steps in the funnel.

Vito La Fata: Yeah. I mean, our webinars is always our top converter, although right now, now we’re for these virtual workshops are working really fricking well. So having a Facebook group, but you utilize for free workshops, then take it all and repurpose it and whatnot. That’s another strive that we just started in when shutdown happened. And we were like, Ooh, I forgot a different offer because our retreat business dried up for like two months. And we were like, oh, but that’s also the beauty of having a system, right. Our retreat business, which is always hands down one of our best, but not as duplicatable in the sense of funnel wise, because it’s more high, high, high ticket. And it’s coming from referrals or I’m meeting people, masterminds, things like that and whatnot. But our top thing is always like content. And it could be like, well, what kind of, kind of call an hour or digital newsletter where we’re, we’re driving viewer view ads first.

Vito La Fata: So the person can be warmed up because we were driving to cold traffic and then to the ad, to the opt-in, which wasn’t as good as it could be because we’re like, person didn’t know you believe system first. We were like, okay, let’s drive to views. Let’s get them consuming X percentage of content. Then drive them to more views, more views nano to opt in because we’ve positioned multiple content pieces, multiple language, multiple belief systems, et cetera, to then get to the engagement, to get the lead, to get the transaction to happen. So that has changed the game where we’re like first we will only drive into Octa, which was just not optimizing that they’re still getting, but it costs you more to get that lead than spend less money, get them watching content, then drive them via retargeting to opt in. Then we yelled to our, our, our pillar piece because we’re like our five phases of building a successful online business. We’re like it specifically positions our methodology so that when our offer is made, they’re like, oh, you do your program. Like does all five of those things. You’re like, you’re like, yeah, intentionality with your content helps position your offers, which greases the wheels of the sales. So if for your audience, I’d be like, go all the way back then. And we have to talk about the mistakes or the blunders or the beliefs or the dreams or whatever it is, make that kind of content, but go for views. When you start seeing that they’re seeing 15%, 20%, et cetera, whatever your metrics are for that retarget them then to the opt-in. So the longer piece of content, long piece of content should position your methodology, your offer should present the fast route to get that. And you’re done. I’d be like just high level. That’s what I’d be like, coaching your, your audience to be like contemplate and how that happened. But that, that means you better have like unknown offer or a known signature system or something like that. Otherwise it’s just feel good content out there. And that’s influencers that are looking to get paid just for ads and traffic and things like that as compared to I’m running a business, different, different styles.

Shaina Weisinger: Right. And so you just started really adjusting that the views the last couple of months, like when all of this went crazy. So that’s a great time for you to be doing it because traffic was cheap or like eyeballs were cheap because Facebook lost a ton of their advertisers. So they were giving it away. So you got it at a massive discount. Good for you. And we

Vito La Fata: Were like, we were like, I mean, it’s still existed. It’s going to exist for a little bit right now because still a lot of people are in this hunker down mindset and I’m like, oh, you’re going to get killed because I’m like right now is the time to ramp up because of the perfect storm of opportunity is right now where you’re like digital and virtual, the behavior has been normalized. Like you’re like, it’s just the, not like social retailing, all that, like, it’s just the norm now. Then you’re like platforms never easier. Like if somebody is just like, I don’t know the tack I’m, I’m like, you need to grow up. You need to like, do something and look at the market and be like, like, someone’s like, I don’t know how to get editors and whatnot. I’m like repurpose houses, right? One of the there was that.

Vito La Fata: I don’t know how to build this, this coaching program there. I don’t know how to do that. There’s a thing there. anything. I don’t know how to do Kajabi. I don’t know there’s courses and people that do that for you stop with the platforms are hard. The tech is hard, any of that stuff, but the audience has never been bigger and the attention, which is really what you’re fighting for. Right. They were there where they’re like, I will digest an hour of content right now because what else am I going to do? So you had all those things aligning for you. And because the ads were cheaper and the viewership was cheaper. If you weren’t like, if you play though, I don’t know how to get them to buy. Now you’re playing a little bit the wrong game, because you’re like, of course you should be driving for that.

Vito La Fata: I’m not saying that you’re not there, but how did, like you’re building an audience that you might be selling three months, six months, 12 months from now, that’s chess. When you’re a marketer that you’re like, I’m playing the long game year that I’m going to acquire all these new leads. I’m going to acquire this new audience. It might take me a while to get them there. But that’s how you play the long pal of your business. That we were just like, even if some things weren’t like converting on opt-ins to offer stuff, we’re like, we’ll build the audience. We’ll keep gathering them in. We’ll get them on the list and nurture them on the backend that, I mean different games. And then

Shaina Weisinger: At that point it becomes a numbers game. Like you just continue to accumulate the L the, the eyes, because you can always retarget that list is there. They’ve seen it. 

Vito La Fata: Back to that belief thing that you’re like, like I might have, like, I was just working on a series of, uh, campaigns right now. Cause I want to run this new offer called our case study, like offer. And I’m like, I want to test the new offer. I want to do this thing, but I’ll make, it’s all going to be very, it’s all be based purely on five emails of case studies. And I’m just like, I have to, I have to think about though, what’s the belief of the person that will huge when I’m like brick and mortar owner. I have to create the belief that it’s okay to not want your brick and mortar anymore. So I’m like the case study of that besides my own. I’m like doc Vince who had just sent like a postcard, thanking the guy that referred him to me.

Vito La Fata: He sent him the thank you card said, dude, thank you for introducing me to veto. I don’t have bricks and mortar anymore. I live in Arizona living the life that I want now. And he was living in Wisconsin, freezing his off. I want out. And I’m like, that’s not a money transformation. That’s a life transformation type thing. So I’m like, oh, let’s, that will be the belief system I have to use there. Yeah, the guy that is like seven figures in a coaching business, but he’s just like, I am the coach all the time. So I have to be like the belief system. I have to get people to adapt this. You don’t have to be the coach all the time. So you start working through that. Cause you’re like a person might come in and see that and be like, I’m a brick and mortar owner.

Vito La Fata: I can’t give up my brick and mortar right now. And it might be months where they’re still like brick and mortar, not going where they want life, not where they want. And they’re remembering the emails. And they’re remembering that I talk about it’s okay. If you don’t want brick and mortar anymore, you don’t need to feel guilty. You don’t need to hold on to it. You don’t have to be in a style Jake about it and whatnot. One day you can decide I’m just done, but start replacing that vehicle. You have to think through your market in those ways to be like, the person might be like, I’ve had that idea, but I don’t know if I accept it as a full belief yet. So you have to nurture them down the road. Right. But you gotta be like, how do I hook them in to start opening up that belief and then keep targeting on that with that kind of content. So that one day they can make the buying decision, right?

Shaina Weisinger: It’s a process. I think, I think many people just want content to work right now. And it’s like, it’s, that’s not how life works. First of all. And you have to look at it like it’s just, it’s a long game. And if you’re going to do it, well, you have to be consistent. Like you were saying, and you have to be strategic about the type of content you’re putting in front of people. Intentional.

Vito La Fata: That’s it, she, TJ and intentional and purposeful is the strategy of the person that is defining and has more. What I kind of call there is no 100% control in life, but you are stacking as many things in your favor because you know how to think and knowing how to think is utterly valuable today and forever, and always has been, because example like when the hit in March. Yeah. And the retreat business went away for a little bit. We were like, okay. Now is the time for us to make a subscription offer. We’re going to enter the mid ticket, like subscription model because we’re in a business space. So we don’t gotta go 97, 67 and whatnot. Then we’re like, okay, what do we do? We have to teach this, do this. And that we’ll make a virtual workshop. We’re going to make this stuff.

Vito La Fata: As we go along, we’re going to be okay with focus group style. We’re to be all right with this. And that now is our time to go do this. And Bubba. And we rolled that out and we’ve made the retreat money back up with one new offer in the market at the right time, because we knew how to think strategically through it and be like, now not because I saw another person do a subscription six months ago and this and that. And I’m told subscription and membership is the way you have to go and whatnot. Yes. It’s a fantastic part of your model, but it doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Now, if you know, when the right moves at the right time, it’s converted to the right moves at the wrong time, then you’re being pro. Then you’re being an actual entrepreneur marketer and all that as compared to you’re playing at it, which is fine. But like a lot of people need to be kind of like told, like you’re not an entrepreneur yet just because I put up a course and I did this thing. No, you’re not, let’s not, let’s not toss that word around lightly. It’s not tossed around a marketer, lightly being like those are skills and capacities and capabilities that we work at. Like not stop in order to one day, have the ability when the hits the fan, like it just did. And you’re like, I ain’t going to go into panic mode.

Vito La Fata: I prepared for this because I’ve done history. I understand the markets. I understand some history of what things have happened in the past. I understand that these things, I get people, human behavior and whatnot, but I’m always just like, you want to be good with your copy, your content and all this, like study human behavior, study psychology, study history, study the markets to understand globally what goes on so that you can be like, I can think through this might not make all the best decisions might still miss the market stuff. But you’re like, example, like when you were just said, and we were like, uh, eyeballs cheap as all hell, Facebook lost a bunch of marketers. So they’re going to depress the price down where like, people that I saw that had been in business 20, 30 years that put themselves out as business coaches were talking in their masterminds, hunker down, stop the bleeding everywhere.

Vito La Fata: Don’t and I was just like, yeah, you’re a business coach. I was just like, oh Dan, that’s just not, I get stopped the bleeding, but to be like hunker down and don’t acquire a new audience right now, while it’s cheap, you don’t know the game right now, what’s going on. And that could sink a business or just let you miss opportunity. Those things make a freaking big difference in the success rate that you acquire consistently. We don’t all hit the mark all the time. We all bomb on campaigns. We all bought offers, but you’re like batting average is still high. You’re just like, I just need to hit three out of 10 in baseball, you hit three out of 10. You’re paid millions. I’m like, that’s the batting average I’m going for. But when you’re swinging, hit one out of 10 or like not even that, you just won’t be viable in the market today. Yeah. You know what I mean?

Shaina Weisinger: I gotcha. I gotcha. Yeah. Well veto, I could chat with you about this stuff all day long. In fact, we did it for a couple of days, not too long ago, so, um, okay. So last thing, if there’s, I mean, there’s so much in here, I’m so excited about all the little tiny nuggets that we’re gonna throw all over the place. If there’s one very short piece of advice that you could give anybody listening and Eddie stage, what would that be?

Vito La Fata: No. What you want to be known for and what the result of that is in the market. Cause the market pays for result outcome and transmit. It does not pay for service, does not pay for this no house. Like what is the outcome, the result, and the channel get clear of that because all of that will be your messaging, your positioning and your methodology, that you will be gearing, all this content and everything around. Cause you’re like, I’m going to be known as the person that solves chronic fatigue. I’m going to be known as the live pain-free person. I’m going to be known as the real estate freedom formula guy. I’m going to be known as the repurpose house lady. You’re going to be known for that thing. Stay that course, get that thing built. Like it’s a gold mine before you remotely look at anything else because it’s going to take that kind of discipline and focus to stand out in a crowded market today and to create converting offers and converting ads and converting funnels and all that, that decide what is your signature thing? Go build that.

Shaina Weisinger: Hello. Awesome. Well, I know that we have an amazing, the SOS crash course page that anybody is able to check out. Do you want to give them kind of a high level on what that is here? Yeah. I mean

Vito La Fata: Kind of just around there being like you better know your audience, your offer and your sales strategy around that signature thing. If you want to go compete in this market today. So it’s just a little crash course on how to go do those three things out there, know who you serve, build the offer and have the sales strategy for it. So, so definitely a little mini fricking course. That’ll get them ramped up.

Shaina Weisinger:  Awesome. And guys, we’re going to have a link to that in the, um, descriptions, whether you’re listening, it’ll be in the description on the podcast episode. If you’re on the website, it’ll be in there. If you’re on YouTube, wherever you’re watching or listening, there will be a link to that because if you got value out of what we were just like, everything veto has been saying, then it is absolutely worth your time to go pop in there and check out what he’s offering you for, just hanging out with us. So, you know, if people want to follow you and see the content live and inaction, where can they do that?

Vito La Fata: Uh, I mean we can go to thevisionaryplanner.com our website and get any sorts of free trainings there on YouTube. We have our visionary planner channel with the rise of the visionary podcast that your episodes coming up and out so anywhere they can find me on social DOJ on us today. Awesome.

Shaina Weisinger: Awesome. Well, thank you Vito so much for being with us guys. Thank you so much for listening or watching. However you’re consuming this content. Um, if you found awesome value in this episode, please share it with your friends and um, please go check out more episodes at contactkarate.com, where you can find where to listen and watch them on all of your favorite platforms. We’ll talk to you guys next week.

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