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What defines a successful blog post? 

This will look different for everyone. It all depends on what you’re relying on your blog to do. Are you trying to:

  • Build brand authority?
  • Generate leads?
  • Create educational content to help your customers navigate your service?

No matter your content goals, your blog post will have the same two hurdles to overcome on its way to success: great content and great presentation. 

Good Writing Makes for Good Content

Many successful bloggers follow a template or a routine to create compelling content. While your blog post should be organized, easy to read, and free of spelling errors, writing with a purpose is what makes a blog post truly successful. 

Before sitting down to write, create a plan for your blog post.

Phoebe Buffay doesn't have a plan for a successful blog post

Consider these questions:

  • What are you looking to accomplish? 
  • What value are you providing for your reader? 
  • How do your ideas connect and build upon each other? 

A successful blog post incorporates many different strategies to keep readers’ attention from the beginning.

Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Good titles are engaging, descriptive, and accurate. Titles should read like a magazine headline or TV newsflash and entice the reader to click the link. 

Your headline is the first thing that readers see, so it’s important to dedicate time to craft a good headline. 

When you craft a headline, come up with a couple of different options. The more you play around with the words, the closer you’ll be to a clear and concise headline that your readers can’t resist. 

It’s important to remember that headlines don’t need to be overly detailed or lengthy, but they do need to let the reader know the value that your blog post brings to them.

Want more strategies on how to craft an engaging headline? Check out our blog post on 7 proven headline copywriting tips for your video memes. These tips are also great for writing blog posts!

Active Verbs Instead of Vague, Passive Ones 

Ideally, by the time readers finish your blog post, they should have a clear idea of how to solve a specific problem. Of course, you have to convince them that you have an actionable solution right from the beginning.

You can do this by creating a direct, punchy headline that states what actions your readers can expect to perform. 

For example: Instead of “Why Blogging is Important,” you should write “Why Blogging Engages Audiences.” 

The former doesn’t tell the reader much or inspire them to take action. In fact, it reads more like scolding. The latter, however, not only identifies what needs to be done (in this case, blogging) but also states why it should be done (to draw an audience).  

Put Numbers to the Words

Let’s face it: people like to see numbers. 

Numbers are quantifiable. You can point to a specific measure and say with confidence that that number will yield results. 

When it comes to blog posts, numbers simply stand out. Readers might scroll past dozens of “How to” and “Why You Should” blogs, but these titles alone don’t tell them much about what they can expect.

So how can you create a headline that stands out? 

Say you’re offering a list of 5 ways to make your blog post more enjoyable to readers. Right now, your headline reads: “How to Make Your Blog Posts More Fun to Read.” 

While this headline works, it’s not particularly descriptive, nor does it signal to the reader from the start that they can expect specific, actionable advice. 

You might try instead: “5 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts More Fun to Read.”

That number will jump out to readers immediately. Not to mention, they can count on receiving five actionable tips!

Always Aim to Inform, Entertain, or Inspire

What purpose does your blog post serve? 

To be a successful blog post, it needs to focus on one topic and serves a clear purpose. Your purpose might be:

  • Provide valuable information to your readers with informative blog posts
  • Make your readers smile with entertaining posts
  • Encourage readers to interact with your content through engaging posts

Be Strategic in Your Structure

Getting your readers to click on your blog post is only the first step. 

The best way to capture attention from your headline to your conclusion is with a good blog structure. Want readers to commit to your post? Accelerate their experience and lure them down the page. 

This is incredibly important as you create your introductory paragraph. People’s attention spans are even more limited online than they are when reading printed materials.

Hook your readers immediately, outline what value you provide them, and stray away from frivolous details or personal anecdotes in your introduction. 

Once you’ve progressed into the body or “meat” of your article, it’s important to stay organized. When you write a blog post, it can often feel like talking to one of our friends, but you should stay on-topic as much as possible. 

It’s helpful to create a list of what you’d like to cover before you write and organize it so your ideas can build upon each other. 

Tie it Together With a Compelling Call-to-Action

So you’ve reached the end of your blog post. Now what? 

Think of what you want your readers to do. Do you want to grow your email list? Sell a product? Raise awareness about your business? 

It may seem intimidating at first, but it’s important to let your readers know what you want from them. 

A successful blog post leaves its readers with clear, actionable next steps.

Great Promotional Strategies 

Now that you’ve written a solid blog post, it’s time to promote and distribute it. 

The best way to build trust between you and your audience (and create loyal brand advocates as a result) is to make sure your blog is seen by your target audience.

Don’t Be Shy! Be Willing to Get Your Content Out There 

We’ve said this before but it bears repeating: your blog won’t achieve much if no one is reading it! That’s why it’s imperative to be proactive about sharing your work. 

There are a few methods to use when you distribute your blog to a wide audience. They include:

  • Employ on-page and off-page SEO tactics to help your content show up on search engine result pages
  • Identify high-ranking keywords and link to relevant internal pages and external websites to allow readers to organically discover your blog post
  • Take advantage of your current audience and consistently promote new content to your email subscribers and social media followers

What is SEO? How does it help you have a successful blog post?

Build Real Relationships With Your Target Audience 

Provide your readers with truly valuable content by understanding their challenges and desires. Center your blog around your readers to help you consistently create content that they’ll enjoy. 

Once you’ve established your target audience and a base of loyal readers, it’s important to build a real relationship with them. Ask for their feedback and share their content on your blog and social media pages to spark a conversation between you and your readers.

Repurpose Content 

One of the most effective ways for your blog post to reach a larger audience is to repurpose your content for other platforms, such as social media and other websites. 

And while you’ve made an incredible blog post, it may take a lot of work to optimize it for social media. 

Repurpose House will take your existing blog posts and create high-quality text-motion videos, image quotes, and thumbnails that are specifically designed for success on social media.

We’ll also repurpose your videos, audio content, and more, ensuring they’re all formatted for success on social media and YouTube. We offer a dedicated designer with extensive video and graphic design skills to best reflect your brand and style.

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