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Jaclyn Mellone and Jessica Stansberry

Co-Hosts of All Up In Your Lady Business

3 Super Specific Ways to Monetize Your Podcast

Even Without A Huge Following


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About This Episode

Since filming this original interview, Jaclyn Mellone and Jessica Stansberry have transitioned from the All Up In Your Lady Business Podcast to their own individual shows! Jaclyn’s is the Go-To Gal podcast, and Jessica’s is the GRIT podcast. Be sure to check them both out.

In this episode of The Content Coalition, we interview Jaclyn Mellone & Jessica Stansberry, previously the Co-Hosts of All Up In Your Lady Business.

All Up In Your Lady Business was a podcast that talked about how they built a community of female entrepreneurs by helping them grow their own businesses.

Jaclyn works with entrepreneurs to help them package their expertise into irresistible offers. She is a coach, speaker, and host of the Go-To Gal podcast. She’s been featured in Entrepreneur, Reader’s Digest, Parents, Well + Good and in dozens of podcasts and radio appearances.

Jessica is a content marketing strategist for rockstar business owners who are ready to up-level and start using content to market their business on autopilot.

Tune in as Jaclyn and Jessica share the 3 ways that you can monetize your podcast even if you have a small following, and their exact strategies that you can do to build up your audience and grow your own community.

What You’ll Learn

  • [02:46] Jaclyn & Jessica’s “love story” from having separate businesses to starting a podcast together
  • [05:35] Learn how they acquired their first sponsors for their podcast despite having less than 500 downloads per episode
  • [08:07] How working with this affiliate sponsor makes them more money per month and the “endorsement style” ad that they do to promote it
  • [10:45]  The technique on how their podcast organically brings their audience to their businesses
  • [12:09] What it’s like to have a co-host and how they leverage disagreements to attract more listeners, get them engaged, and create more content
  • [15:25] The latest strategies that they put on the podcast to showcase their brand
  • [19:27] 1 actionable thing to implement in the next 24 hours  

About Shaina

Shaina Weisinger is the Founder and CEO of Repurpose House, which turns long-form content into optimized videos and images for high engagement social media strategies. Shaina has a background in video production for digital marketing and is on a mission to show content creators the untapped potential and repurposing power of the content that they already have. She has taught about content in many publications including DigitalMarketer, Inc., and Startup Nation, and continuously offers valuable takeaways by interviewing industry experts from world-recognized brands such as GoDaddy, HubSpot, MarketingProfs, and more through her video podcast, The Content Coalition. She loves to laugh loudly, be obnoxiously competitive on the volleyball court, treat her dogs as her kin, and recover from tripping on or running into almost everything within a five-foot radius. Learn more about Shaina here: ShainaWeisinger.com

Read Episode 015 Transcriptions

Shaina: Hey guys, Shaina here, I am so pumped about this throwback episode of the content coalition. I filmed this one also at traffic and conversion last year. And what’s so cool about these is that like they’re still relevant. I learned so much then, but they, they actually work for the now, which is amazing. And this that says specifically, I laughed like I, he a he a high enough I think of the whole thing and it was so much fun to film. So I can’t tell you some little tips at eight minutes. These ladies talk about the difference between sponsorship and affiliates with your podcasts. And they basically started making money almost immediately without having connections. Um, around 15 minutes they start talking about what it’s like to have a cohost, the ups and how it’s awesome, some of the downs and then what it’s like to introduce a third person, which would be like a guest or something.

Shaina: And then towards the end, about 19 and a half minutes, they talk about their number one tip on getting really good guests on your show and how to funnel your podcast into money for your business. So I hope you really enjoy it. I’m excited to watch it again and enjoy. I’m Shaina. I love dogs. I trip a lot and I happen to have a knack for making pretty sleek videos for businesses, but the more videos we made, the more questions I got about how video and other content can be leveraged to make a bigger impact in their marketing. I mean 44% of marketers say that producing content is their biggest challenge. Get content marketing is 62% less expensive than outbound and produces three times more leads. Now I know a lot, but I certainly don’t know it all. So I made it my mission to talk with content, kings, queens and bosses to learn as much as I could about crushing content marketing. And I’m taking you along with me. Welcome to the content coalition.

Shaina: So we’ve got the ladies from all of emulating business here today and I’m going to let them intro themselves because there’s this big awesome personalities. I don’t feel like I would do justice.

Jaclyn: That is us. I’m Jacqueline Malone. I may marketing and mindset coach for entrepreneurs who want to get out of their head and step into the spotlight to be known as the Go To Gal and their space.

Shaina: That’s not the first time. Yes.

Jaclyn: Messaging or something.

Shaina: See I told you I couldn’t do it.

Jessica: No, nobody could tell. I’m Jessica Stansberry and content and video marketing strategist for entrepreneurs who want to up level by creating video for the brands. Yeah.

Shaina: We are soul sisters because the video.

Jessica: Yes girl. Yeah. Okay.

Shaina: So let’s talk about, how about the podcast? Let’s hear about all, so you guys have separate businesses outside of the podcasts. Okay. And then what brought you together to start one? Because .

Jessica: Do you want to tell our love story please?

Jaclyn: It’s a love story.

Jessica: It’s a total of story.

Jaclyn: So we met on the Internet.

Jessica: We did,

Jaclyn: I at the time had an aspiring business. I did not have a business yet just to get us a bad designer.

Jessica: Yup.

Jaclyn: And we got on the phone and I was like two hours later and we were still talking. We just connected but still hadn’t talked about the podcast?

Jessica: No. That night I emailed her because I’d been wanting to start a podcast and wanting to like do this thing, but I wanted a co-host. I didn’t want to just like talk to myself. So I wanted to co-host, but, but here was the thing, I’m southern, I did not want somebody who sounded like me because I don’t like when podcast, like you can’t tell who’s talking. Yeah. So I was like, oh my God, I loved her dynamic, Blah Blah. I already had like the name of the podcast because it was like, I loved it so much. And she was like, let’s do it. And I actually went to her with like a 60 40 do you remember this? I will own 61 40 I’ll do everything. Basically. I’ll do everything. That’s how I came to you. Like I’ll do everything. And you’re like, no, I will do

Jaclyn: Clearly a lot nicer.

Jessica: You are. Yeah. But yeah, and you were like, let’s do 50 50 let’s go online.

Jaclyn: Because the whole idea was so in my head I wanted to do a podcast. I was like a year out. So the idea was though, and I think we’re better for it, is that it’s like, you know what? No, like let’s pull this off of your site. Let’s make it his own brand and then we can both put into it. It’s our thing together and I’ll share half their responsibilities and I was like, here’s what I can bring to the table. Yeah.

Shaina: So it must have been nice for you to be like, okay, I don’t have to do all of it.

Jessica:                                 Yes. Because what she wanted to take off the plate, what are the things I’m not good at anyway? So she’s like, I want a contact guest and I want to do sponsorships and I’ll manage the inbox and like, and I’m like, okay, cause I’m good. It’s good.

Jessica: But, but I’m like the tech person, I was a web designer, so I’m like, I can set up the website, I can get us up and running like I can, you know, edit at the time. Right. So it ended up being like the perfect partnership,

Jaclyn: Able to get us on Instagram at the beginning. So we had a following. So yeah. So we really complimented each other well. And I love that it’s its own brand and it’s been able to, as the podcast grows our business, our individual businesses.

Jessica: Absolutely.

Jaclyn: And is our individual businesses grow, the podcast grows

Shaina: biotic.

Jessica: I don’t know if that’s the right word to say like dirty phrases. Yeah. Cause it’s like a circle jerk.

Shaina: That’s the best thing I’ve heard so far on the show. So that’s one great way to live. So that’s when podcasting here to talk about today are the three ways to monetize and you guys monetize early with very few listeners. Yeah. Drivers. Right? So let’s talk about the beginning of that. How did that happen?

Jaclyn: So, uh, first of all, a lot of people wouldn’t. When we tell the story, I think it’s important to note that like we did not have big followings when we launched the podcast. I think we both had around 300 people on our email list and not a very big social following. So it wasn’t like we had like this big audience to follow us and like a quick start that a lot of people who are established do it. Really it’s grown as we’ve grown four months and we were at about, it was just under 9,000 downloads for the month and, and like 400 something under 500 downloads an episode for sure.

Shaina: Yeah.

Jaclyn: And we each made a list of who, what businesses we were supporting, what tools we use in our own businesses that we thought our audience would do. So we had to, our advantage was that we both had social media platforms. We had a platform bigger than just the podcast itself. And we really knew who our audience was. It was very zeroed in

Shaina: Who is your audience?

Jaclyn: So, so they were female entrepreneurs, solopreneurs working from home. They didn’t have teams and they needed to have tools to help them run the business.

Shaina: Right.

Jaclyn: Cause they weren’t really able to hire a big team to support them yet, but they could afford like a $20 a month tool to help them.

Shaina: Totally. Okay.

Jaclyn: So we’ve looked at where we were spending our money and since we were at the time we were at the same point is our audience maybe a couple steps ahead and are like, okay, who are we using, who are we supporting, how can they benefit from this? And we reached out to those people and pitched our whole platform. So with that we were able to get one sponsor who paid us directly per episode.

Jessica: With less than 500 downloads an episode. And all the information out there, it’s like, oh, you need four or 5,000 or episode.

Jaclyn: It’s like even start,

Jessica: We don’t, not even to that point now, two and a half years in. So like it’s like last night, I mean someone’s like, there are people here who would tell you that that’s impossible. And we’re like, well, we did it.

Shaina: Like don’t just, don’t not try because you’re told it’s not possible.

Jaclyn: You know, that’s how you want to share this urge you to try to put yourself out there. So we negotiated, we went back and forth. We negotiated $100 now you did, you went back and forth. She’s she like with my husband, might I say we [inaudible] Oh my real estate background came in handy, but we went back and forth a little bit, but we were able to do $100 an episode from one paid sponsor and then we negotiated an affiliate relationship with another sponsor who was, we took on as a partner but it was affiliate so it wasn’t upfront and we actually still work with them today. It’s convertkit and, and now to two years later we’ve been with them or one of their top 25 affiliates.

Shaina: Awesome.

Jessica: And they are there. They’ve always been, they’re an affiliate sponsorships. Then we make more money from them per month than we ever have from like a paid contract.

Shaina: Crazy that I’m hearing that a lot more and more as a big affiliate. Relationships are really what bring in the money to do it. Right.

Jaclyn: It took a few months to build up, but it’s recurring. So it is growing every month.

Jessica: And if you look at our stats every day, every day someone signs up under our affiliate, like really now, now that we’re in this. And so that’s like, Whoa, if all those people stay, yeah. Give us a minute and we’re just going to be like, oh yeah, it’s great though. I’m cool.

Jaclyn: So we do endorsements, style ads. So we created that ourselves and we talk about our own experience with it in our own voice. Jessica does a great job with that. Yeah.

Jessica: So I use convert kit at like more than she did at first when we first brought them on. And I like, I’m the cheapest person in the world. I will not pay for like nearly anything when it comes. Like I’m very methodical how I pay for things better now, but at the time. And so I was like, I just created an ad and I was like, Hey, like I want to, I use the system because Hashtag I’m cheap and I don’t want to like, and I would go to conferences and people would be like, well you just say Hashtag I’m cheap for me. How can they would be looking at so much? And it was constantly playing in their ears and yeah,

Jaclyn: But it doesn’t feel like an ad that way. Right. Cause we see it in their own voice. We don’t use their copy. Oftentimes they’ll give you a copy, but you really want to make it true to you because that’s when your audience is like, oh, I kind of feel a little cheap too. Like I shouldn’t have to try that out because a lot of the solutions offered are like 10 x that they saw that, oh that’s something I can afford for sure. Especially with the affiliate sponsor. I think what’s worked to our advantage is that it’s a product that we use and we love. So it comes up organically in conversation too, which is really helpful. Y

Jessica: Yeah, for sure. And I mean we have a link on our website. We like if we see someone in a Facebook group saying like, does anybody have a free trial? Oh and I actually just had raised just very recently, someone was like, oh I know you. I went to Google and search for free trial of convert kit and your podcast is what came up. And so like we’re holding the SEO real estate, the podcasts, like we’re talking about it. So it just, it’s, it’s like a big monster that we can just like keep growing and feeding that it just gets bigger.

Shaina: That’s awesome. So then the third way, so we’ve got affiliates, we’ve got sponsors. Yep. And then the third way is feeding into your business, which is huge. Yeah. Obviously. So how does that work with you guys? Co-podcasting, and then having your own businesses?

Jessica: Yeah, I think, I think that’s, that’s like a really good question because a lot of people will have their own podcast and it’s like, oh I can talk about this, opt in and I can talk about this Freebie and like whatever this offer. And while we do that, like we’ll take certain months and say, you know what, I’m releasing this big program. We want to talk about this or she is or whatever. We’ll do that occasionally. What we really do is we focus on people finding the podcast and then we naturally talk about what we do on there. Like that’s literally it. And then from there they’re like, oh well I’m going to go stalk these people. Cause you know, that’s what we all do. No [inaudible] we talk about that. Don’t act like you know me. It’s so true. Like you find somebody online and you’re like, oh well I wonder what their Instagram is or what their Pinterest is or what their youtube or Facebook or, and so they end up finding us organically like through the podcast and then they split out into our own businesses. And we have found like a lot of our audience, some of them resonate more with Jacqueline. Some of them resonate more with me. Right. And that’s perfect.

Shaina: That’s totally just gives you a broader audience.

Jessica: Absolutely.

Jaclyn: So we don’t always agree and I love them. And so we really, I think at the beginning you were like, oh, but if I just act like a mixed message, if we don’t agree and they love it. So now we’re like wouldn’t be when we’re just talking and we disagree on something like, Oh, we gotta talk about this on the podcast.

Shaina: So what do you disagree about right now?

Jaclyn: The most recent episode we did where we disagreed, what was that is the first thing you should do, focus on for visibility, the domino, uh, to get visible.

Jessica: And hers was relationship building,

Jaclyn: Let’s say your own [inaudible]. So mine was like the back end maker visibility with relationship building because then those relationships help you be visible.

Jessica: And then mine was content and putting a content strategy in place so that people find you organically and then kind of funnel in. So, and we were just like, no, no. And so by the end of that we were both like, Whoa, do both [inaudible] yeah,

Jaclyn: but it was a fun episode and we were able to both like showcase our personalities and our business models and all those things through that. And I think even from the beginning, so we’ve disagreed on words,

Jessica: oh, I’m southern y’all. And I will like, I will use phrases and then she’ll be like, that’s not a thing.

Shaina: You don’t live where I live.

Jaclyn: And here we don’t have buggies at our groceries

Jessica: at the grocery store or target yesterday. How foresees the groceries go get a buggy.

Jessica-Jaclyn: She’s used to it now. But like the thing you put on your head in the winter, what do you call that? Like the Phoenix, I call it a bargain. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, like a baguette. And then like I say, the most recent one that we’ve done is like, instead of saying I might be able to do that, like I’ll say like I might could do that. Mike could, she’s like, that’s not like a thing. So we had like I said, well I probably could choose like seeing you say probably if it’s the same thing and all our listeners were like messaging us like no, same thing. Probably could is prompt [inaudible] get them involved. And so they’ll say like, how, how do you pronounce the appellation? Stop it. It’s Appalachian y’all.

Jessica-Jaclyn: Okay. So this is an informative message to everyone in the United States is the Appalachian Mountains. And I went to college at Appalachian State University and were like, we, it’s such a thing that we have like tee shirts that say no, it’s at the last time. Yeah. See for me that’s like a totally, I mean I like, I don’t know [inaudible] yeah. Okay. So we’re a little bit off topic here, but say is in the beginning, especially because we were newer in our businesses, our audiences were smaller. We really thought, you know, you know what audience wants to listen to these like amazing guests that we’re going to bring on, right? And we always had episodes like just the two of us, but we thought like, oh, we’re going to bring on these people that we really admire and that’s going to help us grow the podcast. And what shocked us is that even from the beginning, the leaflets are episodes with just the two of us more. Those download numbers have always been higher. So guests get outta here.

Jessica: Like we totally did that.

Jaclyn: You want to showcase that guests and their expertise and it’s really easy to just take a back seat and, and not have your own voice or message shine through as much. So we’ve really evolved our structure of our episodes a lot in the past couple of years to really allow us to showcase our expertise, share more our knowledge with our listeners. And now we do one guest interview a month.

Shaina: Yup. Good.

Jessica: But at the same time we’re allowing them to shine and we’re allowing that. But that whole, the whole rest of the month we are showcasing our strengths. And so that plays into like, oh my gosh, just Jacqueline said that amazing thing. I need to go find her. Like I never heard of her before or Jessica is on Youtube, let me go find that. So it’s one of those things where it gives us more opportunities to build our own brands because we’re not constantly touting on, I guest right now.

Jaclyn: And we’ve recently started doing on air coaching calls in the last six months. Cool. And we do them separately. So when it’s one less episode, we have to record since it allows us to really pour it in to that listener and help them with their problem. And it’s that perfect showcase for their audience. And other times they have the same problem and they’re like, oh, you really helped me with that. And then they get it right. They get what we did in the Vasa. I think that’s genius too. And also it takes some of the heat and the sweat off of creating episodes constantly. Absolutely. We did. We were, we were like, okay, we suck really bad at all the things when it comes to like scheduling and all of that. So they’re like, how can we take a few off our blades? So and, but then it also is very beneficial.

Shaina: Right. It’s actually, that’s great. It was awesome. Awesome. So my takeaways just as we went through so much stuff. So I think it’s so awesome. So the three ways to monetize, obviously sponsorships, affiliates, and then feeding to your own brands or products. And don’t be afraid to try and get the sponsorships or the affiliates at the beginning because who’s stopping you? Like you don’t know if you don’t ask. Right.

Jaclyn: If you have more than like your mom listening, you’re ready.

Jessica: Right, totally. Right. And like this, this goes to, I mean, I know we’re talking to podcasters, but this goes for everything in business. Like I will get you know, opportunities and I know Jacqueline has to, and people are like, how did you write that? Like how did you get that? And I’m like, I just asked them. Yeah. Or I just asked for it. And so it’s like, don’t be afraid to do that. Like be confident enough in your own brand and in your own podcast to say like, I’m going to just ask. Right. And like see what happens. And if they say no, we’ve had no, we’ve had a lot of notes,

Shaina: But you know what, if you don’t ask, the answer’s no. Absolutely. You’re upping your chances. 50 50 at a minimum by even just asking the question. Right.

Jaclyn: Absolutely. Staying in alignment with ourselves. Yeah. And what’s best for her listener. Right. Cause when you discount them, when they’re out of the conversation, they’re gonna stop listening. Yeah.

Shaina: Yeah, absolutely. And then, you know, don’t be afraid to talk about yourself on your podcast. Yes. There’s a reason you’re doing it. Exactly. Gotcha. Awesome. So what podcasts do you to listen to?

Jessica: That’s a good question. It was just talking about this. Um, so for me, I love to listen to Amy Porterfield’s podcast. Obviously marketing made easy online marketing made easy. And another one that I love is Rick Mulready, his podcast. What does it, the art of paid traffic. Yes. Probably my other favorite one. Um, yeah those are, those are the two kinds of on rotation for me right now.

Shaina: Cool. How about for you?

Jaclyn: I love mind your business with James Wedmore. Yeah, I know. I’m, if it, I’m a big fan mean and then I have so many and I’ll just like listen to a little bit here and there because it’s so hard to keep up with how much time it,

Shaina: That’s what’s so hard about it, but, okay, cool. And then so one actionable takeaway that anybody listening or watching can do today or within the next 24 hours. Let’s give it that. Each of you. So we’ll get to, we’ll get that.

Jessica: I’m going to let you go first.

Jaclyn: So I’m going to say take action and what we said today. So really think of what products and services you’re using or you know, would really be in alignment with your listeners and just reach out and see what the opportunity is there for you to help them get in front of your audience because that is such a huge value. Cool.

Jessica: Yeah, and mine would be, see how you can use your podcast as a platform to build your own business. So like promoting freebies, getting it as part of the rotation of what you’re talking about and seeing if you can get them down the funnel of your own business.

Shaina: Awesome. Awesome. Well thank you guys so much for coming on and sharing your awesome man. All the world will, it’ll be the worlds, obviously, obviously. Awesome. We will see you guys next week. Thank you. Yeah,

Shaina: Thank you so much for checking out this episode of the content coalition. Now, whether you’re listening or watching, make sure that you subscribe to the Youtube Channel and to whatever platform you’re listening to it on because you’re not going to want to miss out on the incredible things that I’m learning with these amazing content marketing pros. So make sure you subscribe and we will talk to you next week.

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