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Incorporating video is one of the best ways to engage  your audience on social media. Social media posts with video gain 1200% more shares than posts with text and image content combined. If you want to expand your reach and increase your following, you should make video marketing an important part of your social media and content marketing strategy. We even talk specifically about how video can 10x your reach here in this article (if you want to get super in depth!).

While your content is incredibly important for video posts, you should also focus on the quality and presentation of your video. If you want videos that perform well with your target audience, you should post square videos.

Although it might seem like there is no significant difference between square and landscape videos, square videos perform much better than other types of videos when posted on social media.

Here are a few reasons why square video is the best option for social media feeds:

Increased engagement

One main reason you should include videos on your social media accounts is to increase your ability to engage with your audience. Videos draw more attention than text, and they provide a great opportunity to advertise your brand and attract prospective clients and customers.

When it comes to audience engagement, videos in square format outperform landscape videos by as much as 80%. Square videos receive more likes, comments, and shares across all social media platforms. If you want more people talking about your brand, visiting your website, or otherwise engaging with your business, square videos are the best option for your video content.

More views

More people, especially mobile users, watch square videos than landscape or vertical videos. Square videos can receive as much as 33 to 35% more video views. If you want your audience to interact with your videos and your brand, you should use square videos. Your content marketing is important, but it is not beneficial if people are not willing to view your content. Using square videos will help expose your audience to your content.

Less expensive

Square videos cost less per view than videos in other formats. It costs 7.5% less for customers to engage with a square video on Facebook and 33% less for customers to engage with a square video on Instagram. If you are looking for the most cost-effective ways to advertise or share content with your audience, you should use square videos.

To read more about the awesome paid study did check it out here:

Read Full Transcription Here

Shaina:                    Hey guys, Shaina again today I just want to talk to you a little bit about why we do the square audiograms as the default size whenever we start with your packages. Now I know that some people have different thoughts and opinions on how to format things that they put on facebook, instagram and social media in general, but there are so many stats that prove that the square shape actually performs much, much better than the landscape or the tall ones. So this article that I came across was really amazing and trust me, there are tons of them out there on the web. I just thought this was broken down really, really well. Um, it’s by buffer full disclaimer, I’ve never actually used buffer. I just really liked this article. Um, I just want to go through it really quickly and show you some other stats that were really impressive because they didn’t just gauge views and performance.

Shaina:                    They actually gauged ad spend and how their ad spend ended up being significantly less purview when it came to square shape as opposed to the landscape. Um, so here we go. So they ended up doing square verse landscape, we’re not even talking about the vertical, but they talked generally speaking about how it outperformed. So right here, square video outperform landscape video on each social media network on each of them in terms of video views, engagement, which are likes, comments and shares and completion rate that’s across the board. It performed better in some cases, square video resulted in 30 to 35 percent higher video views and an 80 to a hundred percent increase in engagement. Like did you? My eyes are deceiving me, 80 to a hundred percent increase. So that’s just engagement in general. Now, if you’re putting ad spend behind it, this is another reason to use it.

Shaina:                    So our experiments revealed, uh, the fact that it costs seven point five percent less to get someone to engage with a square video on facebook and a whopping 33 percent less to get someone to engage with square video on instagram. So this article continues to go on with some very amazing. I’m really interesting in depth stats and things that they discovered. I’m going to let you do that on your own. We’re going to put the link below, but just those two things alone should really tell you that you should be using that square format that we default to you. We’ve done the research, we’re doing it for you and telling you how to do it. So that’s the reason. And uh, yeah, I hope that you guys are making sure that you’re utilizing that square format because it’s really going to help bump up your numbers and your engagement. So happy meme-ing!

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