Episode 004

Shannon Goodell

Senior Social Media Manager at The Scalable Company and DigitalMarketer


About Shannon

Shannon is the Senior Social Media Manager at The Scalable Company and DigitalMarketer, where she works to drive brand awareness and generate engagement on social. A former 10th grade English teacher, Shannon has worked in the marketing field for the past eight years, implementing proven social strategies for startups and large companies alike. Shannon is a self-professed “crazy cat lady”, obsessing over her cat, Duncan. She also enjoys watching sports and the works of Stephen King.

What You’ll Learn

  • [2:07] Shannon shares her career journey — from being a 10th grade teacher, to falling in love with social media marketing, and eventually working for DigitalMarketer
  • [6:18] There’s a method to every marketing strategy, and Shannon says that they use a plethora of ways to share content on every unique social media channel.
  • [7:12]  “My philosophy is take that piece of content that whoever wrote it worked so hard on it, and it’s such such high value and repurpose it, break it into chunks that can be used for graphics, for videos, quote, images, tip graphics, we do all kinds of things”
  • [8:16] Shannon mentions that they tailor a blog post whenever they share a link to Facebook, mentioning that audiences behave differently per channel.
  • [9:20] The appeal of audio or video snippets on Instagram, and testing content piece to know which platforms work for them or not.
  • [16:56] Shannon shares how lead magnets are effective on their blog posts content.
  • [18:44] How to use LinkedIn for your marketing strategy
  • [20:54] “So number one thing, paid and organic need to work together. And I think paid and organic needs to be a part of your strategy.”
  • [22:14] Shannon mentions the value of balancing your content, and warns against being too promotional.
  • [24:01] The role of social media managers beyond posting and scheduling
  • [28:52] Shannon shares how Repurpose House helps her a lot with working — from saving time and diversifying content.
  • [30:42] Shannon lets us in on the vast array of tools and resources she uses to make the most out of her content.

About Shaina

Shaina Weisinger is the Founder and CEO of Repurpose House, which turns long-form content into optimized videos and images for high engagement social media strategies. Shaina has a background in video production for digital marketing and is on a mission to show content creators the untapped potential and repurposing power of the content that they already have. She has taught about content in many publications including DigitalMarketer, Inc., and Startup Nation, and continuously offers valuable takeaways by interviewing industry experts from world-recognized brands such as GoDaddy, HubSpot, MarketingProfs, and more through her podcast, Content Karate. She loves to laugh loudly, be obnoxiously competitive on the volleyball court, treat her dogs as her kin, and recover from tripping on or running into almost everything within a five-foot radius. Learn more about Shaina here: ShainaWeisinger.com

Read Episode 004 Transcriptions

Shaina Weisinger: All right. Hello everybody. And thank you for joining us for this episode of Content Karate with

Shaina Weisinger: Repurpose house, Shaina Weisinger, founder and CEO. And today I have Shannon Goodell from The Scalable Co. Thank you so much for joining us today. Thanks for having me. Yeah. Awesome. So,uyou worked for The Scalable Company, but you do the social media for DigitalMarketer, I have to– So usually it’s like we do this whole intro where it sounds like we’re saying it off the cuff, but I read your bio and I have to read it because it was cracking me up. So like, you know, senior social media manager at The Scalable Company works to drive brand awareness and generate engagement on social former 10th grade English teacher. Awesome. Shannon has worked in the marketing field for the past eight years, implementing proven social media, social strategies for startups and large companies alike. But this is the part that I got really excited about. She is a self-professed crazy cat lady obsessing over her cat Duncan. She also enjoys watching sports and the works of Stephen King. Like those two sentences are so jam-packed.

Shannon Goodell: I kind of feel like yeah, I kinda feel like I don’t make sense as a person because I like, I love to like shop and, and makeup and jewelry and stuff on one hand. But also on the other hand, I’ll have like four movies and hard rock

Shaina Weisinger: Music, it’s sports, and then you’re also a crazy cat lady on top of it. So

Shannon Goodell: Yes, yes. Currently just have to the one cat Duncan he’s about two and a half years old and he is absolutely amazing. It’s like the perfect combination, super affectionate, but also super playful. So

Shaina Weisinger: That’s awesome. Well, I’m so excited to have such a well-rounded human being on the show. Thanks Shannon for joining us. Okay, cool. So let’s talk about how you landed at The Scalable Company, how you landed doing social media for DigitalMarketer. Let’s kind of hear that story.

Shannon Goodell: Yeah, so it’s kind of been quite a journey. I’ve been at DigitalMarketer for about two and a half years now. So I was a 10th grade English teacher, and then I went to graduate school at Texas state. And my goal is to actually be a sports broadcaster. But during my studies that in the graduate program there, I fell in love with online media and social media marketing in particular. So I switched focus and I worked at startups and then I worked at an agency for three years and got well-rounded experience there. I did all the social media for like 20 plus clients. Then I got into, they handed me like email marketing. I did Google ads at some point I was just like, happens agency world, you start off doing something, you have this job title, but then it’s just like, you’re going to do literally everything.

Shannon Goodell: So it was a great experience to get kind of well-rounded, but social media was kind of my passion. So after that, I’ve worked at a couple more startups, a credit card blog creditcards.com and then landed at DigitalMarketer. And so now I’m the senior social media manager at DigitalMarketer, but I’m also now doing social media for a brand new company called The Scalable Company, which is like the holding company for DigitalMarketer, a bunch of other brands, practice CEO Recess, which we’re going to be launching soon, just like lots going on here. So I’m now just launching those channels. But DigitalMarketer continues to be kind of my main focus and visual markers in e-learning company for marketers. So I market to marketers.

Shaina Weisinger: So for those of you who don’t know who DigitalMarketer is, you’re clearly living under a rocket, go check it out and they have tons of amazing resources, just like you land on the website. And it’s like content for days.

Shannon Goodell: Yeah. The blog posts are crazy. Like we do an awesome job with the blog posts because they’re very strategic, which a lot of times blog posts can be kind of maybe fluff or, you know, stuff that people already know. And these are kind of like, here’s the step by step to do this. Right. Right.

Shaina Weisinger: They’re super tactical, which I think is missing in a lot of people’s blogs. It’s like, okay. Yeah. Great. In theory, that’s awesome. But now how do I do that?

Shannon Goodell: Yeah. And we also have the two podcasts which Perpetual Traffic is highly tactical about getting traffic in space that ads have you, but it also encompasses all types of paid advertising really. And then we had the DigitalMarketer podcast, which is kind of high-level interviews with, you know, digital marketing professionals, people, it’s a variety of topics from how to align sales and marketing to how to do your Instagram content strategy. It’s just a wide range of topics and experts. So there’s just some awesome resources too, if you’re a podcast person.

Shaina Weisinger: Yeah. There’s definitely something for everybody who’s doing marketing and marketing in any facet. So, you know, if I feel like we’re going to PR pretty much preaching to the choir, but if you don’t know, DM go to DigitalMarketer.com and check it out. Okay. So with that being said, you guys are content powerhouses like that totally segues into really what we’re here to talk about. So you have so much content, you’ve got written content, audio, content, video content, like content for  you have the DM lab, which has all like courses and craziness. Like, so how do you as the senior social, social media manager utilize that existing content in your strategy. Now I know that’s gotta be a blend of like new content for social, but also you’ve gotta be using I’m totally acting like, I don’t know you, your clients of ours. So like, we want to, we’re talking about like how you repurpose all of this stuff for social and like a strategic way, because there can be content overwhelm for content powerhouses. Like how do you manage it? What does your game plan look like? Yes.

Shannon Goodell: So I think number one repurposing content or creating content snippets, whatever you want to call it is absolutely essential for me. And I think for any social media manager out there, because you’re doing kind of wearing a lot of hats as a social media manager, you’re doing, you know, you’re kind of part of the customer service team as well. You just have so much going on. You just don’t have time to create content from scratch and go out and find that content, create it from scratch. And I think a lot of mistakes that businesses make, especially small businesses is they’ll take the time to write a blog post they’ll publish it, and then that’s it they may share the link out on their Facebook page or LinkedIn, or what have you or Twitter, but then there’s nothing beyond that. You really need to take that.

Shannon Goodell: Our philosophy, my philosophy is take that piece of content that whoever wrote it worked so hard on it, and it’s such such high value and repurpose it, break it into chunks that can be used for graphics, for videos, quote, images, tip graphics, we do all kinds of things. So that’s, my philosophy is I’d work with Becky closely and she’s a content strategist. So I know ahead of time what’s being published. And so then I take that piece of content and I break it out into, on the, do these four tips and a video. And we do these four tips and a carousel posts and put these four tips on just one graphic and I’m going to pull out these quotes. So it was just a variety  of ways to break up that post stories. So literally take that blog post that you published and think of like at least 10 ways that you can repurpose it to post throughout on your social media channels throughout the weeks and months to come.

Shannon Goodell: And so that’s, that’s huge for us. And we also have one tactic that we use that’s really worked for Facebook is we do share the link for if a new blog post is published. I shared the link, but we actually changed the social blog header image within our WordPress. So you have the, we have our graphic design look for all the blog posts, but we found that that it’s kind of cartoony almost, but we found that that wasn’t working for our social audience, especially on Facebook. So we actually now create specific graphics that update just the social blog image in WordPress. And that has like exponentially increased traffic. Just doing that one little thing, but also playing around with the caption itself to drive that traffic. Do you want to be honest with your audience? Don’t trick them into clicking, but a lot of times people will just take the blog title as like the post.

Shannon Goodell: And I find that that doesn’t work as well. So really kind of focusing on those things, but going back to the repurposing, yes. Don’t let that content piece, just sit on your blog, get it out there on social media and as many ways as possible. And we use you guys Repurpose House to help us do that, especially with our podcast episodes. So sharing a podcast link, we haven’t found that that really drives any engagement or traffic to the podcast, but doing the snippet videos where you kind of pull out something that’s key. It depends on how long you want it to be. You can do, you know, under a minute, if you want rich really short and to the point podcast snippets, or you can even do longer and post them on it, on Instagram, for instance, that’s a great way to kind of break up your podcasts into these little audio snippets.

Shannon Goodell: And they’re really cool looking videos that gets people more interested because they’re hearing a snippet of it and they want to know more. So that’s definitely something to look into instead of just sharing the link to your podcast, how you can actually repurpose that content as well. So it can be overwhelming because you’re, you see all, you know, businesses that you follow, they may be posting just a variety of content. They’ve got infographics, they got means they have videos. And that can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a team of like one or very few. So I’m the senior social media manager here. I’m the only social media manager here. I do have an intern that helps me out 10 hours a week, but there’s just no way that I could come up with all the content and just such a variety across all channels.

Shannon Goodell: So I suggest, and what has worked for me is to test your content pieces, come up with a content mix that you want to test, look at some of your favorite brands. You can look at your competitors and see what they’re doing. Also look at your favorite brands in the industry and even brands outside of your industry. So I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration content inspiration from like brands that are not in our industry, for instance, 10 Gwen random house, the publishing company I’ve gotten like. Yeah. So it just, shouldn’t be your, some of your favorite brands that you like to follow, think about why you like following them and engaging with their content. So I suggest for each channel that you’re on try testing three content types. For instance, for Instagram, we tested quotes. We tested tip graphics, which can also be infographics, or they can just be like four tips or they’d be for resources.

Shannon Goodell: And we tested like graphic videos, test those content pieces and see what’s really working. And then kind of hone in on those. And you want to test, don’t just sit with those three content pieces. You’ve decided you want to expand that maybe six content pieces to test. You’re going to find out what works and what doesn’t work. After just like one or two months, or even a few weeks, you can see this is not working or this is really working for audience. So we found that tip graphics, especially resources really works super well on Instagram. So that’s something that we post on a regular basis. So don’t try to do everything that can be overwhelming and make sure it fits with your brand and your audience. Sometimes people will see something that I think things should be doing because everyone else’s. But if it doesn’t fit with your brand or the content that your audience wants, you’re just wasting your time.

Shannon Goodell: Yeah. We, I get that question like people will be like, “oh, I am in finance for, you know, whatever, should I be on TikTok?” And I’m like, like everything, there’s no one size fits all solution to any of this for any brand, really? Because like platform makes a difference based on your audience, what you post makes a difference based on your audience, what you pose makes a difference based on the platform with your audience. Like it’s. So that’s why I think you make a great point, like test it, like put up three pieces of content consistently and see which ones are performing on Instagram, because it might be different on Facebook. And so you want to test that platform too and see how they’re responding there. And LinkedIn is just completely different. So so you found infographics helped really well on Instagram. Did you see a difference between the platforms? Like what type of content worked better on each?

Shannon Goodell: Yes. So we honed in on kind of the, the highly visual clean content on Instagram that really works for us. On Facebook primarily what’s really worked for us, has been videos, not super on surprising. Facebook really wants you to be posting videos videos, but especially tactical videos. So we have this series that we do where it’s like, we call them mini whiteboard workshops. And they’re the most basic looking. It’s like a, I wish there was a whiteboard behind me, but it’s a white board. And then some expert is sketch drawing how to do something, could be like a funnel, for instance, Ryan Deiss. We had him do a few and one of them was he napped the customer value journey. So it took you through each stage and it was just him with a whiteboard. And like the markers NAF is the customer value journey, really simple.

Shannon Goodell: And those have done extremely well on Facebook. People really crave that tactical content, the bank aren’t getting elsewhere. So that’s really worked for us. So it just does definitely depend on the audience and the platform. That’s a great combination and don’t try to be on every platform. Like you said, we’re not on Tik TOK. We have no plans to be on Tik TOK honing in on really Facebook’s our number one and then Instagram, LinkedIn, and then Twitter is still hanging in there, but Twitter more if there’s ever any issues that come up and that’s the place to be at risk as far as like customer service issues. But yeah, so videos and links have worked on Facebook as well. So as I said, yeah, so shocking

Shaina Weisinger: The links because general rule is like Facebook doesn’t want you to leave Facebook. So links are like a big no-no. So are we debunking that? Or what’s the story with that

Shannon Goodell: For us, for our audience it works. And we do a combination of like our own links to blog posts and then like, and curated articles. And so we’ve kind of honed in on, we use, like, I look at Feedly to kind of organize different topics for curated articles to share. And I found that just by listening to your audience and even hopping into our private Facebook community, you can see what people really want to know. And it’s like people, Facebook advertising anything about Facebook in the news or Facebook advertising tips that does extremely well for our own blog posts, as well as for any like outside curated articles. So I don’t think it necessarily will work for just any brand. But I think definitely markers are, are craving that content now to be frank, we do boost posts. So that will make a huge difference if we don’t boost them for a huge budget or anything.

Shannon Goodell: And that’s just a monitoring thing you see, what’s really working to drive that traffic. And so kind of our process is the blog post has embedded like lead magnets in it, for instance, or maybe it’s to register for a workshop or workshop sale. It’s some type of call to action within the blog post itself. It could be a free resource, like a lead magnet free download, or it could be like a sale for instance. But our goal, my goal at Facebook number one goal is to actually drive using the links, the link shares, and also the tip graphics and videos and everything like that, that are based on that blog post boosting those to get that traffic. And then people are, will read the blog post and they’ll be like, oh, I want to download the customer avatar worksheet. That is a free resource. And of course they have to submit their email address. So it’s just kind of a process that we have honed in that I think is a big opportunity. Yeah. But definitely focus on your audience and see what platform where they are. And what kind of content resonates with them. I will say Facebook, it does help to have you need that paid in there too.

Shaina Weisinger: Opens up the gates to your existing audience plus so cause that’s where we talk about, like, if you’re going to go, organic links are not going to do much for you because Facebook’s not going to let almost anybody see them, but if you are utilizing them for a strategy like that, and you want to put a little bit of budget behind it, it opens up the flood gates of, okay, now nobody was seeing it too. Now, you know, your paid audience that you’re looking for, it doesn’t have to be much like you’re saying,

Shannon Goodell: Yeah, that’s something that’s worked for us. It may not be a work for all audiences, but it has our all brands, but it has worked for us, but I’d say definitely test out some content pieces and definitely try to create some video series repurpose the podcast episodes into videos. So really video heavy on Facebook works. And LinkedIn, LinkedIn is something that I’m still testing in the process, but the number one thing I’ve found, I’ve tried a lot of different things, but then LinkedIn also wants you to stay on their site and we don’t do LinkedIn ads. So we try to, most of our content is going to stay on, it’s going to keep them on LinkedIn. So what I’ve been doing is creating like PDFs and I’ll take part, you know, even a PDF of a blog post for instance, or it could be how to guide, create a quick PDF and then actually do it in Google drive. And then when you’re on LinkedIn, there’s a PDF button and then you can connect to your Google drive, just choose that document. And that’s worked really well. That’s been our number one content on LinkedIn. Linkedin has been you know, they say, oh, do videos. There’s always, you know what to do on LinkedIn, but I’d say definitely check out, making some PDFs and see how that engages.

Shaina Weisinger: I’m gonna do that for sure. I do want to circle back to one quick thing. You were talking about the journey of posting a piece of content and knowing that you’re going to send them to the landing page and there’s going to be like an opt-in for some sort of lead generation. There’s like an end game. And one thing that like I try to preach constantly is like, have a call to action, have an end game. Like, what do you want people to do after they watched or read that piece of content? Right. And because you can’t deposit likes, like for some, for some people it’s great to get some sort of like just brand awareness and having content out there. But if you don’t have a strategy, that’s pushing back to get some sort of results outside of just more followers for, with no like actual trackable results. I feel like you’re kind of spinning your wheels for no reason.

Shannon Goodell: Yeah, exactly. And like on Facebook, we, we boost the post to get people to get that traffic. We also boost for engagements and then our paid media manager, he, we run retarget ads, right. For the engaged social audience. So it’s just all paid. So number one thing, paid and organic need to work together. And I think paid organic needs to be a part of your strategy. Definitely don’t just have one or the other needs to be you can’t,

Shaina Weisinger: You know, we have clients who’ve had awesome success, just doing organic campaigns that lead them back to like a gated piece of content that is consistent. So like, guys, whoever’s listening, like you don’t have to have paid to make this stuff work, but it certainly helps in circumstances like that. And if you’re going to have paid have like a journey that you want them to go on and an end game, but also like Shannon was saying, if you have paid just for engagement, there’s a reason for that, because now they’re going to retarget with other content that will draw them into a call to action. So there’s an end game for all paid assets, for sure. So just make sure that you’re not just boosting posts just to boost posts, unless you’re testing them. You know what I mean? Like there’s other ways to go about it, but, you know, don’t, don’t get sucked into vanity metrics for no reason. You want to know what the full journey is. Yes.

Shannon Goodell: And don’t just yeah, and don’t be like super promotional. That’s my number one pet peeve. People, brands just want to post about themselves and, and what’s going on in their company or what have you. Or we got the sale going on. You see that all the time. There’s always people, they care about themselves, your audiences. I want to see all your promotional content constantly. So definitely Nixon. It really needs to be highly valuable content valuable to your audience, entertaining, inspirational to kind of focus on one of those three areas with each content piece. And sure if you have a sale, like you can post about it because you’ve already shown value to your audience by posting such great content that really helps them and speaks to them. But if you’re all you’re doing is just shouting at them about your latest sale. You’re not going to get anywhere with that. Right. That’s like the number one thing I would absolutely say.

Shaina Weisinger: Absolutely. I love that. That’s, that’s super smart. So last thing I want to kind of touch on is the, the role of a social media manager. Like some people are like you get, I know a handful of like CEOs who hire somebody. They’re like, they can do all of it. They can make everything happen. And my social media is going to explode immediately. You know, why shouldn’t they be able to handle all content and social? Can you like, just break down that it’s, there’s a lot more to it. And that, that one person can only do so much, even though it’s seemingly like, to some people who are actively involved, like, oh, they’re just posting on social. Like there’s so much more to it than that.

Shannon Goodell: Yeah. That’s like, one of the things is like, people are like, oh, you’re just make some post and publish them. And we’re going to get great results. And there was like a lot of strategy that goes into it. And it’s constantly like refreshing your strategy, looking at analytics on a daily basis, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly refreshing that strategy. Okay. This isn’t working, we’re going to test this. Yeah. So there’s a lot of like analytics and analysis that goes into being a social media manager. You also have, you’re a part of multiple departments. You’re working with multiple people. And my case, I work with the design team, video video team, the content team. So the marketing team. So there’s a variety of teams. You have like a lot of hats in there as well. And so for most I can speak for most social media managers.

Shannon Goodell: I’m in like some social media groups and we kind of have some of the same issues. Maybe that’s not the right word as a social media manager. You, for the most part are in charge of coming up with the content ideas and either creating the content pieces yourself or using some, someone like you guys or purpose house to repurpose the content pieces or telling the graphic designer like we use Trello. And I assigned to the graphic design team, the content pieces for each channel, but I’m the one that is actually coming up with the ideas for all of the content pieces. So if you’re managing multiple brands that can be itself in itself, like almost a full-time job. And so I do come up with the content pieces and we have designer awesome designers and videographers, thank goodness that are able to film series or create the graphics that I need.

Shannon Goodell: And then I use you guys, especially for the podcast snippets. This is kind of like various areas that are cool content for. And then I actually write and schedule all the posts. I have an intern currently helping me out on that aspect, but I still approve everything. So I write and schedule. I engage with people when they comment. Sometimes I suppose on Facebook, sometimes not the nicest comments, well, he plays on Facebook. So engage with people who are asking questions or just engaging on her posts. And then I do manage the boosting post strategy. So I manage the budgets for the brands to make sure you can make sure you don’t go under, over, try to be, you know, within budget each month. And then I also monitor, see what’s doing well at more pig money to that, or stop ads that are not performing.

Shannon Goodell: So it’s a lot of daily analysis. And then also you know, direct messages in Instagram, Facebook messenger, which that is, that is like, but yeah, what’s my least favorite part of the job is managing the messenger messages. So you could have anybody who is in Facebook, if you and manage Facebook messenger for your brand, you understand, it’s like half span, like, oh my gosh, and half, you know, really, you don’t really get a nice, maybe a gem every once in a while now, Instagram direct messages, you get a combination of spam and then like really a nice messages. Yeah.

Shaina Weisinger: So Instagram’s whether the happy people, the happy, happy lives–

Shannon Goodell: Instagram is like more positive. But Facebook for us, at least it gets more at the end results.

Shaina Weisinger: So, yeah. For all of you businesses out there who were just high cause, you know, there’s a lot of like small business owners who we engage with and like I just want them to know that when you hire like a social media manager or a marketing person, I, you know, quote unquote, like there’s so much to this that like, it’s okay to use outside resources like designers and like, you know, copywriters and things like that. Like don’t expect this one person to be able to do all of these crazy because you just talked about the four different five different teams that help you with the content creation piece then, you know, to, to expect one person to be able to do all of the things is completely unrealistic.

Shannon Goodell: Yeah. I’ve never been able to sleep or have a weekend off anything, even if I had to actually create videos and graphics. And I know there’s social media managers up there that do, that’s their expectation. And I’m just like, that is not, that’s not fair in my opinion. And like y’all guys are completely affordable. There’s just no reason to like, sometimes I feel like social media that gets put on the back burner for a lot of companies. But then they expect so much and they expect results, but they’re not giving the person the resources to do that. So I think just be mindful that they’re, you’re asking them to do a lot and that they need help. That person needs help. If you really, the results you’re looking for with social media and also set expectations for social media, like what are the specific goals and make sure they fit in with their overall business goal. But really give them resources, get them a budget you know, like repurpose house to help them repurpose content pieces, give them a budget to use like a platform we use sprout social here, but like the third party scheduler that also has analytics, you just see to give them and an intern perhaps, or just, don’t just, don’t expect them to work crazy in your circles without any type of reason. For sure. Ad

Shaina Weisinger: There’s so many tools that you can use as like product I serve as like Content Cucumber is a great one to help you write your blog posts and things like that. And you still go through and tweak it, make sure it’s in your voice, but they’ll write all sorts of things. Design pickle obviously is all graphic design. Like there’s just so many. And like,

Shannon Goodell: It’s really that love. And I just have the free, but I know there’s the paid version, but I just have like the free Chrome extension Grammarly. I still like saber because I’ve accidentally published something like this before. And then people automatically continent and I’m like, okay, but that’s going to help you with obviously any misspellings before you post, but also it gives you like sentiment. So if you’re looking for like a happy, joyful sentiment, it says angry. We want to look at your post copy,

Shaina Weisinger: Any other awesome tools that you use that have helped you in your, in your work?

Shannon Goodell: So we use something called VASTCLICKS here. And so that is when you’re sharing. So we also share like curated articles, so sorry, our favorites, and this is not necessarily tools, but if you’re in the marketing field and you need some additional content I like to do outside content that I find valuable. So social media today is one for sure, social media, examiner content marketing Institute, there is a bunch but you can use something like Feedly to organize it based on topics. So I have like a Facebook advertising. I forgot what they call it, not a box, something it’s like Facebook advertising folder and have all these resources. And I can go back to that every day and see new articles to share. So Feedly is one and there’s a free version and a paid version. So if you just want to organize different topics to posts, but that’s clicks is paid, but I don’t think it’s very much.

Shannon Goodell: And what you can do is you can take that article from like social media today and you put the link into baskets and, you know, actually, and you attach your Facebook pixel within baskets. And so it actually will pixel the audience that goes to that link. So it’s a way to like, build a list now, like social media is still getting that traffic, but then you’re still able to pixel that audience. So that’s rad. That is something I did not discover that on my own, that was already set up. I was like, this is fascinating. This is so cool. And then one other one is spark Toro, which is just one word. And it’s Rand Fishkin who is very well known and used to work at Moz. And he was like very well. He started a new company called spark Toro and they’re relatively new and they’re constantly building like different resources, but they have a few free resources.

Shannon Goodell: And one is like the front page of the web marketing world. And you can go to that. And it’s like by day or week, I think month. And we’ll have all the top articles on Twitter in the web marketing world. And that’s another resource to find content pieces. And they also have like a fake followers audit. So you can see how many followers you have and they, yeah, it’s really cool. I was playing around with that last night and it, they give you here’s a dashboard and you get 10 free searches. So you can search like Facebook advertising and you can search by popular blogs or by accounts people follow. And it will give you a list. Wow. It’s like the top Instagram accounts that people follow, who are interested in Facebook advertising. It was like awesome mind blowing. So that spark Toro there’s a lot you can kind of play around with there. That’s an awesome resource for finding topics that well, not like topics, but more like counts and blogs and YouTube channels that people in your audience are following and are interested in.

Shaina Weisinger:

Gotcha. And then you go and check out what they’re doing

Shannon Goodell: And yeah. Correctly, but it’s more like, oh, what are they doing? That’s really like resonating. That’s

Shaina Weisinger: Awesome. Awesome. We’ve got a nice laundry list of great tools that people can use now that are going to be at the bottom of this page. That’s great.

Shannon Goodell: One last one, like one of my favorites is called Orla Larkin caption maker. It’s a person, she’s a woman. Oh, okay. But you can just type in like a Google search Orla, O R L a Larkin, L a R K I N. Caption maker. And it’s Instagram caption maker. Oh, where you can just copy and paste your Instagram caption or you can type it right there in the box with the spaces that you want and then it convert it and then paste it into sprout social or creator studio or directly in the Instagram app, if you want. And it just publishes with the spaces you want. There’s no more like weird periods to get spaces that I see. So for the coffee caption, and I like to, I know some people like to comment with their hashtags, but I find that overwhelming. Cause I forget and it’ll be like hours later, I stopped doing that. And now I just use this and I put like three spaces between what I call the call for engagement. So that would be like head to her story or a question that you’d want them to, you know, Instagram like three spaces and then put all my hashtags perfect every time. So

Shaina Weisinger: That’s awesome. I, you know, it’s funny now that you say that, cause you, when you were saying caption maker, I was thinking like, like captions for videos. But then I was like, oh, I actually, we use that tool and it’s awesome for the name of it. Yeah. But no, it’s amazing. It’s like the first time I copied and paste, I was like, there’s no way this is going to work. And then it populated. I was like, it looks perfect. So like the copy underneath guys, just so you understand, like instead of all the stupid dots, it’s just looks like a clean piece of copy, like it should.

Shannon Goodell: So yeah. And the number one like, oh, the cluttered captions bother me. Because like your message get lost, especially if it’s like all your hashtags are jumbled into your caption. People are just not really read that. So this is just use it every time you post separate your hashtags. And if

Shaina Weisinger: You guys are using any like social post platforms. The last couple that we’ve used and tested for like our posting services, you can actually, it asks you what you want the first comment to be. So you can add the hashtags in it, and it will automatically post it when it goes live. So

Shannon Goodell: That’s amazing. Yeah.

Shaina Weisinger: For those of you listening, watching lookout for some of those, because you may take care of that caption issue for you, but yeah,

Shannon Goodell: That’s amazing. Cool. Any other tools that can help cause Instagram, you know, it was a little challenging so that no link click links or anything, which I, you know, I don’t hate honestly, cause I like, I like the engagement on Instagram. People love helpful. Like number one, you can try to, we post some means and stuff and Gibson stuff on Instagram, but everyone like people really appreciate helpful content. Really appreciate it. If you give them like four tools, like four places to find content to share or something like that, like people go crazy for that or four ways for tools to create social graphics, whatever it is. People go crazy on Instagram for actual helpful tactical content.

Shaina Weisinger: Awesome. Very cool. Well, Shannon, is there anything we weren’t super over just cause I was, this is an awesome conversation, but is there anything else that you think that we should know that we haven’t touched base on?

Shannon Goodell: I guess the one thing, so we talked about the podcast snippets for Repurpose House, but take those longer videos. Use your Repurpose House to cut them up. For variety, you can cut them up for whatever you want. You can, you know, Instagram or stories. Or if you just want to like tease out something like, let’s say you have an upcoming workshop that you’re planning and you filmed some whiteboards. You can then split splinter those for various channels and really hold people’s attention and generate that excitement for the workshop. So the white boards will be primers for the workshop cause you have the expert teaching something in a whiteboard, but the workshop’s going to be the whole shebang. So think of a variety of ways you can promote an upcoming event without being like, just spread as her for my Annette, because you’re actually providing something of value and they’re getting something tactical that they can use, but it also gets them a little intrigued to want to know more, learn more

Shaina Weisinger: Awesome tip. I love it. Love it, love it, love it. Well, Shannon, if people want to go check out more of what you are doing, where can they find you in digital?

Shannon Goodell: So DigitalMarketer just add DigitalMarketer on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram. So a DigitalMarketer is this how you spell DigitalMarketer really? But it’s one word now, Twitter. It’s in K T R because the person that has DigitalMarketer they’re no longer active, but I’ve tried to get Twitter to, you know, cause there is that when they’re purchasing accounts and I’m like, why aren’t you not purchase account? Right. It’s been here in K T R on Twitter, but everywhere where else you can just do DigitalMarketer, one word and you’ll be able to find us. And then so that’s for DigitalMarketer and that’s kind of the main focus. Then we also just recently launched a scalable company, but there’s more to come on that. So you can find a scalable company or at scalable co co we’re on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram. Well,

Shaina Weisinger: Yeah. And it guys like there’s so much going on with these companies. You go follow Ryan Deiss or Roland Frasier. Any of them, you’re going to see what’s going on pretty quickly.

Shannon Goodell: Yeah. Ryan Deiss would definitely be one to follow it. He’s on, he’s not on Instagram, I think has a personal Instagram, but it’s not. Yeah. He doesn’t really post to it, but yeah, he’s on definitely give him follow on Facebook and LinkedIn. Yeah, for

Shaina Weisinger: Sure. Awesome. Cool. Well, Shannon, this was awesome. Thank you so so much. And guys, everybody listening and watching, if you thought this episode was awesome and you got so much out of it, please share it with other marketers that you think would get awesome. Awesome value. Go check out DigitalMarketer, check out all their social channels and see how Shannon is just crushing it over there. And everybody, we will talk to you.

Shaina Weisinger: Thanks Shannon.

Shannon Goodell: Thank you.

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