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*Social media is constantly evolving, so we’ve got a brief update as of July 2020: Vertical video is actually performing best on Facebook and Instagram Feeds (though IGTV is outperforming the regular feed).


However, you should still use square video for LinkedIn and Twitter for all of the reasons listed in this blog post!*


Most marketers and brands know the value of including video in their social media marketing strategy (Not sold? Check out our blog post). But the size of your videos is just as important. 

When it comes to social media posts, size matters more than you might think.

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Buffer, a company that offers social media tools, tested whether landscape or square videos performed better. They found that square video posts far outperformed landscape.

Based on the results of their study, there are 3 main reasons why you should opt for square posts for all of your social media marketing:

Square posts are more noticeable

Every business wants its audience to see and interact with its content. Square posts take up 78% more real estate on a social media feed, making them significantly more eye-catching.

By taking up the majority of the screen, your target audience will notice your content while they scroll through their social media feeds.

Grab attention and increase interest in your videos by choosing to use square video posts on all of your brand’s social media platforms.

Square posts get more views

When your videos are easier for your audience to notice when they scroll through their social media feeds, more people will stop scrolling and view your content.

In fact, square posts get 30-35% more views than landscape posts. Your audience is more likely to watch your content if it’s in a square format.

Square posts get more engagement

While increasing your video views is definitely important, it’s more valuable for people to actually interact with the video content your brand shares on social media. 

With square posts, your audience is more likely to view and interact with your videos. Buffer found that square posts received 80-100% more engagement than landscape posts. 

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People were more likely to click on these videos, leave comments, and share them with their friends. Using square videos will help your target audience actively engage with the content that you’re posting online.

Step up your content marketing strategy and make sure to use square posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and any other social media platforms where users scroll using their smartphones.

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