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**IMPORTANT NOTE** As algorithms continuously change, so will the content you post on your social media channels! That’s why we’ll always update this page so you know exactly where to post your repurposed assets based on the latest trends.



  • Square video memes or audiograms are for:
  • Vertical video memes or audiograms are best for:
    • Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, Facebook Stories, Facebook Reels, LinkedIn Stories, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts.
  • Landscape video memes or audiograms are for:


  • Square image quotes (quote cards) are for:
    • Facebook feed
    • Instagram feed
    • LinkedIn feed
    • *NOTE* If you use a posting platform to schedule your posts to LinkedIn, LinkedIn will adjust your image to fit 1.91:1 ratio, so use the landscape for best fit when using scheduling platforms here.
  • Landscape image quotes (quote cards) are for:
    • Twitter feeds. These should also be used for LinkedIn if you use a social media scheduling platform.
    • Client have also used these in their blogs and email newsletters
  • Vertical image quotes (quote cards) are for:
    • TikTok (if opted for video quotes)
    • Facebook Stories
    • Instagram Stories
    • LinkedIn Stories
    • ***Note the space at the top and bottom of the images to allow for Instagram and Facebook’s app elements.


  •  Landscape thumbnail is for:
    • Your YouTube video meme
  • Square thumbnail is for:
    • Your square video meme or you can use it as a second square image quote
  • Vertical thumbnail is for:
    • Your Vertical video meme placed on Instagram Videos

Shaina Weisinger


Shaina Weisinger is the founder and CEO of Repurpose House, which turns your content into unlimited videos and images. Shaina is on a mission to show content creators the untapped potential and repurposing power of the content they already have. Shaina loves to laugh loudly, be obnoxiously competitive on the volleyball court, treat her dogs as her kin, and recover from tripping on or running into almost everything within a five-foot radius.