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Will Curran

Chief Event Einstein of Endless Events

How to Automate and Track Your Talk Show Like A Boss


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About This Episode

In this episode of The Content Coalition, we interview Will Curran, Chief Event Einstein of Endless Events.

Will built an incredible agency that serves as the Einstein of events. They’re here to create the equation for your next event. Endless Events is an AV and event production company that’s about 10 years old, has helped hundreds of clients and thousands of attendees, and has a nearly perfect net promoter score from their clients.

Tune in as Will discusses how he uses automation and tracking to understand more about video podcast and talks about the importance of generating, nurturing, and closing leads that come from your video or audio podcast.

What You’ll Learn

  • [01:42] How #EventIcons was created and became a video podcast
  • [04:12] Will explains about how they do live interviews with their guest
  • [05:26] The use of webinar in video podcasting and how they track their content
  • [07:51] The story of how they met a client and how it became a lead gen
  • [11:13] Will explains how he utilizes Hubspot and its uses
  • [14:13] How to start a video or audio podcast
  • [17:43] How you can use free tools and  figure out ways to create your offer in improving your podcast
  • [20:40] Will shares his favorite podcast
  • [23:14] 1 actionable thing to do in the next 24 hours

About Shaina

Shaina Weisinger is the Founder and CEO of Repurpose House, which turns long-form content into optimized videos and images for high engagement social media strategies. Shaina has a background in video production for digital marketing and is on a mission to show content creators the untapped potential and repurposing power of the content that they already have. She has taught about content in many publications including DigitalMarketer, Inc., and Startup Nation, and continuously offers valuable takeaways by interviewing industry experts from world-recognized brands such as GoDaddy, HubSpot, MarketingProfs, and more through her video podcast, The Content Coalition. She loves to laugh loudly, be obnoxiously competitive on the volleyball court, treat her dogs as her kin, and recover from tripping on or running into almost everything within a five-foot radius. Learn more about Shaina here: ShainaWeisinger.com

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Will: When we first started, we are getting 2000 visits a month to our second most people where they’re like, 2000 visits is amazing. Like that’s so amazing. You know, we were doing pretty decent on traffic, but we whined more obviously. Um, and we were, I think we’re getting like, you know, requests for quotes, maybe like one a month maybe now we get through our ebooks and everything like that. When you get like 20 requests for quotes a month, we get like, what would we hit this month? Um, tell me like 1200 marketing qualified leads. Like it’s insane. Like absolutely insane. But you know, most people think like, wow, that’s amazing. Wow, that’s a lot of work and I have to build out business. You don’t start off that way. You start with one little step at a time. Right. And luckily with softwares like Hubspot, they give you the training, the [inaudible] certification, the hubspot certification that explains all that should really, really well for you.

Shaina: I’m Shaina, I love dogs. I trip a lot and I happen to have a knack for making pretty sleep videos for businesses. But the more videos we made, the more questions I got about how video and other content can be leveraged to make a bigger impact in their marketing. I mean 44% of marketers say that producing content is their biggest challenge. Yet content marketing is 62% less expensive than outbound and produce is three times more leads. Now I know a lot but I certainly don’t know it all so I made it my mission to talk with content, kings, queens and bosses to learn as much as I could about crushing content marketing and I’m taking you along with me. Welcome to the content coalition.

Shaina:  Hey, what’s up everybody today we are here with Will Curran be cheap event Einstein of endless events and he has what he’s calling a video talk show. Yeah. Live live, live talk show, which is a form of a video of podcasts you asked me and we’re going to talk today about how he uses automation and tracking with a couple of different platforms to actually like understand what his talk show is doing for him. It’s company.

Will: Absolutely. Well, I’m happy to answer any questions. This is a cool because we don’t do a lot of behind the scenes because we were constantly in front of the camera. Right. So I’m excited to talk about all the tech and everything that goes into what we formerly know as a bent icons or as it’s written hashtag event icons. Oh, it is written Hashtag Hash to American. Okay, cool. Um, we have awesome mugs. Awesome. We’re drinking tea whilst we talk. Yes. Yes. Close up on the most close up on the mugs. Cute clothes.

Shaina: All right. So tell me about hashtag event icons.

Will: So event icons was created out of my selfish desire to use a platform Domus Blab, rest in peace, blab or um, it was uh, basically like four quadrant live video chat that a lot of people that tune in live in chat, a physical text chat while people were being interviewed and things like that. Really simple platform was awesome. And I really want to try it out and also just kind of have this selfish desire to meet all the icons of the events industry. So I figured like, why don’t we try it with both. Knocked down two things with one stone or whatever he say. And uh, basically decided to create the, at Ashley Economic Times we set up five episode scheduled and went for it and it like blew up. Like people really loved it because like we started sharing because we already had a little bit of influence on the industry, but it was still just primarily an ab and you know, it wasn’t really that big. No knew us as an icon and it was, seemed like episode one was like a little man, you know, it was probably like, because Dan tire was interviewing me and no one wants to hear me,

Shaina:  why the hell? Why are you watching this episode right now? Just tune off.

Will: But then the second episode we did Laura Lopez and Sean Holladay and Liz King and we talked about event tech and marketing and everything and it just like tons of people were coming in because Blab was all about you could share like live gifts of the show happening while it’s happening. And the whole idea was that there was a click to tweets and click the Facebook on. So like when you did it, it also showed in the chat who is sharing. So it was like there’s social proof of you doing it. So it was really like naturally really, really good. Um, but yeah, unfortunately blab die just so we had the light switch, which I can talk about it a little bit, but it was, yeah, I think it would just really, really helped. Um, and before I knew it, like we were doing it like every single week and that’s the one weird thing. So that’s one, not let people know about show it’s every Wednesday. Why that 5:00 PM live at Wednesday, 5:00 PM eastern, you know, every single week

Shaina:  and not like live like we recorded it a while ago, but it’s live on Facebook. It’s like legit line, like legit, like it

Will:  the end, the case of Blab, which never my chest hard having technical issues. If the tech didn’t work like we could like it was, the show would start 30 minutes later, whatever it was like it was, it was so stressful. You had to do it perfectly every single time. There was no editing involved. It was just raw. And I think the, what aided to the platform is that, so blab was all about people be able to ask questions. So we kept that format. I was like an Ama, ask me anything style where you could always add the audience, got to ask the icons, the events industry, anything they are saying. And I think that aids to it though, it says it’s not filtered. It’s not a fancy blog posts. It’s you’re meeting these people and you ask the questions and then you’re getting their first answer like in, in the flesh, which is really cool.

Shaina:  That’s awesome. Okay, cool. So it blew up and you told me a story about getting one of your largest clients and it filtered through your, the podcast, the podcast. Yeah. So how, how did you know that and tell me kind of the process.

Will:  So first to understand the process and how we got them, you have to understand how the show works. Okay. So, um, Blab doesn’t exist. We had to go to a more privatized, like web webinar format. We started with Goto Webinar for a while. That got clunky. So we switched over to zoom, same zoom web conferencing. They have a webinar platform and basically allows you to do for people banking. We wanted to always have four people on screen at the same time, not one, one person’s talking. This one show that we wanted to always show everyone. So like you’re on the whole time you have to be smiling. You can’t like look away like it’s, it’s just that’s what people like. It’s raw and unedited. Right? So we do zoom is the primary and the way you tune is that you sign up on a landing page just like as of your summer ebook or you know, oh another webinar you sign up for it.

Will: I’ll land pages. How it to watch on zoom, collecting their data data that way before they can watch it before they can watch it. And we want, I wanted that a was kind of a task because we didn’t obviously have with Blab lab Will just tell us like their Twitter username. That was it. But that was like, well if I can collect data, I want to give it a try and see how it works. And obviously immediately like numbers dropping as many viewers as possible, like obvious, right? Yeah. But then we started playing around some other things. So, um, we, the next thing that we started doing more recently as of 10 episodes ago, we also simulcast on Facebook live and hence switching to zoom allows you to do it. So we also go to Facebook live and then blast that to all the groups and across all of the places.

Will: So that works out really, really well. But then we also take the recording, we also posted on the blog a week later after the episode, so on Tuesday following and then the Tuesday following after that it gets posted on Youtube. So the idea is that one piece of contents basically being shared multiple times all throughout, but all centered is all the purpose of, and I keep telling my cohost and everyone’s like, the whole post thing is to get them to drive them back to that landing page to watch it on zoom because then they can actually ask the questions directly. Versus like Facebook, we do collect their, their questions but eventually want to get to the point where it’s like, hey, we’re not really having to do that. And the whole, you get to ask questions if you tune in and, and enter your information. Gotcha. Yep.

Will:  Yep. So, so then the way, the second part of your question, which is uh, how do we know, right? Cause you obviously the landing page helps, right? But then you still like, well how do you know they watched it always seems like that and how you know where they came from. I mean cause a landing page plant Sam can come in and you just get that person’s name. You don’t know whether they came from Facebook ads or this is right now with Osceola could data in this case Hubspot, which is what we use, it actually told us that this client came from a single vein, a linkedin group and event group that we posted the episode and we weren’t even promoting the landing page or anything. We were posting the episode post. I don’t know which one is, I probably should figure it out. Which one them.

Will: So it was, but she, she, she watched that episode and then she subscribed to watch the show and you’d have to give your first name, last name, email address. And then it also, when that happens, then you go through lead nurturing sequence that starts offering ebooks. So we can collect budget data, um, your location, all those things like, well, we get location through Hubspot, but we get all that information. And then that’s what concerns I’m a marketing qualified lead. Well, what’s interesting is before that even happened, we didn’t, they didn’t go into a sales process or anything like that. She got the email to subscribe and I have a single email that you get whenever you subscribe to our blog. It’s the like the letter from the founder, um, for hose who wonder whether the chief event Einstein is, I’m based on the founder of that company.

Will: Um, let me say like letter from the founder Will Curran, you know, and it’s a letter that just says like, Hey, thank you so much for describing talks a little bit about our mission and what we’re all about. And at the bottom is the greatest line ever. You can put in your intro to your emails, you write for us. I said, I got this idea from groove. There are customer support software. And in the, in the email, the welcome email, they says, hey, if you’re ever in Phoenix, Arizona, which is where I live, let me know. I’d love meeting other event professionals and event planners. And is that so, yeah, so it just says like, hey, it’s just an open welcome and you think, why do people, when they hear that they think, gee, her God, like how many people hit you up? And like, you must be so busy because everyone wants your time.

Will: Three people maybe like maybe a week Will reply to it. And most of them are just like, I’m not in Phoenix right now, but I’ll let you know if I am well this person said, hey, I’m in Phoenix all the time. My mom lives there, I’m going to be there and three weeks lets me up and grab coffee. And I just remember being like, yeah, sure, you know I’m all about adding value. Had coffee with, had had coffee with her. Cheers. Cheers. Thank you Tina for grabbing coffee with me. And we just grabbed company. I didn’t have any agenda, I wasn’t trying to sell or anything like that. I was just like, Hey, I want to meet my, my subscribers and see what they think. And I sat down and she started saying like talking about the events she did. And at first I remember being like, Yo, yeah she doesn’t really do events that we do.

Will: Like I remember like kind of qualifier in my mind. Yeah. But then she’s like, but I do this one event and then she explained it and I was just like, oh my gosh, that’s my ideal client. Like, and I was like, well, let me know if I can help at all. And she, you know, we basically part of our value add processes to look at the quotes and the other vendors are working with and they, it turned out that we really could add value to what she was doing and like we didn’t have to bid on it, we didn’t have to do it. And then we just, we showed that we could do add value to what we were doing. And you know, of course we were lower pricing than the competitor was, but that’s just naturally part of our model. And that’s how you have a client. Like I’m a subscriber email and so thrill and an organic posts.

Shaina: Yeah. Again, it goes on Linkedin have an episode, she won’t watch the episode if I’m registered. I mean,

Will: yeah, that’s incredible. That symbol. Yeah. And Luckily, I mean, to be honest, like if I like you, if I wasn’t for hubspot and having that tracking day and doing the landing page, I would never know that she would come from that. Right, right. Like, I would just thought, oh, she clicked on a host from linkedin in general or maybe a social network and now look where she is now she’s a client. Okay, great. But now I knew it was because of the podcast episode. So then we doubled down on the podcast.

Shaina: You do what works in hubspot. Let’s, let’s kind of dive into that a little bit because even me, I have hubspot, I don’t have like the full fledged CRM, but like it’s really like it will take you to every tiny click that each person does in the lifetime of their engagement with you. Right?

Will:  Absolutely. Yeah. That’s one of the, the very interesting, so I have the pro version, which is back in the day, he was in the middle of the ground. Now there’s like a million different other versions. And I apologize for anyone who’s watching this. I’m not very familiar with the Lord plans obviously cause all my, my plan has all those features. Um, but um, the most important thing I think for hubspot that gives value is the contact timeline. Um, you know the, that was the one that I think I noticed with the other marketing automation software. So they can show you when they opened emails, they can show you when they click links in emails and maybe where they came from. But what I love the house size, it puts a cookie on their browser and also tracks your IP address. So for example, if you go to my site right now, go to hello enlists.com download an Ebook, Sanford podcast, getting to one of the landing pages.

Will: It has to be a landing page, one of the forms. It will drop a cookie in your browser and then track your IP address. And then I can go to your contact on my and be like Shaina. Okay. She was on this page, she watched this episode. And because we post all of our episodes on Wistia, Wistia allows us to show how much of the episodes she watched, which is incredible because it’s great to be like, Oh, you watch the podcast. But if you could target people who watch 100% of the episode, that’s where he can go really, really far. I’m ain’t just gives you a lot of analytical data. And I know like a lot of people think, wow, this is just a lot, a lot, a lot. But it feels like it feels like a lot. But when you’re starting though too, like we, when we first started with, you’re getting 2000 visits a month to our second, most people are, they’re like 2000.

Will: This is amazing. Like, that’s so amazing. And we were doing pretty decent on traffic, but we whined more obviously. Um, and we were, I think we’re getting like, you know, requests for quotes, maybe like one a month, maybe now we get through our ebooks and everything like that. When you get like 20 requests, a quotes a month, we get like what we hit this month, um, tell me like 1200 marketing qualified leads. Like it’s insane. Absolutely insane. But most people think like, wow, that’s amazing. Buys a lot of work and I have to build out business. You don’t start off that way. You start with one little step at a time. Right? And luckily with softwares like Hubspot, they give you the training, the inbound certification, the HUBZone certification that explains all that. Sure. Really, really well for you.

Shaina: Yeah. All right guys. We all know that the dream, the absolute dream would be to have a ton of inbound leads that are qualified and that convert. And hubspot is the tool that will help you do that. Their big mantra is what’s good for the business has to be good for the customer and what other way to get great leads and to get people influxing then with a software that understands how to make that relationship work. Now, hubspot is an incredible platform. We’ve been using them for a really long time. The great thing about it is they have free services and then they also scale with you depending on how massive your marketing strategy becomes. So go check out hubspot, get a link for you in the description. They are incredible and you won’t regret it. So for people who are just starting out with a podcast, video, audio, whatever, right? What is the first thing that they should really think about doing to make it successful, do

Will: You think? Well, obviously I have good content and that’s the obvious thing, right? Like don’t like we got, we were, we were in a s s I like a sea of like probably five or other five other event planning podcasts or event industry podcasts. And one of which ironically came out right before ours was from like the big media company that exists our industry. And so like we’re like whatever. But it wasn’t to me, it wasn’t like I was competing and so awesome. I’m doing something completely different. I’m doing this ama style like everyone else was doing pre recorded episodes. I wanted to do it live and mainly I want to use Blab, but mainly it was, but it worked out pretty well. And I think because of con is so good, it’s so unique that we’re picking the brains of the people that they, they want to meet, right?

Will: Like our most popular episodes, the ones where they get to meet the people behind south by southwest and New York comicon and everything. So that content, I think it’s a the most important part. The second part of it is figuring out a way that you can use your podcast to drive back to a owned property at your website, your blog and everything like that. I think we’re in a day and age where it’s just so funny that this is still happening is what was talking about owned versus rented land and you know, everyone understands, don’t like, you wouldn’t have a Facebook page instead of your homepage. Right? That’s obvious. Not everyone knows that, but far too often we’re seeing where people are just posting their podcast and it’s all in iTunes and that’s it and it’s like, no, you need to spread it all to your, drive it back to your blog in the becomes subscribes. You got to get those emails and at least start with email addresses, but figuring out some sort of way they can ask for the first name, last name, phone number and email address and then go from there too and make that offer just as good as your content for your blog. And I think that is where you’ll start to see real big results with your podcasts.

Shaina: When you save that offer, you mean they get to your page and you say, download my fill in the blank phone, but make that just as awesome. Yeah.

Will: Yeah. So for example, I think one of my favorite offers is a marketing school with Neil Patel and Eric Su. They do a five minute podcasts. I mean you talked about like cool content like everyone does, like ours is an hour long podcast. We chose more like the Tim Ferris this week in tech style model and really long form content. There’s obviously pockets like this, like shorter length, medium length, but then there’s this five minutes, but at the end of every episode they say we have a giveaway. It’s very interesting. I think they’re struggling with figuring out how they’re going to do it different. Cause you, you watched 200 episodes, you keep hearing him say giveaway giveaway, you’re starting to tune it out. But they say like, hey, we’re giving away a free version of our software that one of them developed. Go there to down to sign up to get this free thing.

Will: We’re get picking one person per episode. That is something that people can’t turn away from, that they’re going to be willing to give their information on. For me, you have to be getting that good. It can’t be like, oh get the transcription. No one cares about trucks. Or it can’t be like, oh get this ebook. No one cares. It can’t be like sign up for this Webinar. It has to be so damn good. They can’t turn away. So for us, I mean this is an easy one, steal this one Facebook group. So we created a Facebook group. When we say sign up, you not only get subscribed to get the notifications that everything, you’re gonna get additional content at the end of the nurturing sequence. We offer an invite to our Facebook group and we’re just starting that all that’s probably going to be something we follow up on a couple of months after some feedback on it. But I think it’s starting. People are like, Ooh, I want to meet other event professionals. And what’s cool about it is too is we invite our guests into it too. So we go, oh blah blah blah. Yeah, you can at mention, you know the guy who plans south by southwest and ask him questions further beyond this. Which one?

Shaina: Invaluable. Because that was my next question was like, okay, somebody who’s just starting a podcast is going to be like, well why do they want to join my group? But if the guest who they were in is also a member of the hurt and that changes the game. Yeah, absolutely. Okay, so then counter to that question, people who are already making us people were already video podcasting and stuff, then maybe aren’t utilizing all of these tools like you are. What is the first thing? Get them the one thing that they should be doing to make it even better.

Will: Having have a video podcast. Maybe they have like a simple blog or book

Shaina: there. They’re sending it to an own land space. Um, what, what do they need?

Will: The first thing, one thing, some sort of email collection service. Okay. That’s the basic steps. I mean, you absolutely have to nail that down, right? Mailchimp just use MailChimp is awesome. Just don’t ask questions. So she’s just going to know, look at, look at, and also hubspot, hubspot’s got a lot free cheap tools. If you’re a startup, they had to start a program, which is like 90% off as well. And there’s a lot of really great tools, right? Start with that. Then start to figure out ways that, Ooh man, this is the next, we’re going to figure out ways again to get that, create that offer that you’re gonna attract people to. And that’s facilitated by landing page. So hubspot has a tool built in, but you know, for example, you can use like lead pages. Um, oh my God, I don’t know as many click funnels, landing page tool, best way in page two, Will just Google it, whatever.

Will: You’ll find it out. But then start with that and then create that offer and draw people into it and then figure out a way to keep them engaged throughout the entire time. So create like a really good newsletter. Make it so it’s just an RSS feed of your newsletter, whatever it has to be. But like you have, figure out a way to keep them engaged. And then the biggest thing as well as then start to follow up with those people. You’re going to start collecting email addresses from collecting leads. Get someone on your team who’s really good with people to just call them and ask them questions. So I saw you signed up for the podcast. What’d you think of it? What was your favorite? I’m so don’t sell. Just ask questions. And before you know you’re going to get feedback on the podcast. So we started getting feedback on our blog content and our ebooks and everything like that.

Will: But then as well is that you’re going to end up finding that some of these people eventually are gonna be like, so why are you calling me? What do you do? And they’re asking the invitation to say, and so that’s basically our model is if you read the book sales acceleration. So it take a drink of tea rule vote tiebreak tiebreak [inaudible] is brought to you by and this events. Um, um, the sales acceleration formula, it’s by Mark Roberge. It’s basically their chief revenue officer of hubspot. So it’s how they built the sales team to match the inbound marketing. Everyone knows is her email marketing content marketing, probably your inbound certified or you’ve read the inbound marketing book. This is how you go sales team to follow up with that. We basically clone that exact model and crushes it for us. And that’s where you end up having really great conversations and it’s going to cost you money. It’s gonna cost you a full time salesperson, but I promise you within a year you’ll make your money back.

Shaina: That’s awesome. Awesome. Well then last question. What is your favorite podcast video or audio or show or, you know, changes? How

Will: about what right now, what do you all into my bury into right now? You know, um, I’ll start with like the classic, and I’m just going to be repeated so many times on this show. I want to be the first, but I’m Tim Ferriss’s blog podcast is fantastic. That was obviously a huge focus on it. Um, and it’s just, I love the format. The longer format of it I think really allows you to get to know the guests. So that’s why I liked that one a lot. I love marketing school because it’s a new format that you can digest every day. So for example, because it’s everyday I can miss it for like four days and then put them on quick playlist and knock them out in 20 minutes. And that’s really cool. I also liked that they’re insanely tactical too. That’s the one thing I think that podcasts are unfortunately are also moving away from is.

Will: And we as a podcast or also sometimes naturally doing that as well as you move away from being tactical to being very strategic and big thought and, and that’s great. But to be honest, like podcasts come out so quick and because you can get them out so fast, I think they need to be tactical because if someone wants strategic theory they can listen to an audio book. Right. And that’s when audio book in my opinion is for, whereas like I want to hear like what tools are you using? What are you doing for this? Yup, absolutely. Exactly. And one of my favorite podcasts for that too, as well as the art of paid traffic, which is a great one if you’re looking to learn about Facebook ads and paid traffic funnels. But I was actually knew nothing about Facebook ads and I was looking for podcasts.

Will: I don’t remember how I found out about his podcast, but then I just started really early on episodes and I like kind of skipped the case study ones and focus more on like what tools you use this and this. And he taught me basically Facebook ads over this podcast, which is really, really cool. And I think he has a really, really great product costs and I think he’s really tackle my fear part is he does, he’s like end of the year updates. Okay, here’s all the things that happen with Facebook ads in the last three months. Here’s the things that you need to know about, like here’s the tool. Oh Baila that came out, this new feature. That’s so cool. And that’s what I look for and how it has a super tactical. A lot of times, you know, you get into this fluffy discussion topics and I’m like, great, like I don’t need more strategy. I need more tactics. I want to hear from people. Yeah. I mean I can only hear it a crush it so many times. I’m trying to crush it, man.

Will: Crush it. Right. Exactly. Exactly. Cool. Well, is there anything else that you want to share with the world because of the whole world is watching this episode world? Let’s see, any other gems of knowledge, gems of knowledge. Um, I think, um, I mean every podcast talks about this, but don’t worry about the gear. You see all this fancy microphones and ultrawide monitors and cool lights and things, but start off with, you know, whatever you can to get started. Um, just start and, and the big thing is to like make your first episode like undeniably great and make it a great introduction to what you’re going to get and then keep that consistency of the style of it. The worst thing I have, I’ve had is like, I’ve started a podcast and I start like, one episode I’m pause is so great. They go listen too. I’m like, this is not as good. Episode three and then you lost me. Like if I’m going, if I’m going to episodes in with you, I’m giving you a real big chance. If I get three in, like you have to be rocking it and if you don’t I’m gone. Yeah. Like, and there’s been podcasts that, you know, I drop and come back to occasionally, but like they very much, there’s a key group that’s stayed forever. Yeah.

Shaina: So then tell everybody how they can get ahold of you. If they want more, Will Curran and their lives.

Will: If you want more well current on your device, you can find my dating profile. I’m just kidding. Um, no, no. Um, if you guys ever want to reach out to me, I’m really accessible. You can find me all over the Internet. You search will Curran on Twitter. It’s will Curran its Wilkerson. That’s great place to start. I’m also just check out the podcast event icon. What you’ll find is that if you can find endless and you can find me online, I’m really accessible. Linkedin is great place. It’s hard to, and then, I dunno how, but some people are finding my email addresses somewhere, so wherever you can find my email address, feel free to do that too. But um, I mean definitely feel free to reach out anytime if you have questions. I’m really accessible, always happy are your top talk shop and drive the g and tactics.

Shaina: I think that it says a lot in itself. The fact that you can find him anywhere, like, yeah, you should be able to do that also on your podcast. You people need to be able to find you. All right. So thank you guys for watching and we will see. Thank you so much for checking out this episode of the content coalition. Now, whether you’re listening or watching mixture that you’d subscribe to the Youtube Channel and to whatever platform you’re listening to it on because you’re not going to want to miss out on the incredible things that I’m learning with these amazing content marketing pros. So make sure you subscribe and we will talk to you next week.

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