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Vince Reed

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About This Episode

In this episode of The Content Coalition, we interview Vince Reed, Founder of SetUpMyAds.com.

SetUpMyAds.com is a digital agency for business owners seeking more traffic and leads. Today, Vince has created a digital real estate empire as the Founder of Internet Traffic Factory, Author of Internet Traffic And Leads, International Speaker, host of Internet Traffic Jam, creator of Internet Traffic Live Events and SetUpMyAds.com.

Tune in as Vince shares his top strategies on how to monetize your ads by working with Facebook’s algorithm to generate leads & customers. Get ready to take notes as he covers the exact steps to take  your campaigns to the next level.

What You’ll Learn

  • [03:32] Learn the initial steps to run ads while getting your products and services sold
  • [04:58] Vince’s thoughts about “niching-down” and why you should not put yourself in a box
  • [05:55] The new way of “give strategy” that you can do to your business
  • [10:11] The best strategies to understand if your ads are performing at their best
  • [13:35] Is there really a “sweet spot” on video length for ads?
  • [15:08] How his agency SetUpMyAds.com helps entrepreneurs generate leads & customers for their businesses
  • [15:15] 1 actionable thing to implement within the next 48 hours

About Shaina

Shaina Weisinger is the Founder and CEO of Repurpose House, which turns long-form content into optimized videos and images for high engagement social media strategies. Shaina has a background in video production for digital marketing and is on a mission to show content creators the untapped potential and repurposing power of the content that they already have. She has taught about content in many publications including DigitalMarketer, Inc., and Startup Nation, and continuously offers valuable takeaways by interviewing industry experts from world-recognized brands such as GoDaddy, HubSpot, MarketingProfs, and more through her video podcast, The Content Coalition. She loves to laugh loudly, be obnoxiously competitive on the volleyball court, treat her dogs as her kin, and recover from tripping on or running into almost everything within a five-foot radius. Learn more about Shaina here: ShainaWeisinger.com

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Vince: But the strategies that I see people implementing today as I say I’m left with some content out. I’m going to put a bunch of money on video ads and the cheap and we’ll build this audience and then we’ll come back to market to them. The avatar that’s been kind of like the strategy in fact I used to teach the new way. I believe you can do it as you can provide service. So for example let’s say I’ve got seven tips to be a better content marketer. Right. So I could deliver the seven tips and the video and Tip One two three four five six seven. And then at the end say hey I’m having a free web class that’s gonna be there actually 14 more. And these are the ones that actually will turn my content into profit. SoMr. Brand and giving value but then you drove them to the thing that actually makes you money and then you’ll see that you generate more revenue.

Shaina: I’m Shaina. I love dogs. I trip a lot and I happen to have a knack for making pretty sweet videos for businesses. But the more videos we made the more questions I got about how video and other content can be leveraged to make a bigger impact in their marketing. I mean 44 percent of marketers say that producing content is their biggest challenge yet content marketing is 62 percent less expensive than outbound and produces three times more leads. Now I know a lot but I certainly don’t know it all. So I’ve made it my mission to talk with content kings queens and bosses to learn as much as I could about crushing content marketing. And I’m taking you along with me. Welcome to the content coalition.

Shaina: Hey guys thanks so much for joining us again today. We are at traffic and conversion summit two thousand nineteen so if you hear some madness behind us please excuse the noise but we’re in a really cool spot. I’m fine Ray. Vince: read again and he was like Dude let’s sit down and let’s chat about ads. Actually I’m really excited because he wants to talk about how to actually make money with your ads which is really a problem that everyone you know people are doing it well don’t have that problem but maybe somebody like this guy to tell them how to make money with their ads. So Vince: thanks so much for. Coming in today. And.

Shaina: Tell us How’s your how’s your day going so far.

Vince: Everything has been great everything’s been great. You know I speak tomorrow so it’s exciting so I’m just kind of getting myself together going over the presentation so I don’t bomb in front of five six hundred people. But other than that everything’s good. Well what you Tucker. How to make money with your ads. Guess it’s called the social search method. It’s really teaching people how to combine everything. Most people look at advertising like I’m a new Facebook and Instagram ads and they kind of forget search like YouTube and Google. Yeah. So I’m going to teach them how to bring everything together make it all work as one.

Shaina: That’s cool because to some that mean well to me even I’m like marketing that feels advertiser it feels like. Overwhelming to all of these platforms. Then figure out how they work together. So do you break that down.

Vince: And make that really simple really really simple. It’s absolutely going to have to break away from the big things you ask and be good or give you like a sneak preview here. So we ask you to talk so that’s okay. No problem. Awesome.

Shaina: So let’s get into the nitty gritty of it. So you’re in your whole big thing is you know. Make ads that actually make you money right. Absolutely top level. Like what does that look like. We’re talking to content marketers they understand like the power of content. Right how do you transfer that into actual ads.

Vince: OK. So what most people do today is they’re conflicted. Right. So they see influencers out there and they’ve got all these followers they got all these people and then they go Well maybe I should run some ads and they end up spending money on ads to try to be famous and to try to be an influencer. And then after they’ve lost to 3000 now as they go that didn’t work. I barely have any new followers and I just lost all my money. So there’s a way to actually do both as a way to actually run ads and actually get your products and services sold but also build your brand and obviously turn you into the influence that you want to be.

Shaina: Right. And so what would be the first way or what. Give us top tier or what. How do you do that.

Vince: I I thought we’d all right. So step number one is obviously you’ve got to have a great offer and you’ve got to have something that’s going to solve a problem. Right. It starts with that if you ever don’t have a great offer. Jesus can be running your ads and you’re not going to make any money. All right so you have to have a grip. You have to have a great offer and it starts with that. So step one figure that your offer. Step two is this really figure out who you’re you’re offering your offer to. You know a lot of times people are speaking to everyone. And I have a rule you have to. You want to be. You don’t want to be everything to everyone you want to be everything to someone right. All right. So when you’re running ads Who are you speaking to so if you’re targeting like he was talking about podcast and you know your content would speak to them or if you’re talking to content marketers and you’d speak to them but but at least the person that’s watching the ad they watch they go okay. Cool. That person is talking to me. Right. So that helps you conversions as well. And then there’s the overall structure and how you’re actually running your ads like sometimes you know people hear people doing certain things and they go try it and that’s not really the pope is the purpose of actually investing in ads is to turn a profit if you want to be famous. Then just post for free and post a lot of content and you don’t spend any money and then you can’t get upset that you didn’t convert. But the reason you run an ad is to turn a profit otherwise don’t spend money on it just wasting your money.

Shaina: For sure. So you’re saying like making sure that you have an audience that that you’re talking to specifically how do you feel about matching and pitching and if you have some folks who are saying like niche really hard to the point where you feel like you’re excluding a lot of people what are your thoughts.

Vince: I think there’s a balance. I think I don’t think there’s a problem with sitting down really tight. But I think you can open it up as well. I mean you don’t want to put yourself in a box. No one has to be difficult because I’m assuming if you’re watching as an entrepreneur and we do not like being chained and then to some kind of box. Right. So don’t put you know I do this anyway it tells you that it changes too much. Things change. But I think that you have to have some level of discipline to speak to a person so they feel like certain that what we’re teaching them is going to work. Because I’ve been saying this a lot today for some reason it seems to keep coming up but most people believe things are possible for you. They just don’t believe that it’s possible for them. Right. So your job is to make sure that you’re developing content that makes the person believe and have some level of certainty that it can work for them.

Shaina: Awesome. So how do you feel about the value based content like the gives content then in this strategy.

Vince: I think it’s good. But I think that a lot of people do with a give strategy is they forget to actually sometimes solve the problem. So the strategies that I see people implementing today as I say I look for some content out I’m going to put a bunch of money on video ads and the cheap and we’ll build this audience and then we’ll come back and market to them. The appetite that’s been kind of like the strategy I used to teach that the new way I believe you could do it as you can provide service. So for example let’s say I’ve got seven tips to be a better content marketer. Right. So I could deliver the seven tips and the video Tip One two three four five six seven and then at the end say hey I’m having a free web class that’s gonna be there actually 14 more. And these are the ones that actually will turn my content into profit. So you’re still brand and giving value but then you drove into the thing that actually makes you money and then you’ll see that you generate more revenue.

Shaina: And if they’ve got through all seven in their class the next day you’re going to see higher conversion.

Vince: So that’s really one of the tweaks that I’ve seen that will help.

Shaina: I like that and people are free to ask now because it’s all like give value give value but then the Ask has been kind of eliminated.

Vince: Well you actually aren’t really giving value if you don’t solve their problem. So like if you’re just giving value in letter it’s a good idea. But the problem is still there then you didn’t really give them value. You just kind of waste their time. To be honest with you. Right. So it’s all you are giving. You know like solve their problem and that’s what they’re there for. And that’s what they want. And you know I was at an event one time actually one of my events and there was this one of my best friends is speaking at one of my events and he said You know I was going to offer something but I’m not going to offer something and then people started clapping and he said you know what. Actually you shouldn’t be clapping and I’m not going to offer anything because I have things that could actually help you. And if you are happy that you aren’t going to offer anything then you don’t want to be helped. Yeah. And then people were like whoa then someone’s like offer something. OK we’ll sell. So that really was my point is like don’t be afraid to make your offer because there are people out there that want their problem solved right. So anyways.

Shaina: Yeah. No that’s it’s funny that he flipped the script on it. Right. It’s like I’m not going to offer you anything.

Vince: Sorry I called you because he came home one man and he wasn’t expected to speak and he was like I’m going to go up there but it was a great teaching point yeah. And I always think about that to this day.

Shaina: That’s great. And it’s funny because sometimes depending on the event when you speak like I’ve learned something where they don’t want you to watch anything.

Shaina: Absolutely. Well why do you have me here. Because Zach I can actually offer a service that helps you mean what’s happening to me tomorrow is with you. All right. So then how do you and your business help solve these problems.

Vince: You know we really just focus on a couple of things. We run a digital agency. It’s a done with you digital agency. So we educate the business owner and teach them the ways in which we run ads but we also help them set them up as well. So they get account managers that help them set up plans they get means and every week we do like this massive zoom cause allows entrepreneurs like it to look at their ads and help them with strategies because what I found as an agency is that we have a we have entrepreneur brain which is changing and evolving. You know I would fine let’s say I was working with you you say events it’s market this thing we’re doing. I’d be the agency I’d be working all this up. Then you’d come to the CEO I had this idea. Of we should do this other thing. My gosh how to set that up and nothing works because I’m like trying to chase you. So it was just like why don’t we just teach you what how we actually run the ads right. And when you have those ideas the moon night just call your account manager let’s help you set that up. And then when you want to talk to me well once a week we’ll jump on and I’ll help you actually get down right. So we set it and it’s been blowing up because business the businesses are getting better results because now they’re not like giving me information just hoping I can get it done but it’s not truly what’s in their brain and what they want to get done. Yeah. You bet. If that makes sense. So as an entrepreneur sometimes we tend to make things easier for like it’s not what we really want but we just want to get it done. So we would like water down what we really want. Right. And I felt like that happens a lot from it. With an agency business relationship. So you’re just giving me bare minimum just to get it done instead of like going to bed at night and saying I’ve got this amazing thing I want to do. And now you know how to do it and we can actually help you get that that’s going on done.

Shaina: That’s awesome. Yeah. So speaking of the entrepreneur brain we’re we’re like all over the place. So how long would you say is enough time to start and knowing if your ads are performing. Some people give up really early.

Vince: Absolutely. There actually is a way to know. So what would would you say one of your products or services is the cost of that product or service thought force of United. OK. So for somebody not a lot. So the way to actually know if it worked is when you’re running your ad campaigns. Number one you want to make sure and this is a tip you guys make sure you write this down specifically social media ads. You know what you’re really battling against with social media is the algorithm and the algorithm loves variety. All right the algorithm with Facebook is unlike anything that most of us will ever understand. So what we have to do is we have what most people do is they set up one ad one ad set and one ad campaign and they spin like I say five hundred dollars on that one ad. It doesn’t work. They get mad. They go the ad campaign didn’t work. It wasn’t that it didn’t work. It was just because of the way that your charge which is on a CPM basis which means that they’re charging you one of three dollars based on every 1000 people that’s in your ads. Now those millions of people on faith on face for billions and maybe the people that saw your ad the thousands of people just weren’t interested. I didn’t mean that your ad didn’t work. It just means that the people that they saw to that point didn’t agree with the algorithm. That’s why you see a bull riding up and down and perform performance. That’s why if you increase your ad spend. When it was working everything crashes because it shifts the algorithm. So what you’ve got to do is have multiple ad sets and numerous numbers of ads so when and what it’s doing his algorithm is just putting those ads on the front of people and you want your hands to work well or to get a great reaction well lifting up a variety so it has enough things so you need to have video ads and short ads as long as it images and all kinds of stuff that are running at multiple ad sets and you’ll get better results. So how do you turn all lie. If each one of those ads if I say you have 20 different ad sets so you find 20 different interest groups and you’ve got five ads tied to each one of us interest groups right instead of just going to target entrepreneurs and have one ad now you’ve got millions more like a lot of different interest groups and five or six ads tied to each interest group right. Let’s say you only spend 10 bucks each on each one of these interest groups. So now if one doesn’t work in the last ten dollars that you got the other money going to the other ones and the algorithm is working so do you like hedge your bet basically to see what’s going to happen. So how do you know if it works. If you spend 10 bucks a day it’s based on a lie. So it would take you if you’re a product five hundred dollars. How made divide ten by four. Ninety seven whatever the price point was if that gum is higher than the cost of your product. So if it gets to the point where you spent five hundred dollars and you didn’t make four hundred dollars you didn’t turn out alive. Right. All right. That’s how you know it didn’t work. The other way. You just spent five and dollars one ad one ad campaign and you just blew it. It didn’t it didn’t work because you didn’t give the algorithm what it needs. That was extremely high level and somebody probably had no idea what I just said I encourage you to go back and kind of listen to it again for sure. But my point is give the get give the ad algorithm room to grow enough food to eat. Hedge your bet why bedding smaller amounts on multiple ads. So instead of spending 500 hours on one ad spend 500 hours on 50 ads that makes sense. And then at the end of that look and check the against what your product price point is.

Shaina: That’s awesome. That’s awesome. How do you find a sweet spot on length I know you’re saying some long some short like there.

Vince: It just depends. And that’s the thing because like you’re gonna have that’s the thing like see right now. Let’s say you go and you target digital marketing is an interest group and you spend 500 hours a day or whatever this is Day a day. What worked. You don’t know who’s in the digital marketing audience. But if I broke it down into like let’s say 10 influencers 10 different marketing tools 10 different books and I can see it spend 10 bucks a day I can see what works. And there’s also certain KPI that you have to know you’re hitting. So like specific click through rates for example you want to make sure you’re above 1 percent if it’s lower than 1 percent. That would be an ad that’s not hitting at KPI. Certain KPI. So when you’re looking at your checking your KPI that’s all you care about. You care about the KPI that they’re getting hit which would to some stuff to our partners. But I want to go we’ll go to one another rabbit hole. But yeah but yeah. So you look at the Cape as if you’re hitting Cape you keep all the ads running and you will see your profit is all about our life. It’s not about cost per lead. Now our cost per click I don’t care if you’re getting a 15 dollar lead it doesn’t matter if spending 10 bucks a day. You might spend. You might get a 15 dollar lead and you might only have 12 leads but you might pop three sales right. Right. So we’d look at who are who don’t know I should say. People that don’t know they’re looking at the cost per lead. So if it’s like six thousand why God is bad. But it’s it’s about why.

Shaina: Right. If you if you sold a two thousand dollar product then whatever if it’s hitting it KPI and its ads are working.

Then you should be up you should be fine.

Shaina: That’s awesome. And I know you’re saying this is super high level even this is a lot if you just rattled off like so much.

Shaina: So I’m on a watch list for sure. Yeah.

Shaina: Where where then will people be able to like learn more about this. Do you have anything that they can learn more on their own. Is it just the agency like What’s this.

Vince: Yeah. So again we have our agency set up mad that have done with you did the ABC this is what we teach all of our business owners what I just shared with you so I can understand this stuff. Because again it’s constantly changing. So you know I teach all the modules inside. So basically they’d be able to go through the information get with an account manager we help them set everything up they can jump on calls literally every single day they can get a call that account manager and then every week I’m. I do live group zoom calls with all the business owners and I get to look at their ads and consultants Super Bowl.

Shaina: Yeah. So it’s pretty cool. That’s awesome. So one thing that I promise everybody is that they can have some sort of actionable item that they can do the next 48 hours that will put them forward in their marketing strategy. So what can you help.

Vince: Our viewers specialist. Yes. So I purposely didn’t think of an answer because I wanted that kind of spur of the moment. Yes. And here’s my spur of the moment answer. So number one we all have a database of something. So in my in my opinion the most powerful pixel and what a pixel is is a little piece of code that you can play on your Web site so you can retarget individuals around the web and target them on other platforms. So what I encourage you to do is make sure you get a page view pixel of your website. Make sure that it’s on your main web site. And what’s cool about it is that what you can do specifically on Facebook is that that pixel. Once you put it on you can set it up where it will go back and track people who in the past have hit your site. So even though it wasn’t on now it can you put it on there today it looks like those individuals and then simply retarget them instant money no to him to give a second one go along with it. Put the page pics pixel number one and most powerful people as the page you pixel target your website viewers. Number two would be to upload your list of customers or leads and follow them around as well into that. No I know people have said that before but it’s always an afterthought because people go I don’t want to do that but I’m telling you if you’ve got a list of leads or contacts and you just simply upload those in the social media and retarget them. I it’s going to be your most your best most profitable list right now. You can start making money immediately and that will get you over the hump when you’re advertising to have that belief that it actually works.

Shaina: That’s so great because people are so hyper focused on like new audience and trying to gain new attention. Like why not hit warm leads like that have already expressed an interest. Absolutely.

Vince: Like the easiest most like overlooked thing that I’ve everybody everybody the best marketers in the world don’t do this. Like I’m telling you they don’t think about it because it goes back to I was and I’ll leave you with this because I think this is one of this is really something that I think about every day. And Shawn Stephenson your son Stephenson is he’s a little guy that the gentle giants like Yes. Yes. Right. He was speaking at an event and he was saying you know if you’re and if you’re in the ocean and we’re looking at this awesome view you guys can’t see out of the bay. And I say we’re in the ocean and we’re way out at sea and the ocean. Unfortunately the boat goes down and that’s it there’s thousands of people swimming for their life terrible thought.

Vince: But let’s just play the game. They send the helicopter out to save you the helicopter can only save 100 people. But there’s a thousand people drowning. Who do they save. When asked who did they say. I don’t know. All right. So what the helicopter does is they swim out about 100 feet or 100 yards away and they swim. They saved the people that are swimming towards them. Interesting. All right. So the analogy for your business is we always tend to focus on everybody else is not paying attention instead of the people that are actually swimming towards you. We are people I know people that turn and stop ads that were running for like we could or went live and there is two people alive. But it was great content and they got embarrasses them and two people were watching it like they didn’t have like 25 may turn it off. Those are 25 people like myself in a room right now 25 people were interested in like what you have to say. Yeah but you get caught up so much in social media and the hype we forget about like even five people that are interested even this one and one conversation can turn into all kinds of amazing things. So Page do pixels and Web site clicks. And you’re uploading your custom audiences as I say specifically your your list your leads is doing that is paying attention to people that are trending towards you.

Shaina: I love that. That’s awesome. I think that you like you said in social media people get wrapped up and just like the mass numbers. Right. And like you said like I had said this at one point I was like if everybody even in your little city wanted to do business with you there’s no I mean you could but I mean ultimately generally does not really if you do that right. So pay attention to all cancers. Absolutely awesome. I love that takeaway lesson. All right Vince:. So this has been great. What how can people like see your stuff get a hold view.

Vince: Pretty much anywhere on and then Sweet Life is pretty much my hand also Facebook Instagram YouTube Twitter and supply places. Yeah all those social media sites out there.

Shaina: Right on. Look at your talk. Awesome I’m going to push it. I know you will be my best. That’s awesome thank you so much. Guys go. Go for those pixels on floating off your list. Do it. Have a great week.

Shaina: We’ll see you next time. Thank you guys. Thank you so much for checking out this episode of the content coalition. Now whether you’re listening or watching make sure that you subscribe to the youtube channel answer whatever platform you’re listening to it on because you’re not going to want to miss out on the incredible things that I’m learning with these amazing content marketing pros. So make sure you subscribe and we will talk to you next week.

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